Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maid Episod ke 5- Where IS she?

For the last few weeks it has been quite nice and problem free with the domestic helper. She did not complain of tummy pains, and she no longer walked around with a hangdog expression (muka seriously mintak kesian)

So I thought, hey, things are looking up! Husband however, has taken a dislike to her (and this guy does not form any sort of opinion one way or the other otherwise) - how do I know this? Just now when I told him the gas dah habis he said- gives her an excuse not to cook then!

Anyway JUST when I thought things are ok- guess what. Sara called and said she is missing. Sara is at home, after pleading a severe headache. I came home for lunch just now actually with husband (one of the rare occasions when he said he had a few hours free would I like to go back for a while and I said YES!!- he had a very overdue nap, poor guy, all these late hours at GH and preparing to give seminars etc beginning to take its toll . Also I could check on sara . Who was doing well , well enough to ask me if she can have a friend stay over. the answer is no , if you have a cold you better rest .

Anyway WHERE IS THE MAID NOW??? She is not in the bathroom, not upstairs, not in her room, not outside, not anywhere! Sara is teary cause now she is ALL ALONE in the house. Taulah she is 13 but this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE .

- Update: She has come back. She was talking to her friend. ERR????????? At least tell lah my daughter why don't you?????


mamasita said...

You're definitely having a problematic maid but as usual..its not easy to find an kenalah terima for now..frustrating alright.
Memang ramai yang macam ni..

tireless mom said...

Hi Shila.

I have been reading about your maid episode ni. I really hope it will be over, one way or another. Take it easy dear.

Ablen Eusoff said...

salam kak shila,
stressfulllah pasal maid ni...never ending story. tapi dah nama pun manusia mana boleh kita baca hati diaorg. i pray for the best for u and family.

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