Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need more time

I have not seen my parents for over a week, which is a record time. Calls to the house went unanswered and I was thinking where they could be, and lo and behold, yesterday dad called at the office and asked where I was. When told that I was at a lunch appointment my dad told the staff that I was allready too fat and no need to eat such a long lunch ha ha

Anyway there was just no time! I owe Madam Tai Tai a visit, my god I think I promised her 2 days ago that I would visit her THAT NIGHT and the first night I couldn't because I had no car and Mr Husband couldn't pick me up and in the end I got a lift and the other night I came home v late. I WILL get there ok Mdm!

So last SAturday we did go out in the end, I booked HowToTrainYOurDragon and we went to see that in 3D at the worstplaceonearth- MIDVA*LLEY. RAMAINYAA!!! I had to think happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts as we waded through the crowds. The movie was great and I saw hubby wiping a tear or 2...! But the happy ending was a bit disturbing- in the end the wild animals, the dragons, became their pets. Submission much?? hehe -overanalysing again

That Sunday, we went to visit my uncle no 3 (my dad is no 4) . He was admitted for not being able to breathe. He came back from Umrah, caught a virus, refused to go to hospital and of course lah, had to go in because he soon had problems breathing. It was so sad to see him at the hospital, he was quiet , and sleeping half the time we were there. I hope he's better now. He's supposed to go home today.

Before that, we went to have breakfast. Hubby was looking for a nasi lemak stall but susah nya nak jumpa one that opens on a Sunday and in the end we ate at the Dome at the Hospital! Good nasi lemak although can buy 10 nasi lemak outside lar. But rendang daging given was a lot so berbaloi gak lah.

Rest of the day was spent accidentally socialising! I had lunch with one friend, and then b umped into 2 more friends and stayed in the end for several hours chatting!

Er ,macam mana nak jumpa parents ?? He he...!

Ok better catch you later..taaaa


aida yurani said...

reading this and just realised that I have not called your mom in ages..... just did :)

Anonymous said...

Nasi lemak tanglin lah, on a Sunday. I brought you guys before, kan?

fulltime mom

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