Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok kengkawan, I have joined this networking group. It's called BNI.

A friend invited me with 3 words- bring your cards. Of course, mana ada lawyer yang taknak work right so I pun attended. Dia jemput pukul 7 pagi, I sampai pukul 8. Haloooo so pagi lar. Anyway when I went I saw a room full of people who sat down round a U shape table, and everone was taking turns to talk. I was given a list of the members and their numbers and next to it their occupation and what they were looking for that week .

What they do is they refer business to each other! They get to stand up and give referral to one another. After each person spoke, we all clapped! IT was a very happy place! I loved it!! The most interesting thing was how there were so many different professions- (they only take one of each )- there is a cctv specialist, a lock specialist, computer hardware specialist, soft ware, general insurance, life insurance, feng shui specialist, dental cosmetic surgeon(!) , educationalist (my friend who sells Score A basically), a Korean guy who sells advertising space in his directory to koreans (sumpah I thought he meant he was selling the directory to Koreans) , there's a guy who is an event manager, tour manager, real estate agent! You get the drift. 35 members.

Then I got whisked off by this auditor who sat me down and told me about the benefits of joining. Really the only down side is gotta get up at dawn for their meeting. Ok you get up anyway right but this is to GO OUT. Anyways. I joined. Hopefully get more work lor hah. The only thing is I feel so much under the pressure to find referral for these people! I don't know you oso! Don't know you how to refer you? If you do bad job i oso malu and why am I having this chinese slang btw.?

Rupanya I am supposed to do a 1 to 1 dance with them- or group dance. Meaning, we take time to call each other and get to know each other's business so that we can speak with some authority. I mean, if you want lighting, I can refer to you Mr Muru of Kapoor Lampshades, no job too small , from 1 lampshade to lighting the condominium common area. If you are looking for laundry for your business?? Mr Kenneth, of wangsa walk. Fengshui no good? Call Belinda, the specialist. Of course lah I cannot believe in feng shui but other people may do! Corporate gifts? Filing system? name it I know someone who can! (That's the idea lar but I ni shy actually.)

A lot of them say 70% of their business come from the networking word of mouth thing. Out of 35, ada lah 4 melayu. Aiyaaa where are the malays?? If anyone out there wants to come and see what its all about, or if you think it can help your bizness, tell me, I can bring you. I am supposed to bring visitors anyway. They want florists, architects, designers. etc etc.... At least got free food what. Ha ha. I liked the positivity but sometimes macam penat gak lah nak happy happy all the time.

So tu lah kerja I .....nak ikut tak?


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila,

Stay-at-home mum aka evil mum aka homework pusher aka work book checker expertist they all nak tak? he!he! Peace!


Royalshoppingarcade said...

no fee to join?ish...can i recommend tudung and baju2 to non-malays?hahaha..tapi for ur law firm bagusla..esp coz sure they want legal representation kan.where is it held and what day?

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