Saturday, April 24, 2010

A slow saturday

This morning I took the 3 younger girls to the hairdresser- I lopped off about 6 inches of my own fraying locks, Sophia about 2 of hers, although she sulked to high heaven. Dahlia and Sara both got themselves a cute bob style thing. I was persuaded to buy amende spray to lock in moisture and also for scalp repair. Yes I am gullible.

Johan is now masam muka because he can't go to Cosmos world as we promised. Esok lah pulak ok.. pikir kepala nak enjoyyyy je lah budak budak ni but on the other had they are only kids. And i have to be thankful for everyday that they are with me.

I read to them the headlines today in the STAR- aiyoo the 16 year old kid who died being dragged by the bus, the 14 year old who died playing truant and found in the jungle. He must have fallen and hit his head.

Why are kids falling off buses and dying?? Never broken arms or legs or what, straight on DEATH. And such a stupid death too! Due to the automatic door closing on her strap. Question, why did the driver press the automatic door without checking she was safely out?? All machines ada operator nya kakak oiiiiiiii..

In the car on the way back Sara and Dahlia exchanged mean words. I made them tell me what they liked about each other. In the hope that they will remember that they are sisters and that they love each other. Sara thinks "Daya is very good at making sarcarstic comments" tu good answer lah ye. I made her do another one. She came up with "She helped me with poptrop*ika (game)" . Verhry fahniee sara. Dahlia's was "she helped me in a computer game" . dua kali lima sepuluh. Oh yeah I remember why they started. I asked them to clean the back of the car. Daya was doing and said "Sara tak buat pun!" And Sara did it and said "Dahlia is not doing it mummy!" And i flipped and said "WAARGGGHHHH ARE YOU TWO GLUED TO EACH OTHER!! MUST YOU WAIT TILL THE OTHER ONE DOES SOMETHING BARU NAK BUAT?????" .... Entah apa apa! I yang traumatised lar when they do this, but of course, they are now ok and laughing together . (or is that my threat abt not taking them out today?)

Soooo today it looks like a quiet afternoon- have got that movie to go to - How to train your dragon in 3d . I pi book kat Midvalley forgetting what a horrible place it is for parking! Mana aku nak park ye..gardens ke??Abang of course potong orang...he is operating and did not appreciate his kids (ohkay- me) calling him to check what time he can join us to How to train a dragon.

Ok lah so far this has been such a dullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnn post. I will now go get a nap in my (OH YA!) new DOWN quilt - macam ohtel lerrrrrrr.. (Is that husband telling me no more dok hotel?)

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