Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend away

Ahaks ..takda lah jadi I kalau takda duduk hotell kannnnnnn

Although it was meant to be a berdua-dua an break for the Husband and I, in the end it was purely for REST ...meaning that I actually SLEPT at the hotel for 12 hours straight. It turned out that that was a precursor to feeling rotten, as I do today.

WOTIF, by which I swear, had this secret deal where you pay abt RM300 you get 1 nite away in a 5 star hotel in KL , right in the middle of KL, very near Pavi and etc etc. They won't tell you what it is until you actually pay. So despite every time telling the creditcard company that I am going to PAY THEM OFF AND CANCEL THE CARD, YOU SCUMBAGS (for not increasing my credit limit etc) i find myself still "tenyehing" to get that one night. I thought it was Marriott, or Westin...however it was PRI*NCE Hotel...memang lar dekat sangat dengan Pavi...

We didn't check in till very late..because we had the small matter of MERISIK to go to!! Id*wan, cousin to Husband, finally decided to end his bachelorhoodness (pretend there is such a word ok) and we went to a small merisik. I know I know, a merisik is a simple "parent to parent how do you do , can my son marry your daughter" , event , right. But as the groom refused point blank to get engaged, the mother very sneakily turned the simple merisik into a fullblown engagement ha ha. Got you there, Idwan! So we called it merisik but we had 5 silver (real ok none of this costume silver stuff) trays, with one tray carrying PATCHI choc, one carrying RM200 worth of FAT STRAWBERRIES , one carrying the mother's ENGAGEMENT RING (which she is giving to the daughter in law to be...sweet eh) and one cake and one sirih. The men from Adom clan all came with proper bajumelayu and very expensive SAMPINGs and the ladies all dressed properly and we all ada THEME ok!! Light brown!

And that, was the merisik. Ha ha

It went well, although the spokesman from the other side appeared confused that it was not a simple merisik. He had me worried for a while , what if the other side was totally not prepared and came dressed very informally???? Never fear, the girl was decked to the nines in proper engagement attire, a long flowing dress with beads, in pure white, with beaded headgear and full on make up. Got make up artist lagi kau. Don't play play. And they gave the groom 7 trays back , which included a huge fruit and floral basket and kueh mueh.

(mak Mas, nak strawberry tu ada lagi tak ha ha)

Anyway of course husband could not make it, so me and kiddoes went to the engagement ultra early (orang janji 11.30 I was there by 10) - I am so scared that my kids would make everyone late that they were not allowed to sleep after subuh ok, so imagine how tired they were at the engagement...Sara slept and so did Daya and Johan!

After the merisik was over we went to SIL and BIL's house in Sepang and my children showed their extreme jakun-ness and how much they miss their WII by immediately playing with their cousin's WII and then they wanted to stay behind. I took nadine and Sophia with me, and we went off to the hotel, to wait for daddy. I thought they might want to swim but I forgot they are now ladies and they are very shy to swim without their proper muslimah gear in front of all those matsallehs. The hotel lak got so many guests which may be due to the cancelled flights.

Dad came to join us about 7 I think. We had dinner at Pavi(yummy kueyteow) and then he went off to a birthday party with the 2 girls ....I pleaded a headache and slept ...I think all that driving around to Sepang that morning (alaahai puterigunungledangnyaaaa)

Then the next thing I know it was 8.30 am (babai Subuh) and husband was there too. Kids no 1 and 3 stayed with parents that we were all alooneeeee.... We immediately got down to the most important thing- free breakfast..! and let me tell you , I am pleasantly surprised at Prince! Not bad the food although I thought for awhile I was in Manila.~!

Then at noon we went back to get my 2 girls, and went back to SIL and BIL's house for their no 2's birthday party..amboiiiitttt the kids's social other 3 kids tengok I pun tidak punyalah shok dengan WII tu haaa...

Balik around maghrib....and now I am having TONSILITIS and I feel HORRIBLE!!

But! I had a nice weekend!

how was yours??


DancingQueen said...

Salam TheSuperWomanWannabe.

Mine weekend is super boring in Jeddah. Your's is fantastic!!!!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Yess... breakfast is important ! HAHHAHAAH

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dancing Queen,,you are in Jeddah??? beats anything I have to write!! sure best!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Puan..yezzahhhhh

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...