Why we love weddings

We heard recently that "I" is getting married. "I" is my husband's cousin, and his family is about the only one that has not seen a wedding, despite them all being beautiful people.

First of all, background. "I" is about 35, very eligible, loves to climb mountains, holds a senior position in Putrajaya, is a good son, quite handsome if you like that kind of look, and does not smoke. WHY he is still not married at the age of 35 escapes me.

We thought, he must be career minded. Or, he has not met anyone. Better yet, he doesn't like girls. Or ,he's seen enough divorces to be put off.

Everyone has tried to match him at some point. Husband has referred lady doctors to him. His mom has tried to match him with various datins and datoks daughters. And my mother in law has actually spoken to her old friend and "pinang" kan her daughter (proposed to her daughter) albeit informally. She is going to be heartbroken now.My mother in law. not the girl.

By the way, "I" never said yes. He never said no. He pretty much laughed every time we tried. Which was v frustrating. (passive aggressive orangkata)

Last weekend I got a message from SIL that this "I" suddenly want to get married. No further details were given because the information was relayed to a man, one of our husbands who relayed it to my SIL. Men, mana tau korek cerita right?? Immediately we all called the auntie and pretty soon we found out that the girl is 34 and is nice and get this, they want to tie the knot this year and GET THIS- THEY HAVE BEEN GOING OUT FOR A LONG TIME. Which means in all the time that we bug you to get married, you had this girl all along??? why the heck didn't you say something??

Anyway we are all very happy for him, now that we have gotten over the initial paralysing SHOCK. The mother is saying there is NO WAY IN HECK she can organise a wedding in a few months, this in the same breath as telling me the wedding will be in white and she has bought several pieces of material for their bridal suits. Ha ha! I am happy for her.

And we hope we can do this!


Lan0stZz said…
YIPPIEEEE i can't wait to karaoke too hahahaha :D
izreen fara said…
this scene goes without saying hahahaha....
MRSHUSiN said…
kena buat bajuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
hehehe :P
Lana- gambar tiga orang Jabar Brothers nak perform lagi!

Izreen- kan? tak bestlar karaoke takda...!

Izan- yup ...!! wonder whether got theme colour or not...
MrsNordin said…
Cool pic!

Btw, I went last Saturday night. Lepas gian! Hee.. Hee..

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