Monday, May 31, 2010


Azura Hani Ahmad

My friend's sister. My friend's sister in law. The baby whose picture we saw in the UK, this young girl . the girl whose wedding we went to., although all of us surprised that she chose to marry at teh tender age of we know why..God wanted the husband to have more time with her.

A quiet girl ....but not unfriendly. I would have said...a strong person. But what she had to fight was too much for her...

So now I'm left with no words to say to my partner..sorry for the loss of your baby sister.. And to my friend , im sure you will miss your sister in law.

I only know that God has his plans for us...perhaps she is spared from more sins had she remained here .. who knows. We have to believe that she is in a better place.

Alfatihah Azura..pray for your soul and that its placed amongst the faithful.....

Friday, May 28, 2010

A lot of late entries

1. Happy birthday to DadofFourPlusTwo on 26th May 2010
2. Happy Birthday to KitchenGuardian akatheReal Superwoman on the 8thMay2010
3. To Azura please get off your butt and get better ...we all want you well and running.
4. To Mak B- am glad you are better and please take care of yourself....

aDA LAGI...!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sooo anyway

yes tomorrow im going to Labuan yay yay!! With mom and dad and my family.

Labuan oh dad sure happy.

I was there from age 5 to 7 i think lar.

Tak sure.

My dad was the second in command at the military base.

I remember staying in a looong house quarters, with a kitchen at one side, and living room in the middle and the other end, rooms.

Oh memories of Labuan..its very vivid till today! (I'm thinking in Malay actually so my england today very the melayu,sorry)

Tempat i main bola sepak masa I was 7

I cut my fingers trying to open some keropok udang and had to have stitches (30 years on, scar still visible)

I had a molar extracted and it would not stop bleeding and then I had to have my first operation under GA.

I had my first crush (that boy is a doctor in Manchester now apparently) - yes i was 5- he asked me to kiss him. I said I had to ask my parents. Ha ha ha! So . no kiss lah sorry!

I had a lovely time after school playing with the AKAI label on the stereo ..

I went to school at 5 years old there

I had a best friend called Norliza and we always bought kueh for teachers.

My brother and I were best friends then and I loved to dress him up in dresses.

I cut this girl's hair- it was waist length and i was combing it and then I couldn't untangle it so I cut her hair to her shoulders. Her mom did not speak to mine for months.

I ran around the dental clinic in fear and hid in monsoon drain....

I followed my dad to catch crabs...

Ahhhh labuan...

Can't wait!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good luck kiddoes for your exams tomorrow! Mummy yang all relax je siap take afternoon naps lagi- its the words "Study" that turned everyone sleepy.

I had bought Score Alif for them, a computer programme and they were trying the questions out. Aside from the fact that internet connection was slow, I am quite happy with the programme. At least they did SOME studying

Although, what with it being such a beautiful day and all, they did go out to the garden and threw a frisbee around. Which is good.

Ho Hum...nothing to report...quiet day...before the madness start. tomorrow

Saturday, May 22, 2010


House was noisy just now with the sound of my daughters and son practising their TK-Do. Wahhh they are really "into" TKDo lar! They were practising their moves and you can hear them go "pfft" here there everywhere everytime they move.

Earlier on, I was giving them a long lecture. About how they should revise, seeing that the exam is only TWO days away. Ye lah, none of them seem especially worried, with one of them reading the Midnight society, one reading some other storybook, one playing a computer game and the others watching telly. I told them that no one is going to revise for you. You dont want to let your teacher down do you?

Ok lar mummy dulu pun playful gak.... main main . I didn't have any tuition until in Form 1. My teachers were nice but they were teachers of up to 40 students...where got time to pay attention one on one. Up to you to revise. No one taught me how to make notes or anything. I only learnt that in Uni!

Oh's the knowledge that's important right...but at the same time, kids gotta learn that you gotta make an effort maaaannnnn.. and you also get what you put in.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Maria Farida

Ok, THIS is Maria Farida.(pic courtesy of....somewhere on internet lar)

Amazingly, some people think I look like her.

(no i m not going to post pic and no this is not a perasan post. I think I saw her on telly and thought I'd mention it here)

Yes, I know....I don't see the resemblance either...I have "mommy arms" for one. MY eyebrows have not been tweaked within an inch of their lives, for another. (MEOWWWW!!Ha ha ha) (if you ask me she looks more like my brother's wife in Ireland- nanti I carik gambar)

(but hey, if you insist ! he he he)


TO Maria- a message from me.....I am what you might look like if you don't take care of yourself, pakai tudung, have 5 kids and is 20 kilo overweight kakakakakkakakah! now THAT might keep you going to the gym!

(Husband actually met her - she was the gf of one of his batchmate- that didn't last though...that's because...she is not ShishilaSurya! All the looks but not loony like me heh heh heh!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea break!

Bung has been given a jail sentence!

I bet he didn't expect THAT huh? However it's been postponed...while he appeals. (he doesn't appeal much to ME) . The papers show him and his sexy second wife grinning widely ....kesian lar no 1 at home kan. malu je . What about the kids? Do they have kids? Sure malu gak.

Sigh..second wives ek? Kasi chan lahh....The women just want a shot at happiness, kesian lar depa. If not for these men, perhaps a single girl will be lost at sea without the strong firm hands of a man to guide her in her life (I am as I type this, gagging ha ha ha)

But in reality, the "con" always (I think) outweigh the "pro". Unless the first wife is a real HANTU , or a real monster, or is very rude to the husband, or actually says OK GO AHEAD MARRY ANOTHER ONE STOP NAGGING ME ALLREADY!!! , then, I don't think taking another wife is a good idea. First off, the man can only take more than 1 if he can be fair. Even God said, if you think you can't be fair, forget it mister! Don't dream about it!

CAN he be fair? The many incidences of multimarriages in Malaysia/the world seem to suggest that being fair is kacang lar! Can be done! Do you think its actually possible for normal men to BE fair tak. If you have new shoes and old shoes, which one would you like more...?? he he.! But then.... be careful new shoes bite and give blisters! Old shoes gak laaah yang comfortable. Ha ha ha!

When I was younger my nightmare used to be that I would not have any kids. My main fear in life lar. Then God grant me 5 kids and that's out of the window right. I now fear being molested, being mugged, having cancer, etc. Having my husband cheat on me?? Mana ada wife tak worry larr..My mom in law also if you ask her mak taknak pakai maid ni , mak jeles ke? Pun dia kata mana boleh tak jeles ...!! And this is my dad in law yang dah 70 plus (but still handsome) . Of course I worry about other girls out there but it's actually a niggling worry and not a "where are you going let me check your handphone everynight" type of worry. I just hope he doesn't disappoint me and also that he doesn't tarnish the respect and immense admiration I have for him and his character ("kerek" ter pun ye) by doing something so cliched because of desire.

Entah entah I yang ada bopren ! Ha ha ! How?? Suddenly you meet this one guy ,dia buat buat joke, you think he is so kelakar, cute lak tu, and treat you nicely, so you think ok lah. shall i abandon my kids and go for this guy!

Noooo way hose. I think no one can live with me, truth be told. After 18 years of knowing each other, Stephen raman hughes datang sekali pun I tak pandang (well....not longer than 20 minutes lar he he)'s taken us this long to get the acuan JUST right. And for me NOT to freak out if he is crabby and for him to actually BE crabby if he feels like it (my husband dulu MAT KOOL). Tu pasal anak dia macam mat kool sikit (the monkey i mean hehehehe ish tak baiknyaa i call my kids monkey! Eh mat salleh thinks its cute ok, call anak my little monkey. Mak I used to be so upset when I did that)

Ok lah apa I membebel ni?? I better go..just to check in here because kat OFFICE NI BANYAK NA KEJE !! he he he!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Communication in the Golden Years

Pagi ini saya ingin membincangkan topik -cara komunikasi orang tua tua yang dah lama kawin .

I mean, have you ever noticed how your grandparents, then your parents, talk to each other? Have you seen Everybody loves Raymond? Yah, they put down each other kan..why ye? Macam paaaaanas je hati if you want to pandang the other half. He he.

It doesn't have to be about anything in particular.

The husband could go "Good morning, dear. No breakfast today?"

The wife would then go "you ni....kalau I tak buatkan you takdaaaa lah cari sendiri!/If I don't make breakfast you don't eat or what???" and she's off

Or the wife could be saying something to a third person, and the husband would say "Ye lah tuuuuu!" ("Yeah right!!")

Why is it, when you reach a certain number of years of marriage/reached a certain age, you tend to be irritable with each other? It happened to my opah and atok and it's happening with my dad and mom (although I point it out to them that they are acting old everytime they do that,& they have stopped! he he)

Could it be because..they have nothing in common any more, now that the kids are grown up? OR could it be, that they feel they have lost their purpose, now that they are out of the ratrace? OR could it be that they don't like each other anymore??!! Hey, you stay with one person for donkey's years, you get bored what ha ha ha!

The matsalleh tend to have more activities when they have retired- travel lah, join this and that group lar. I guess that keeps them young eh> And I guess the ability to talk to each other about world events or about their mutual friends would help keep the conversational light going on!

I have no answer. I'm sure when I get to be older I will also be crabby (ok , crabbier) but let's hope not! Let's hope we can have that daily hugs and daily sweet nothings (lately, daily nothings ha ha ha) and remain cheerful and maybe if we feel too claustrophobic with each other's presence , we can just have a girls only day out or guys only day out (which would probably mean golf)

Tapi everytime I see my parents being crabby with each other I always say- you are acting like OPAH and ATOK laaah!!! he he he

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We just got back from KLCC.

Wow ramainye orang!! So crowded!!! After considering posh chinoz and CPK, we all agreed to makan at the Food Court so that we can all have exactly what we wanted. We managed to get a table for 7 by the window (after first sitting in the middle- and all the while eyeing the prized window side seat to make sure we would get it the minute the family eating there got up)

Mom and dad came to join us after a while, with Brother. Lama dah tak jumpa (a week? which is a whole year in Dad's diary) and after that we separated , because the kids wanted to go to Kino and Babah wanted to go to the Surau (asar lama lagi lar baaaahhhh!!) and mom wanted to jalan . So the Faisal family went off to the book shop and the kids immediately scooted off to separate sections.

By now Dahlia dah masam muka because she had a party at 4 and we had forgotten to send her, Jojo pun dah masam muka because he wanted to go to the park. Masam muka or otherwise, they managed to make the daddy poorer by picking up 2 or 3 books each and passing them to him to pay at the counter! Books are the one thing I am glad we can buy more of nowadays..although wouldn't it be great if there are good libraries around?

Then we went off, me with a raging headache that only KLCC and other crowded places can induce, but not before we went to see this house for sale in TamanTar. I have no idea why we are now looking at houses, and whether we are looking for a house. I am quite happy to rent. I mean, renting means I am not tied with a heavy commitment, my (his, actually) money remains liquid, and worst comes to worst, I can always move out into my mom's house. OR our house next to KitchenGuardian. Buying means my (his ) money will be tied in real estate.

Although, today my nextdoor neighbour has asked if they could have a look at our house. The one we own. The one we have left 3 years ago, The one next to KG and Dof6. I want KitchenGuardian to have it but then they gave me the green light to sell to others. Truth be told we're not really thinking of selling. We still have a LOT Of stuff there (I found our wedding pics!) But the next door neighbour wants to get it for her daughter and son in law and their 10 month old daughter, so that they can all be near each other. The husband (or the menantu) (let's call him M) didn't really look too sure. Ye lar, he probably wants a trendy apartment for a family of 3 and with luxury finishing and a swimming pool. My house , unlike KitchenGuardian, still has the original 30 year old window pane yang ada kaca tu and a little thing you pull or push at the side. Auntie tu was so impressed because kaca tu was thick unlike modern workmanship. And they were all impressed at the space of the house. I pun impressed. I pindah balik lah!!

Nyesal lak at the price we quoted. Which was under the market value lah. Which will get me into hot soup with kitchen guardian's husband when he reads this later (sorrylar) but not too far off the market value lar boss. More expensive that what we offered you certainly (that was at cost price tu!) however I pikir I cannot lah tekan sangat this couple, because they are just starting out in their lives, and it must be financially tough and kesian depa nak dapat loan and etc etc , then later M tells me his annual salary and my jaw dropped and I thought CIT!!!! KENAPA AKU TAK JUAL MAHAL SIKIT???

heheheheh! That's our curse lar, always kesian orang, which means we always think we are better off than a lot of other people. Walaupun reality nye lain.... Bagus lah kan I think (tengah nak pujuk diri ni) because the opposite could be being the type yang tak pernah content, always thinking you are lesser off. always wanting the latest this, the newest that etc right?? Right?? Sigh...

Anyway takpa house pun tak renovated. It still remains as it was 30 years ago. It's livable, but it's not modern. And they probably have to renovate a lot, Plus its Zooview so banks may not be too happy to finance (my particular house lar)

Anyway M smsed me to say they will think about it although the wife loves it. I told him , take your time! Not in a hurry!

And now we are driving past other people's house with for sale signs and dreaming we can actually afford the point point million price tag. Apa yang mahal sangat ni actually?? We fell in love with this house just now, and dah pikir duit sapa kita nak pau ni ha ha. The house is owned by an auntie's friend and we called her to say we like it. And tengok tengok- IT'S THE WRONG HOUSE! Waaaaahhh! It's another house! Which is a heck of a lot smaller than the house we had wanted to move into! He he he!

Gosh lots of houses around once you start to look kan, yesterday we saw a very nice one in PJ. We can almost see us leaving the house to work everyday and the plus side is it's next to a lake and a school! But when we mooted the idea to the kiddoes we got a ZERO . Nak pindah ke Taman TAR pun ada objection, they want to remain in this area.

Then, we arrived home, got out of the car......and as we all got in and flopped on the sofa..I realise, I like this house! .I guess I'm not in a hurry to move..But tengok tengok rumah lain boleh lar! was your weekend?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sudin Clan circa 2000?

Oh kurus nye aku...
and can you find my kids?
Sara was so chubby!

This is in the house of the Second Auntie. Er, First Uncle married no 2, so this is at the house of no 2. I always feel bad because it has become a tradition pulak that we spend our HariRaya at no 2's house on the first day (since no one goes back to Kampung Rembau on the first day anymore) and if I go to No 1 's house she will often ask about it and I have a MEGA huge guilt complex anyway.

The people in this pix- well the guy in the middle next to me is actually in the UK now , I have not seen him in 10 years also, he is the firstborn of the First Uncle and Second wife, and he is marrying a Hungarian. I sent him an FB invite but he's not accepted me yet huhu . His wife to be is converting soon and is blonde and they keep a (Gasp!!!) dawgggg! (ha ha ha! sorry guys) .

One of my cousins up there, is now a doctor way way in Ireland with her hubbs and now is preggers, When we went there we thought she might be because ada "rahsia" but then she is not telling so we just teka teka larh. tengok tengok betol...Congrats !!!

Wow..i can write a book about the people up there in the pix..all my cousins uncles and aunties..and all of whom I love to death!

My kids the "artists"

sapa lukis ni ye...not quite kitchenguardian's daughter but nice swirls! (so muslimah!)


Apake hal Sophia baik hati mau picit mummy punya kaki ...when I asked her she said it's a belated mother's day gift...awwww..she can be so sweet. Although recently I keep scolding her for being rough and moody. Seriously Sophia is moody these days and you would be forgiven for thinking she is allready a teenager -she's only 11~ ! And Sophia kalau buat apa nak ceeepaaat je...and kalau makan also. And she loves to read my gossip magazines! Tak berpaedah nye sophia! There's no benefit to reading gossipy mags sophia, unless you are my age and have got your degree out of the way! Hehehe.. But Sophia can also be very funny, and she is very creative, with her drawings ...she recently told her auntie Aida that she wants to design her own bridesmaid dress for Auntie's engagement. Auntie Aida dah pick up dah design dia..And she loves writing stories. The other day I was telling her , you need to read more Sophia, that's where you get your ideas from , for your own stories! Ni balik balik princess stories ..must read Nancy Drew etc!

These days Sophia sleeps with us, in our room. With the other 3 kids. While Dahlia and Johan would fight to sleep next to mummy Sophia could not be bothered, wanting to sleep under the aircond. ! To think that Sophia at one time could not sleep without her hand on her mommy's big belly. Now if I don't make her come and hug me I don't get the hugs!

Sophia also thinks we have a lot of money. The stuff she asks for- mummy, can we go to England? Mummy, can we go to Paris? Can I have a laptop? Mummy, can we buy Selang*it House? Do you have 2.6 million?? Tergelak kitorang!! Hai sophia sophia....

Monday, May 10, 2010


I had my A level friends over for tea yesterday. This was a spin off from our first lunch, organised by one friend. Another dear friend had the bright idea of organising it in my house! Thank you lar kan. he he. An event page was created and people confirmed, maybe, and declined appropriately. Quite a few said upfront they could not make it, Kids and husbands are expected. Husband, the absolute darling, helped shopped, and he was so supportive, walhal these were my friends. I told him- give or take a few, maybe about 30? Plus kids- 40?

Yang datang- 10. Yang bawak spouse- 2 and the total number of kids- 3.

Aiyoooo...husband upset wooah. Would not have prepared so much. Even those who brought food thought there would be more so we ended up with like 100 cream puffs and 2 whole roast chickens when 1 would do and kuey teow for 60 ! Aiyoo, those camping trips etc must have been planned earlier, don't lar cancel last minute sayangs!! And mother's day takkan last sampai 6 pm, kot. Drop by for a second that would be nice. Seriously I am not doing this anymore. Merajuks! :-)

Not that it wasn't nice ..we had a small group and semua orang berat b*nto*t and sat around the dining table rather than go out to the 2 tables outside..pleading the heat. The chatting went on till just before maghrib !
Some thanks (even though they won't know):

Maiz*ura thanks for your homemade secret recipe pudding....! That was v special indeed!

Maiz*ra A,S- those 2 roast chickens were yummy although i have never seen rice as stuffing he he!

Ro**aya- thanks very much for the cream puffs and the potato salad !!

S*ah- the nasi goreng with the chilly potong bunga looked very impressive indeed- Thanks!!

Yu*i and Ju- thanks for the (preordered) Icecream!
So much to talk about, mainly catching up on news. Biasa lar reunions, you may not have been that close all those years ago but now you appreciate them more. One friend was closer to me than the others, she was my roommate and we had gone through a lot of things together. Mom remembered that she and I had fights and made up over and over again and seriously mom, I can't remember ever quarelling?? Me. gaduh? Neh vah..! He he! She can be a bit abrasive, not that fantastic in the tact department but then she is really a warm and caring person overall.

So we chatted, and ate, and ate, and chatted. The last couple left at 10.30 pm - years of gossip were finally revealed ! It helped that he was Hubby's junior in school and they had mutual friends! Second marriage loves....wah boleh buat drama!

Phew! Penat pun rasa nak ponteng keh keh...Lama dah tak buat makan makan- ok guys , Adom Clan and Sudin Clan- have to do one for you guys now!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kelant*an Soap Opera

What is happening to the K*lant*an Ro*yal Family????

I just read that the eldest, the Regent, has stopped the King and queen and his brother from leaving the state, and they were stopped twice and now they are detained at the local hospital. They were going to go back to Singap&ura to ostensibly get follow up treatment.

Well no 1, I don't think the monarchy should be abolished. (???!! You are wondering apa kena mengena lak ni?? Kan?) I read the comments to these posts on royalty and some of them say - tu larh, ada lagi royalty ada lah masalah, they are all leeches etc etc. Well, be that as it may, they are leeches but they do work for their money. They give us as much dignity as say,a flag. They give us a sense of history, A sense of uniqueness. Heck , I like the thought of having a king that protects his people against the big bad Bendahara (nowadays that's the cabinet and the PM)

Ok no2- Faris is the Regent. No way is this a power struggle because its no 1 against no 3. Is no 3 an immediate successor if No 1 steps away? Regent regent lar kan! Not that the K**anta*n people can vote or anything but I think the majority likes the First Son. The 3rd son- maybe not so much. maybe cause he married an 18 year old socialite who now accuses him of god knows what. He is also now trying to hang on to that bentley that he bought (er NO he didn't! )

And then the no 3- the Sultan's health. Is he or is he not ill ni? He can go around the state smiling and looking better than I have ever seen him (at least he appeared to have lost his depressed look) so well actually that I thought- is that his Avatar??? Haa (concept avatar ni dah lama dah kat mesia, Cameron tu je yang tiru. Kat sini it's called H*anT*uR*aya)

Come to think of it, why are these people going back to Singapore for treatment?? I mean, Faris is right to keep them local, he's probably the one who is coughing up for it (oh, no he's not) and he's probably the one who is trying to reduce the bill- if you want to be fleeced over some bill, might as well be fleeced by anakkelantan rather than theSingaporeans right...So I think he is right to tahan his parents on that basis.

But on the other hand and this is no 4- those are his parents. And Faris should not treat hisparents this way..subject them to public humiliation like this..They are after all the monarchy..the fairy tale. The thing about princesses and princes is that they need to remain pure and holy and maintain that fairy tale. They have to be worth believing in. They are a concept but a very valuable one (ada valuenye,,,those antimonarchists must try to find one) BUT they are diminishing their value by acting like a bad episode of Dallas! I don't agree with the Regent's way of doing things as , no matter who you are....being rude to parents is a big No No. it's not Islamic. Nor is it a plus in any other religion. Ask any non muslim- Sure say the same one. Apa ke hal tahan macam tu,siap ada polis eskot lagi....

But!! On the other hand there WAS that shooting! In the chest - 4 times! and all because apparently the guard knew of a plot to assassinate the King! I say....That would actually put the motive on Faris ..cause he would benefit ....jeng jeng jeng!!! (But anyway why would he rush to get to the throne instead of just biding his time?)

Ok Kak Kiah will tell them- Eh. Korang ni nak jadi apa nih. tak malu ke gaduh gaduh depan orang pulak tu. Nak harta ke apa ke. Kamu, Fakrhi , apa masa kecik kena buli ke apa. dengar je lah cakap abanglong kamu tu. Toksah dok ngadu kat mak kamu je ..Mesti lah kamu yang menang. Kamu Faris, apa lah nak tahan tahan polis nih, pi runding baik baik dengan famili tak leh ke. Pening kepala dengar kes kamu nih pas tu sapa nak bayar legal fee korang nih, naik turun court?? Tak ke Kerajaan Kelantan jugaaaaak yang tanggung. Tu pun i tengok depa dah tengah tahan sabar laa dengan perangai korang ni...diam je...sebab korang raja depa...tapi lama lama ada dalam famili you all yang kena pelem*Pang > Dah la tu...come to your senses...berunding and jangan lah nak buang duit kerajaan. Kalau I jadi loyer tu I refuse to take up the case. Buang masa.
I shall watch this gak ! Who needs Greys Anatomy."DariDalamIstana" lagi best. (my proposed title for this soap opera)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Happy birthday !!

You are forty three today!

Happy Birthday to my husband, father of my kids, my tukang kaler rambut, my chauffeur, my best friend, my holiday side kick, my food critic nowadays whereas dulu "apa apa pun takpa lah sayang", my confidante, my supporter, my indulgent bushuk, teacher , surgeon, general dogsbody. Beloved nephew to both side of the family, cousin and brother and eldest son !

Happy birthday and I hope we can celebrate more birthdays together .Tambahkan rezeki, panjangkan umur, sentiasa happy, and dirahmati Allah swt....Amiiinnn

(he had 6 operations yesterday and came home to a snoring wife last night at 12)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


You really have to look hard for happy news these days kan..what with that sad shooting of the 15 year old boy who by the way, if he was my son, would have come home to a smacking so hard he would not be able to sit down for being naughty and driving at 2 am! Still, he was naughty and not evil and such boys usually grow to be CEO of Khazanah or Prime MInister or something...

And I just read about the wife battered TO DEATH by the hubby for chatting on the phone with a man! EH bang, maybe it was just the gas man?? Maybe she wanted to call in for another tong??Haiyaa why lar must kick and beat her until she goes all limp and the t hing that gets me, is this happened in front of their 12 year old son , who surely will be traumatised for life! I hope the guy gets properly tortured.

So what happy news can we share ye...I went back to Kluang , that's about it. Nadine's speech after all that was postponed to Thursday!! And Johan wants to be a head prefect. And Sophia is very sensitive these days ahem ahem dah besar lah katakan...Sara is still nagging us to repair her roof..poor thing. hujan turun directly into her room. So hard to get the contractor to come!

Oh yeah! Husband is 43 tomorrow! Yay yay! What to do what to do what to do??

(I'll continue to check the papers for good news ok- we sorely need it!)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Good morning!

And how was your weekend??

Weekends are not enough time lar. Need another weekend. !!

Got back from Kluang last night at midnight. Left at about 8 so I guess we did pretty ok lar. Road was quite choked on the way back to KL.

Not too happy leaving Mak and Abah alone in Kluang. My parents at least are here, with my brother living with them, (although mydad now wants to charge him rent ha ha ha and my brother wants to charge them fees for security services he he) . My in laws are way over there. There is my husband's cousin lar Maz*** but he has his inlaws there as well and his job. Dad in law is complaining of intermittent heart pain. He has had 2 angiogrammes, 3 stents and apparently has diffused heart problem. Apakah itu?? I think it means small veins being blocked. Or can veins be blocked? Am I really married to a doctor and How have I managed to remain so blur all these while??

AAANyway dad in law mentioned that he may not have long on this earth. He said that to hubby so I don't know what hubby said. But I said to hubby...we never know when WE have to go. I seriously think now that we are in our 40s we are entering stormy waters. Sicknesses, problems, etc etc. People are doing 2 things around us- 1. get divorced and 2- die. He he he. So now live life to the fullest and prepare for phase 2 lar- the other life!

As for us, I just want to see the kids succeed in life, be kind, be polite, be street smart, be wise, be better muslimahs and muslimin than their parents, know your self worth and be proud of yourself at the same time be very humble . Jangan akshen dengan orang and jangan hina orang. Do not look down on others no matter what as you never know, that person in rags may be a lot happier than you.

Ye lah this morning I had to do pidato (Speech) for Nadi*ne kan this is my pidato mood lar. Ada ke dia yang berpidato mummy yang prepare speech. And the pidato was this morning and bangun subuh baru nak buat. mana belajar last minute ni ha???

Ok guys, on that note I will stop rambling..Banyak lagi nak cerita but start work larh, kat office ni macam kapal karam ...and captain dia pun nak heart attack sat lagi better i say bye bye now ok??

Have a good morning!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...