Azura Hani Ahmad

My friend's sister. My friend's sister in law. The baby whose picture we saw in the UK, this young girl . the girl whose wedding we went to., although all of us surprised that she chose to marry at teh tender age of we know why..God wanted the husband to have more time with her.

A quiet girl ....but not unfriendly. I would have said...a strong person. But what she had to fight was too much for her...

So now I'm left with no words to say to my partner..sorry for the loss of your baby sister.. And to my friend , im sure you will miss your sister in law.

I only know that God has his plans for us...perhaps she is spared from more sins had she remained here .. who knows. We have to believe that she is in a better place.

Alfatihah Azura..pray for your soul and that its placed amongst the faithful.....


mamasita said…
Al-Fatihah..I am sad to hear of the news.My very deep condolences to the family of aruah Azura.
Semoga rohnya bersama kumpulan yang solehah.
AlFatihah.I'm so sorry for everyone's loss.
MrsNordin said…
It's very sad, isn't it? This is a great tribute.
bella said…
Al Fatihah...our deepest thoughts for the family.

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