Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Communication in the Golden Years

Pagi ini saya ingin membincangkan topik -cara komunikasi orang tua tua yang dah lama kawin .

I mean, have you ever noticed how your grandparents, then your parents, talk to each other? Have you seen Everybody loves Raymond? Yah, they put down each other kan..why ye? Macam paaaaanas je hati if you want to pandang the other half. He he.

It doesn't have to be about anything in particular.

The husband could go "Good morning, dear. No breakfast today?"

The wife would then go "you ni....kalau I tak buatkan you takdaaaa lah cari sendiri!/If I don't make breakfast you don't eat or what???" and she's off

Or the wife could be saying something to a third person, and the husband would say "Ye lah tuuuuu!" ("Yeah right!!")

Why is it, when you reach a certain number of years of marriage/reached a certain age, you tend to be irritable with each other? It happened to my opah and atok and it's happening with my dad and mom (although I point it out to them that they are acting old everytime they do that,& they have stopped! he he)

Could it be because..they have nothing in common any more, now that the kids are grown up? OR could it be, that they feel they have lost their purpose, now that they are out of the ratrace? OR could it be that they don't like each other anymore??!! Hey, you stay with one person for donkey's years, you get bored what ha ha ha!

The matsalleh tend to have more activities when they have retired- travel lah, join this and that group lar. I guess that keeps them young eh> And I guess the ability to talk to each other about world events or about their mutual friends would help keep the conversational light going on!

I have no answer. I'm sure when I get to be older I will also be crabby (ok , crabbier) but let's hope not! Let's hope we can have that daily hugs and daily sweet nothings (lately, daily nothings ha ha ha) and remain cheerful and maybe if we feel too claustrophobic with each other's presence , we can just have a girls only day out or guys only day out (which would probably mean golf)

Tapi everytime I see my parents being crabby with each other I always say- you are acting like OPAH and ATOK laaah!!! he he he


MrsNordin said...

You are right. My parents are like that too. But mostly my mum. She would do the talking while my dad listens. Membebel saja, tak larat lah dengar.

I suppose, if you're crabby now, you"ll be less crabby later??

nizamohamed said...

This reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that I watched ( I love the reruns!!) where Raymond was upset that his parents don't "talk nice " to each other anymore but it seemed that they like it that way, and that doesn't mean they don't love one another anymore. As for me, I think my hubby and I already started the phase of "kutuking" each other, but in a "loving" way..boleh ka macam tu..gosh, and we're only in eleventh year!!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

J- crabby now less crabby later! Im sure the husband prays for that he he he. Yah lah membebel is something that women find themselves doing automatically why ah???

Superwomanwannabe said...

Niza- macam rough love lar ye he he he! Yeah my sedara (yang muda) ada gak yang macam tu..tapi actually loving and romantic! Apa apa larrr asalkan bahagia labuuuuu :)

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