Monday, May 03, 2010

Good morning!

And how was your weekend??

Weekends are not enough time lar. Need another weekend. !!

Got back from Kluang last night at midnight. Left at about 8 so I guess we did pretty ok lar. Road was quite choked on the way back to KL.

Not too happy leaving Mak and Abah alone in Kluang. My parents at least are here, with my brother living with them, (although mydad now wants to charge him rent ha ha ha and my brother wants to charge them fees for security services he he) . My in laws are way over there. There is my husband's cousin lar Maz*** but he has his inlaws there as well and his job. Dad in law is complaining of intermittent heart pain. He has had 2 angiogrammes, 3 stents and apparently has diffused heart problem. Apakah itu?? I think it means small veins being blocked. Or can veins be blocked? Am I really married to a doctor and How have I managed to remain so blur all these while??

AAANyway dad in law mentioned that he may not have long on this earth. He said that to hubby so I don't know what hubby said. But I said to hubby...we never know when WE have to go. I seriously think now that we are in our 40s we are entering stormy waters. Sicknesses, problems, etc etc. People are doing 2 things around us- 1. get divorced and 2- die. He he he. So now live life to the fullest and prepare for phase 2 lar- the other life!

As for us, I just want to see the kids succeed in life, be kind, be polite, be street smart, be wise, be better muslimahs and muslimin than their parents, know your self worth and be proud of yourself at the same time be very humble . Jangan akshen dengan orang and jangan hina orang. Do not look down on others no matter what as you never know, that person in rags may be a lot happier than you.

Ye lah this morning I had to do pidato (Speech) for Nadi*ne kan this is my pidato mood lar. Ada ke dia yang berpidato mummy yang prepare speech. And the pidato was this morning and bangun subuh baru nak buat. mana belajar last minute ni ha???

Ok guys, on that note I will stop rambling..Banyak lagi nak cerita but start work larh, kat office ni macam kapal karam ...and captain dia pun nak heart attack sat lagi better i say bye bye now ok??

Have a good morning!!

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