Sunday, May 16, 2010


We just got back from KLCC.

Wow ramainye orang!! So crowded!!! After considering posh chinoz and CPK, we all agreed to makan at the Food Court so that we can all have exactly what we wanted. We managed to get a table for 7 by the window (after first sitting in the middle- and all the while eyeing the prized window side seat to make sure we would get it the minute the family eating there got up)

Mom and dad came to join us after a while, with Brother. Lama dah tak jumpa (a week? which is a whole year in Dad's diary) and after that we separated , because the kids wanted to go to Kino and Babah wanted to go to the Surau (asar lama lagi lar baaaahhhh!!) and mom wanted to jalan . So the Faisal family went off to the book shop and the kids immediately scooted off to separate sections.

By now Dahlia dah masam muka because she had a party at 4 and we had forgotten to send her, Jojo pun dah masam muka because he wanted to go to the park. Masam muka or otherwise, they managed to make the daddy poorer by picking up 2 or 3 books each and passing them to him to pay at the counter! Books are the one thing I am glad we can buy more of nowadays..although wouldn't it be great if there are good libraries around?

Then we went off, me with a raging headache that only KLCC and other crowded places can induce, but not before we went to see this house for sale in TamanTar. I have no idea why we are now looking at houses, and whether we are looking for a house. I am quite happy to rent. I mean, renting means I am not tied with a heavy commitment, my (his, actually) money remains liquid, and worst comes to worst, I can always move out into my mom's house. OR our house next to KitchenGuardian. Buying means my (his ) money will be tied in real estate.

Although, today my nextdoor neighbour has asked if they could have a look at our house. The one we own. The one we have left 3 years ago, The one next to KG and Dof6. I want KitchenGuardian to have it but then they gave me the green light to sell to others. Truth be told we're not really thinking of selling. We still have a LOT Of stuff there (I found our wedding pics!) But the next door neighbour wants to get it for her daughter and son in law and their 10 month old daughter, so that they can all be near each other. The husband (or the menantu) (let's call him M) didn't really look too sure. Ye lar, he probably wants a trendy apartment for a family of 3 and with luxury finishing and a swimming pool. My house , unlike KitchenGuardian, still has the original 30 year old window pane yang ada kaca tu and a little thing you pull or push at the side. Auntie tu was so impressed because kaca tu was thick unlike modern workmanship. And they were all impressed at the space of the house. I pun impressed. I pindah balik lah!!

Nyesal lak at the price we quoted. Which was under the market value lah. Which will get me into hot soup with kitchen guardian's husband when he reads this later (sorrylar) but not too far off the market value lar boss. More expensive that what we offered you certainly (that was at cost price tu!) however I pikir I cannot lah tekan sangat this couple, because they are just starting out in their lives, and it must be financially tough and kesian depa nak dapat loan and etc etc , then later M tells me his annual salary and my jaw dropped and I thought CIT!!!! KENAPA AKU TAK JUAL MAHAL SIKIT???

heheheheh! That's our curse lar, always kesian orang, which means we always think we are better off than a lot of other people. Walaupun reality nye lain.... Bagus lah kan I think (tengah nak pujuk diri ni) because the opposite could be being the type yang tak pernah content, always thinking you are lesser off. always wanting the latest this, the newest that etc right?? Right?? Sigh...

Anyway takpa house pun tak renovated. It still remains as it was 30 years ago. It's livable, but it's not modern. And they probably have to renovate a lot, Plus its Zooview so banks may not be too happy to finance (my particular house lar)

Anyway M smsed me to say they will think about it although the wife loves it. I told him , take your time! Not in a hurry!

And now we are driving past other people's house with for sale signs and dreaming we can actually afford the point point million price tag. Apa yang mahal sangat ni actually?? We fell in love with this house just now, and dah pikir duit sapa kita nak pau ni ha ha. The house is owned by an auntie's friend and we called her to say we like it. And tengok tengok- IT'S THE WRONG HOUSE! Waaaaahhh! It's another house! Which is a heck of a lot smaller than the house we had wanted to move into! He he he!

Gosh lots of houses around once you start to look kan, yesterday we saw a very nice one in PJ. We can almost see us leaving the house to work everyday and the plus side is it's next to a lake and a school! But when we mooted the idea to the kiddoes we got a ZERO . Nak pindah ke Taman TAR pun ada objection, they want to remain in this area.

Then, we arrived home, got out of the car......and as we all got in and flopped on the sofa..I realise, I like this house! .I guess I'm not in a hurry to move..But tengok tengok rumah lain boleh lar! was your weekend?


MrsNordin said...

If you have the money, buy a house. Don't just rent. It's for long term. Nanti jadi macam some people I know, umur dah dekat 50 but still house hopping. Dulu di zaman kegemilangan, bila ada duit, beli kereta, rent expensive condos... now dah susah... they don't have a place to call their own.

Kitchen Guardian said...

Whayever it is jangan pindah jauh dari i ye, kita kan sedara mak lainbapak lain!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yeah Mrs N, the first house we liked to was v near you actually! I need to get the agent's number because its very nice!

KG- noooo worries. air dicincang tak putus (cant believe i had to go look up google for that)

LifeBloom said...

Shila - tak yah lah pindah - your house gorgeous! Its got this feeling that only anak org2x gomen jer yang tau...hehe. My dad was in the government and for years were manjafied with big roomy houses with servants quarters (walaupun servant duk di dalam rumah yang sama!).

But have to agree with Mrs N - lambat laun kena beli gak...anyway - have fun looking - insyaAllah ada rezeki.

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