Tuesday, May 04, 2010


You really have to look hard for happy news these days kan..what with that sad shooting of the 15 year old boy who by the way, if he was my son, would have come home to a smacking so hard he would not be able to sit down for being naughty and driving at 2 am! Still, he was naughty and not evil and such boys usually grow to be CEO of Khazanah or Prime MInister or something...

And I just read about the wife battered TO DEATH by the hubby for chatting on the phone with a man! EH bang, maybe it was just the gas man?? Maybe she wanted to call in for another tong??Haiyaa why lar must kick and beat her until she goes all limp and the t hing that gets me, is this happened in front of their 12 year old son , who surely will be traumatised for life! I hope the guy gets properly tortured.

So what happy news can we share ye...I went back to Kluang , that's about it. Nadine's speech after all that was postponed to Thursday!! And Johan wants to be a head prefect. And Sophia is very sensitive these days ahem ahem dah besar lah katakan...Sara is still nagging us to repair her roof..poor thing. hujan turun directly into her room. So hard to get the contractor to come!

Oh yeah! Husband is 43 tomorrow! Yay yay! What to do what to do what to do??

(I'll continue to check the papers for good news ok- we sorely need it!)


nizamohamed said...

You're right..good news are hard to find nowadays..guess we just have to see our good days as the good news, I mean if your family is well and happy, that's good news right? and I am also perplexed with the boy driving at 2 am, he was 15 and he's driving at wee hours in the morning? We are not supposed to judge but it is hard not to...and the lady beaten to death, that's not jealousy, that is crazy..anyway, hope you'll find some good news..

fifi said...

Happy B'day Epi!!! Iye ke dia and Pokde punya b'day sama hari? I thought I noticed that on the Geni thingie. If so, how cool! Wishing him lots of happiness, good health, rezeki++++ and the best in this world and the hereafter, Amin!!

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