Saturday, May 22, 2010


House was noisy just now with the sound of my daughters and son practising their TK-Do. Wahhh they are really "into" TKDo lar! They were practising their moves and you can hear them go "pfft" here there everywhere everytime they move.

Earlier on, I was giving them a long lecture. About how they should revise, seeing that the exam is only TWO days away. Ye lah, none of them seem especially worried, with one of them reading the Midnight society, one reading some other storybook, one playing a computer game and the others watching telly. I told them that no one is going to revise for you. You dont want to let your teacher down do you?

Ok lar mummy dulu pun playful gak.... main main . I didn't have any tuition until in Form 1. My teachers were nice but they were teachers of up to 40 students...where got time to pay attention one on one. Up to you to revise. No one taught me how to make notes or anything. I only learnt that in Uni!

Oh's the knowledge that's important right...but at the same time, kids gotta learn that you gotta make an effort maaaannnnn.. and you also get what you put in.

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