Monday, May 10, 2010


I had my A level friends over for tea yesterday. This was a spin off from our first lunch, organised by one friend. Another dear friend had the bright idea of organising it in my house! Thank you lar kan. he he. An event page was created and people confirmed, maybe, and declined appropriately. Quite a few said upfront they could not make it, Kids and husbands are expected. Husband, the absolute darling, helped shopped, and he was so supportive, walhal these were my friends. I told him- give or take a few, maybe about 30? Plus kids- 40?

Yang datang- 10. Yang bawak spouse- 2 and the total number of kids- 3.

Aiyoooo...husband upset wooah. Would not have prepared so much. Even those who brought food thought there would be more so we ended up with like 100 cream puffs and 2 whole roast chickens when 1 would do and kuey teow for 60 ! Aiyoo, those camping trips etc must have been planned earlier, don't lar cancel last minute sayangs!! And mother's day takkan last sampai 6 pm, kot. Drop by for a second that would be nice. Seriously I am not doing this anymore. Merajuks! :-)

Not that it wasn't nice ..we had a small group and semua orang berat b*nto*t and sat around the dining table rather than go out to the 2 tables outside..pleading the heat. The chatting went on till just before maghrib !
Some thanks (even though they won't know):

Maiz*ura thanks for your homemade secret recipe pudding....! That was v special indeed!

Maiz*ra A,S- those 2 roast chickens were yummy although i have never seen rice as stuffing he he!

Ro**aya- thanks very much for the cream puffs and the potato salad !!

S*ah- the nasi goreng with the chilly potong bunga looked very impressive indeed- Thanks!!

Yu*i and Ju- thanks for the (preordered) Icecream!
So much to talk about, mainly catching up on news. Biasa lar reunions, you may not have been that close all those years ago but now you appreciate them more. One friend was closer to me than the others, she was my roommate and we had gone through a lot of things together. Mom remembered that she and I had fights and made up over and over again and seriously mom, I can't remember ever quarelling?? Me. gaduh? Neh vah..! He he! She can be a bit abrasive, not that fantastic in the tact department but then she is really a warm and caring person overall.

So we chatted, and ate, and ate, and chatted. The last couple left at 10.30 pm - years of gossip were finally revealed ! It helped that he was Hubby's junior in school and they had mutual friends! Second marriage loves....wah boleh buat drama!

Phew! Penat pun rasa nak ponteng keh keh...Lama dah tak buat makan makan- ok guys , Adom Clan and Sudin Clan- have to do one for you guys now!


nathrah said...

jd org kuat organised reunion mmg memenatkan la..kalau ramai yg dtg mmg rasa berbaloi. tp ramai je yg kata nak dtg, end up timbul sorang 2 jer mmg la frustrated kak.

Nak lagi haru kalau kita yg dulukan semua perbelanjaan. hotellah, sourvinier lah, etc..percaya kawan punya pasal la tu..akhirnya kita yg tanggung beban.

pendek kata saya pun dah merajuk jd org kuat reunion ni...dan yg plg memberi pengajaran, jgn terlalu percaya kawan dan ramai kawan yg sanggup makan kawan...hehehe saja jer nak syere pengalaman ngan Kak Shila.. ;)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ya laaa...sebab tuan rumah excited kan but it was really nice in the end ...cosy. nasib baik tak beli souvenir!

LifeBloom said...

Those are the trials and tribulations of hostessing...but I think your idea of selling platefuls ok kuay tiao at RM1.50 a pop would have been swell.

Irfan gobbled the kuay tiao like nobody's business as I returned masa dinner on the dot...yours truly oso...nyesal tak ambik dua bungkus!!

Thanks so much Shila & Dr Jab for the exemplary hospitality!

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