Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sudin Clan circa 2000?

Oh kurus nye aku...
and can you find my kids?
Sara was so chubby!

This is in the house of the Second Auntie. Er, First Uncle married no 2, so this is at the house of no 2. I always feel bad because it has become a tradition pulak that we spend our HariRaya at no 2's house on the first day (since no one goes back to Kampung Rembau on the first day anymore) and if I go to No 1 's house she will often ask about it and I have a MEGA huge guilt complex anyway.

The people in this pix- well the guy in the middle next to me is actually in the UK now , I have not seen him in 10 years also, he is the firstborn of the First Uncle and Second wife, and he is marrying a Hungarian. I sent him an FB invite but he's not accepted me yet huhu . His wife to be is converting soon and is blonde and they keep a (Gasp!!!) dawgggg! (ha ha ha! sorry guys) .

One of my cousins up there, is now a doctor way way in Ireland with her hubbs and now is preggers, When we went there we thought she might be because ada "rahsia" but then she is not telling so we just teka teka larh. tengok tengok betol...Congrats !!!

Wow..i can write a book about the people up there in the pix..all my cousins uncles and aunties..and all of whom I love to death!


Anonymous said...

sorry shila, menyibuk..why you all tak gi 1st auntie on 1st raya?


Superwomanwannabe said...

sebab...dia tak ajak ha ha

auntie no 1 merajuk gak lah dengan kitorang yang baik dengan auntie no 2ni

but auntie no 2 ni baik dan peramah and pandai ambik hati (she is from kelantan and pandai masak )

so tu pasal orang suka dia... kecian auntie no 1 kan

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