Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea break!

Bung has been given a jail sentence!

I bet he didn't expect THAT huh? However it's been postponed...while he appeals. (he doesn't appeal much to ME) . The papers show him and his sexy second wife grinning widely ....kesian lar no 1 at home kan. malu je . What about the kids? Do they have kids? Sure malu gak.

Sigh..second wives ek? Kasi chan lahh....The women just want a shot at happiness, kesian lar depa. If not for these men, perhaps a single girl will be lost at sea without the strong firm hands of a man to guide her in her life (I am as I type this, gagging ha ha ha)

But in reality, the "con" always (I think) outweigh the "pro". Unless the first wife is a real HANTU , or a real monster, or is very rude to the husband, or actually says OK GO AHEAD MARRY ANOTHER ONE STOP NAGGING ME ALLREADY!!! , then, I don't think taking another wife is a good idea. First off, the man can only take more than 1 if he can be fair. Even God said, if you think you can't be fair, forget it mister! Don't dream about it!

CAN he be fair? The many incidences of multimarriages in Malaysia/the world seem to suggest that being fair is kacang lar! Can be done! Do you think its actually possible for normal men to BE fair tak. If you have new shoes and old shoes, which one would you like more...?? he he.! But then.... be careful new shoes bite and give blisters! Old shoes gak laaah yang comfortable. Ha ha ha!

When I was younger my nightmare used to be that I would not have any kids. My main fear in life lar. Then God grant me 5 kids and that's out of the window right. I now fear being molested, being mugged, having cancer, etc. Having my husband cheat on me?? Mana ada wife tak worry larr..My mom in law also if you ask her mak taknak pakai maid ni , mak jeles ke? Pun dia kata mana boleh tak jeles ...!! And this is my dad in law yang dah 70 plus (but still handsome) . Of course I worry about other girls out there but it's actually a niggling worry and not a "where are you going let me check your handphone everynight" type of worry. I just hope he doesn't disappoint me and also that he doesn't tarnish the respect and immense admiration I have for him and his character ("kerek" ter pun ye) by doing something so cliched because of desire.

Entah entah I yang ada bopren ! Ha ha ! How?? Suddenly you meet this one guy ,dia buat buat joke, you think he is so kelakar, cute lak tu, and treat you nicely, so you think ok lah. shall i abandon my kids and go for this guy!

Noooo way hose. I think no one can live with me, truth be told. After 18 years of knowing each other, Stephen raman hughes datang sekali pun I tak pandang (well....not longer than 20 minutes lar he he)'s taken us this long to get the acuan JUST right. And for me NOT to freak out if he is crabby and for him to actually BE crabby if he feels like it (my husband dulu MAT KOOL). Tu pasal anak dia macam mat kool sikit (the monkey i mean hehehehe ish tak baiknyaa i call my kids monkey! Eh mat salleh thinks its cute ok, call anak my little monkey. Mak I used to be so upset when I did that)

Ok lah apa I membebel ni?? I better go..just to check in here because kat OFFICE NI BANYAK NA KEJE !! he he he!


MrsNordin said...

I like it when you compare the wives to shoes. So true! New shoes cantik tapi menggigit. So when you have blisters on your feet, go back to wearing the old shoes. Guaranteed to make you feel better!

Superwomanwannabe said...

he he yelah kan...old shoes dah tau your aches and pain, tak payah control macho lagi dah...sebab kita pun sama sama er "muda"

Anonymous said...

I hope Bung is really put in jail..meluat tengok 2 days in a row gambar depa kat Star front page!


LifeBloom said...

Shila you had me rolling with laughter this post..!

Looking at my parents marriage - all I can say - the rewards will only come if you persevere and berkorban. My parents marriage was arranged - and I think my parents only fell in love in their forties. Before that its just fulfilling a function. I only saw romantic tendencies bila my parents mencecah 40an. My dad is "mamat tradisi" and the type that believes a woman's place is in the kitchen. But my mum is such a smart lady and he doesnt know it but our family's success is down to her strategy.

Desire and temptation tu memang berlambak...tapi Allah SWT gave us akal - so kena la pikir beyond the nether regions...Apa2x pun must always berdoa and berdoa...Allah SWT will grant His grace and protection..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hii MAizura! Bestnyaa romantik dah tua tua ni...mak u sound like my mom....very clever actually although look v submissive tol tak

Fell in love in their 40s? really??? Alhamdulillahhhhhh

(anak dia macam mana ?? hehehehhehe)

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Masalahnya Superwoman.. I kalo Denzel Washington dok sebelah I, I pegang tak bagi dia balik kot....ha ha

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...