Tuesday, June 29, 2010

me very old

Was listening to OHMYGOSH by Usher

Apa gatal sangat orang gelap ni....lagu dia kata - she has a booty that is pow pow pow. she has a boo*by that goes wow oh wow..HAAHHH!!????? Hallo she has a brain????

Satu lagi lagu si Rihanna- Rude Boy- nak je aku censor kan radio..it is so rude.

Or am I a PRUDE.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Semalam and Today

Yesterday we went to SIL and BIL's house- He has a fantastic multimedia product that he and a few friends have developed and we were discussing taking it out onto the international platform . Sweet souls that they are they have not thought about what will happen when their product is ready. All that is, except the one woman in their team, who later told me she had been telling them from DAY 1 to think about what to do when everything's done. Men , eh. Anyway I really hope that their project takes off - as Malaysians we would be v proud of them nanti. Come to think of it, all those awards that our UKM graduates win internationally- what ever happened to their products ya? Nanti jadi macam mangosteen juice...tau tau dah ada product and it comes from blardie AMERICA.

Later on we had to rush for dinner- Sh*an and V*inodh from Singapore were in town and Prema organised a dinner at this place called R*u*m*ahku. Right in front of the UH. All the way there I was dozing off. Entah kenapa husband and I were both so flat....but sampai je terus jadi MOTORMOUTH. Ish ish ish...Met up with g*r*ace and sat*ish her husband , elee*n and her husband who I think said about 2 words throughout the dinner. These were my seniors at Uni and husband's batch mate. One of them, Thu&sh was my classmate and flatmate. Looking around, it was a melayu cina and india bunch- Very 1Malaysia - actually this has never been a big deal , sebelum the concept of 1 Malaysia came up, weren't you 1Malaysian-ing here there everywhere? It's just now you become conscious of it kan.

Food was southern Indian and sssssss very the pedassss!! I picked at it je..I kan mat sallehhhhhh he he he..nak kata I cina minah cina sebelah I wallap sedap je??

It was actually a fun night..haven't seen V and S for 20 years...they look the same. So unfair kan. We talked about kids mainly, where they basically appeared to be very good moms and discipline their kids and definitely not the mom who let the kids sleep in the same bed like us!

We went back to BIL's house about midnight,t o get our kids ..but was so tired, we ended up crashing there- thanks Zu and Epa!

Today we're off to Kuantan..meet clients for signing ..but at the same time I have booked a room at the Hyatt so we can lepak at the beach and look out to the sea and basically CHILLLLL....

Just got to wait for hubby to come back from OT...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Yesterday I bought this thing called "Lip pratakara" - basically its a thing you bite for 3 minutes and it will strengthen your mouth muscles...week in week out i see my friend Hanif promote it. ITs from Japan, he bought it for his daughter who is autistic and he used it on her or rather made her use it - the result is she breathes through her nose and no longer has her mouth hanging open . And i pun tried it- mak oi its hard ..the whole of my chin trembled trying to hold on to the device ..its supposed to be anti aging..let's see ok

Anyway this morning I was using it and then babbling on and on about how I find it to the poor man I married. I have not seen him since 4 am yesterday... I don't see him so much nowadays..he would come back, and then rush back out and then comes back whatever time. So for the past few days I have not had a proper conversation with the guy lar. Apa nak buat..bini doktor.. So this morning as he was choosing what to wear (white shirt or white shirt with stripe?) I was babbling on lah aetc and he said- yah yah Ive seen it lah!

When I said eh sombong nya ..cakap baik baik laaa sikit..can pretend or not Im your patient..tak pulak snap at patient kan....he said he was busy. Busy doing what, choosing shirts? I said I think you are feeling v distracted because of work and how many patients are coming today etc but don't take it out on me lar..macam the kids want to tell you something, you don't have to dismiss them. Or ignore them. Or play with the darn phone.

And I guess I pun should not have disturbed him eh? EH ada pulak. takkan nak tiptoe around him right. I dont think people should show their moods (bad ones that is) to others anyway.

My point is, we all feel lousy/tired/stressed. But as between you and the family, you have that one moment in time to respond. Either you respond with your bad mood, ie snappily/whine etc, or you respond nicely. Either way that moment will occur and that moment will pass. Rather than spend that 3 minutes snapping at your loved ones, just because you penat...wouldn't you rather be in a nice mood? The problems tak hilang if you snap or be nice. Choose to be nice!

Yah sometimes it feels great to indulge. You must indulge and not simpan dalam hati. Tapi set a time limit lah. Acknowledge lah that "oh oh you are feeling this way"...and then get over it. Or , do something. Whatever it is, dont throw tantrums kat family nooo..its childish. And the thing is, you won't do itkan , once you tersedar that you are actually doing it. It's like you tengah jerit kat anak then suddenly your patient ternampak. Sure malu kan..terus cool. Haa kenapa tak cool je from the beginning? Right? because you don't think before you give in to your reaction that's why! It's when you just give in to your moods yang you will ramble on or marah marah. When I marah the kids sometimes I can hear myself doing it and I know it's because of tiredness . In that case, I can continue to nag, or I can drop it and choose to be nice. . I - can- decide. And if i love my family and I want them to remember nice things that we do, I will decide to be nice.

Of course when other people are sulking/moody etc we pun react accordingly lah kan. Diam ke, or diffuse the situation. if I am in that situation I will diffuse the situation but bila dah calm I pulak lah merajuk ha ha! Perlukah anda grumpy? Perlu kah anda snap kat people around you? Are you four?

Penatkan, kawin dengan lawyer? He he he!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Readers beware.

I am an extroverted introvert. When it comes to the blog I want people to read yet I malu. EEE malu tapi mauuuu you!

This morning I just told someone about this blog, in answer to his question- do you have a blog? But the minute I mentioned it my mind instantly flashed to all my inane comments and airhead ramblings he he ..I'm sure my credibility as a hard hitting lawyer will flyyyyyy out of the window eh?

But, if you want to know me, this IS me. I am like this. I hate taking things too seriously, and will try to look at the sunny side of things, even if there are none. hey I'm that woman who went through labour while forcing myself to remember how it felt to be in the warm warm waters of Redang what....At the same time I am very emotional....and will cry at the Biggest Loser's testimony of how losing all that weight made them feel (I do you know)...I will always have a shoulder to offer you, no matter how boring or small you think the problem is because I am such a kepochi he he- at the same time I am I think a capable lawyer, however ditsy I sound here.

But the one thing I am not, people....and the one thing I am forcing myself to be every day....is MICRO. Micro drives me insane....!! Which is why I need to work with micro experts.. he he

Ok then...just rambling again..if you are new- Welcome!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today Im rambling

1. Are you ready for Ramadhan? Im trying to rev up the stamina and discipline to start fasting from NOW to Ramadhan..can tak....

Everyday I postpone it..so bad kan.. Tomorrow ok tomorrow. Oh no, tomorrow got breakfast do, macamana? Monday?

2. So Azrinaz got divorced? When I heard that I thought - oh he must love her very much to release her from the mariage so she can be free to find another man to marry closer to her age. That's what I thought a second before I thought- why?? Word out there is she is very sombong and arrogant etc etc. The Bruneians think so..Probably felt intimidated and shy and it came out as arrogant and sombong. Heh? Or does he want to marry another person? But I thought he had only the 2? He can therefore marry another 2?

God why would anyone want more than 1 wife is beyond me. other than the other reason that only the Other Brain of the men would know lah. I suppose its acceptable if the first wife is a moron, or a nag, or a - eh I am rehashing an old topic, so let's quickly go on to a new one-

3. Eclipse is coming out! While I loved the books, I can't get excited lar- the New Moon pun I tak pass lagi. I wonder why. Could it be because I never took to Kristen as Bella? She seems so ..er...down all the time. But I sure hope she and Rob are going out! they look perfect together!

4. Nadine made a remark just now, that she is going to miss having the banjaran melawati tu in the background...memang lah lawa...so cooling je..But theone thing we are not , is attached to rumah..hence the ability to just up and go...but its going to be haaaaaaaaaaaaard...maybe once the house is ready we will be ready too!

Ok then ta for now...

Anything new with you?

Hi there...how are you...its allready thursday would you believe it?

NO idea what's happening to the world, have this feeling of running running v hard to just stay in one place, I am tempted to just move to somewhere remote and quiet...say Kundasang , having looked at the gorgeous pics put up by Kitchen Guardian! Let's all move there.

Have signed SPA to buy a property in Puchong. I know I know, I am forever getting lost in Puchong...apa hal lak I nak pindah puchong right? Plus everything I know is in Ampang. But the property is a single storey house in a big plot of land gak, and behind it is a bukit got hutan , so somemore land. Apa I nak buat with lots of land I pun tak tau. Buat kandang kambing? Fish pond? It's not that far (sobs!) - batu 9...belum masuk puchong betul lagi, kat luar taman kinara je...Nak duduk ampang but so mahal lar

The thing about signing SPA though, is you need the DEPOSIT to pass to the other side... tu susah sikit lah. Now lah the time to call orang yang beruutang dengan you ..he he..liat tol lak nak bayar...camana? when the one who shd pay is a friend, it becomes verrrrrrrrry sensitive. Takpa lah, if tak bayar after 2 times mintak tu kira give away lar....kalau tak fikir macam tu sendiri tension oit. Doa je lah that orang tu murah rezeki and sedar hutang dia...Or do I have any one I hutang to?? I tak ingat langsung!!

Ok lah got to go now have a good morning!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack and the Beanstalk

2 nights ago Daya and Jojo wanted me to tell them a bedtime story. I never did that on a regular basis and if I was a parent in US TV Land, I would fail as a parent. MY routine of putting them to sleep is basically to go to sleep myself and eeeeeeeveryone would follow. Why do you think I wake up at 3 in the morning to work ? It's because I zonk out at 9 !

Anyway...so Daya had me read a poem by Roald Dahl. Whereas Jojo didn't know what book he wanted me to read out of so he had me repeat that story I made up to him a while back..he he a variation of Jack and the bEanstalk

So I told him, there was this boy who lived with his mom and they lived out of selling the milk of their cow. So one day this cow mogok and refused to work and there was no more milk. so the mom decided to sell the cow and told Jack to go to the market to sell him. Jack wasn't having much luck however. The cow kept telling people who approached "Im very old so don't bother" which actually came out as "moo moo mooo" . So Jack stood around trying to sell the cow and everyone was closing up and he was about to go home and was thinking of how his mom was going to rotan him for not bringing back some money WHEN!!! This man approached and then asked to buy the cow! The man said however that he only had some beans....and Jack decided to let the cow go..The cow looked at his young master with big eyes and went " good bye master" - or rather "moo moo moomoo" .

At this point Johan had started to tear up so I had to quickly modify the story.

So the man took the cow away...and said "Moo moo moo Moo!!" . The cow was surprised because the man actually said "Hello Your majesty!" - It turned out that the Cow was Prince Cow from Cowland (i forgot that boy cows dont give milk) and the man was a COW disguised as a man and he had been looking for Prince Cow who had been charmed and kept prisoner and can only be freed if he is sold at a market!!

Baru dia senyum sikit ...mat leleh tol lah anak i tu

Anyway the story is evolving.. the mom is actually a witch who is using the cow's milk to keep herself young, Jack is the offspring of the bad bad witch and a mortal man who is missing in action.

He he...tomorrow Chapter 5 lah- Looking for the father of Jack. Aanyone who wants me to write stories for their kids, pls call me I feel a talent for merapuing coming on..he he he!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend is over...

Yah..tomorrow is Monday..sighhhhhhh......can i have another day to sleep in???

So what did you do over the weekend then?

My kids were mourning their last weekend free before start sekolah esok...

On Saturday hubby went to work and I had a workshop to attend so five very bored kids were left at home till about 3 pm to ruminate on what they have done over the weeks and also to start getting ready for school. I dah start dialogue about getting their stuff and doing their homework way way wayyy before thinking that they would be well prepared for school and no more last minute stuff.

So of course lah tonight Sunday baru nak beritau I pasal the fact that they don't have any pencil colours. And Johan cannot find his time table. And neither can dahlia. And no, I don't want to call your friends Jo. I don't have their number is one thing, it's so last minute is another. And what? you don't have Sains 3B??

Ada lagi nak kena beli buku? Johan and Daya ni are in cahoots with the bookshop I think, always asking us to get the 3B or 4B portion of books which we could have SWORN we had bought early in the year. You allz makan or what? Are you eating those books?? Meanwhile the little library (what we call that small room we dump stuff into) is groaning under the weight of all the misplaced 3B and 4B books.

Nadine finally had saw someone about her braces...she is very conscious of her teeth and totally unlike her mom who is dentistphobic (who somehow believes that that cratersized cavity will close itself) , she has been nagging me to take her to the dentist to PULL her TOOTH. She had 2 teeth pulled out and now has to go have her braces fitted in this friday. She was totally cool about it , I saw from between my fingers about 20 feet away.

Saturday we took them for dinner at TGIF and half the time the boys nganga tengok bola- foot ball for both dad adn son. Thank you God for giving me that son to keep my husband company. Otherwise he'd get lost in all our discussion about the best disposal methods of feminine stuff. Ha ha! After dinner we thought of going to karaoke but then there was a long WAITLIST! For superstarkaraok! So we left..kids were not that disappointed... I know, islamic students pi karaoke?? eh better with the family then with orang entah sapa sapa right....actually mak dia yang kemaruk nih....

Kids wanted to see Toystory..most tickets sold out - couple tickets included! Ada ke couple yang tengok show budak budak ni?? I thought it was a children's movie?? We'll try again next week when it's not so new.

Ok , ta!

Friday, June 18, 2010

ooohhh dear

I just bought 3 blouses, 2 tudung, one silk bajukurung, all in one hour and not leaving Ampwalk. For the 3 blouses and 2 tudung, not leaving the office siap. But the prices were tempting...tak dapat harga tu kalau kat kedai..Putri came and seperti biasa..selalu terjebak!! he he he! Check out her blog.

takpakan..bukan selalu pun i shopping...kan..and its cheaper than pavillion...and its cheaper than if i makan kat luar..or jalan....(apa hal rasa bersalah ni??) he he

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


THIS WOMAN IS A VERY BIG THIEF AND CON WOMAN. I want to pray for her to get a lot of uncurable itchy rash or something annoying but then I can't wish something bad right so here I am praying to God that she will return our money, and never do it again to other lawyers. My dear girl if you read this- boy you should never have messed with this firm. Plus you could have taken so much more, you idiot. There was so much more you MISSED.

And guys...spread the word. You can check out her FB account under her name (Drop the first name and dont leave out the apostrophe). She is one daring woman ok. Takpa...there is God and there will be retribution.

PS- and banks- please scrap the entire process of verifying with customers who issue cheques if you are not going to be bothered as to WHO is actually VERIFYING with you. Ada ke give me the statement- if the person in the letter of instruction (ie allowed to confirm) is not there, sometimes we confirm with the person who says they can help) HELLO, if I was FORGING a cheque and WAITING FOR YOU TO CONFIRM of COURSE I will tell you I can help right????? It's not rocket science!! Yes, you don't actually have to verify but if you have decided to, then do it properly laaaaaaaaaaahhh!! What is the value of a Bank who tells me they confirm cheques with a FICTITIOUS PERSON!!!! ARGHHH!!!

Malaysian Bar Council
No. 13, 15 & 17, Leboh Pasar Besar, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2031 3003 (Hunting Line) Fax: 03-2034 2825, 2026 1313, 2072 5818

Circular No 142/2010
Dated 26 May 2010
To all Members of the Malaysian Bar,
Beware of Conwoman
We refer to Circular No 076/2009, dated 19 March 2009, wherein we informed Members about reports of fraud lodged by legal firms against Noor Hafizah binti Shaa’ri (NRIC No 830610-10-5022).
Noor Hafizah will usually apply for a position in the Accounts Department. She will start by making telephone calls to clients asking for payment in cash. Once she receives a certain sum of money, she will then stop reporting to work and disappear.
The Bar Council recently received another complaint claiming that Noor Hafizah had forged a partner’s signature and withdrew large sums of money from a legal firm’s office and client’s accounts. It was reported that quite a few legal firms had fallen prey to this modus operandi.
Members are advised to exercise caution when hiring an individual who fits the particulars of this conwoman. A copy of her identity card is attached for your attention.
Thank you.
George Varughese
Bar Council

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Universal Studiooooooooooo review

What's up with the internet round my house lately. Like, since 4 weeks ago. they've got me switching the modem on and off and now they want me to go find the blue cable which I think have hidden itself somewhere. Mana lah I tau woit! And the reason I tak tau is because...I've installed like, a WIFI?? Hello?? and I may have just thrown away whatever wires there were.

Anyway thought I'd share with you some pics from Universal Studio. Doing my best to arrange it with the summary, if tak jadi just tengok je lah ye..Hope you can connect the pics to the summary. That is, IF the internet allows.

I think I mentioned that work kinda exploded early on, so I spent the first few 30 minutes or so talking on the phone until of course my phone blissfully died on me, and then you can see me smiling . Being the only adult there I had to go on the rides, overcoming my natural fear ok.

The first ride was the MADAGASCAR..kids went on the merry go round and mummy pun lah....

followed by the Far Far away ride, where you go on the dragon.
Mana queue , takda pun. I think the Singaporeans think sure ramai orang ,as it was the start of the school hols, so everyone stayed away how's that?? I must say the price is a bit exhorbitantly "takakata"!! Expensive meh. Tapi worth it lar since they gave us SGD10 voucher which took SGD30 from our food bill (and amazingly it was HALAL yayyyyY!!!!)

It started to rain halfway, first drizzling lah then TROPICAL RAINSTORM!!!

A bit of commentary on the rides:

The Far Far Away- one roller coaster and a carousel and a movie 3D experience (which I missed and sent the kids in by themselves - anyway dah tengok dah kat GoldCoast (wah that sounds so prattish kan) )

The Jurassic Park- that had a rapid water ride, BEST GILER and you are advised to basically wear a raincoat because apparently you will get drenched. ELEHHH takda puuunnnn..But you can totally get lost in the plot. You are in this round raft, and ,as you move,there are announcements being blared to warn you of the danger and of the fact that the dinosaurs had broken loose. You really get the feel of being in this tropical jungle with the big monsters loose and you really are in danger, takut gak. There are overturned trucks etc. There was one part where your boat or raft or whatever it is, suddenly went into a tunnel, everything got dark, and there was this t-rex trying to eat you from the hole on the roof. I know it's all plastic but I have a very good imagination and managed to scare myself.

It also had a canopy ride, which had the longest queue (45 mins).
It's basically a roller coaster ride with your legs dangling below. Tu je . Best gak naik rides ni, boleh jerit kuat kuat lepas tension. Ha ha

Then we went to the Ancient Egypt part. Masuk dalam dalam dalammm weaaaaaayyyyyyyy in, pusing pusing pusing...of course on the way there were exhibits and stuff to see. We followed this one lady in , it was a LONG walk to reach the top of the line. I think they expect a lONG LINE but like there were empty seats on our rides. Halfway there I saw the signs that this ride is superfast, involves going backward and forward, scary and got smoke. Aiyoo suspense lar...Johan dah taknak he was about to turn away except there was no way out but through the rides.

So we did go on..lupa nak amek gambar (tak leh pun) but basically you go through a scene from the er- movie of the same name.

Oh yeah, they give you lockers and half an hour free storage. Otherwise it's SGD2 per hour or something.

The Revenge of the M***my ride was AWESOME! I sat next to my 2 youngest, Daya and Jojo and the other lady whom we had been following sat with my other 3 kids.

After that we came out to TOTAL TROPICAL RAINSTORM. .it was by now, raining cats, dogs, and their girlfriends. We saw people walking with plastics over themselves and asked them where they got such cool rain wear?? Turns out every gift shop sell them. Hah!! Klever...

After spending SGD2 per plastic , we tried looking for food- tak halal tak halal tak halal, though Nadine read where they were halal. On the way there we saw people rushing to go see a show so we joined lah.

Do go to the WATERWORLD show!

It's a live show , involving lots of shootings, adventures, pirates, orang baling bom SAH TAK PAHAM sebab never watched the movie. And my 4 girls didn't enjoy it as much as the 1 boy did. World class show though.

Then we walked to the restaurant and everyone in the park had the same idea. We were one wet bedraggled group and there was NO Seat. Those who were allready seated took their time getting up . All of a sudden this woman we met at the Ancient egypt scare-the-pants- off- you ride, she waved to us and the sweet person that she was,she had seen us and had reserved a WHOLE booth for us. I brought back like 12 kaki ayam drumsticks and shared with her. She came from Cebu, Phillipines, and came alone , believe it or not. She would not take my offer of food but at the same time didn't go and order, claiming the queue was too long. In the end she ate with us jugak.

it's now a blur because we were getting tired...and were wet ...

We walked on and found Sci fi world I think.

Kids went on the ride above, very digital and with a computer voice over but essentially it' s a pening kepala headache inducing teapot ride...

Later we walked on to Holliwood and New York. All the familiar landmarks (so they say)we just went in wherever there was a line. Kiasu he he. So that was how we joined the Monster Rock show...and again it was really good. Matsalleh though , all of the actors. The concept was this normal guitar playing guy, wakes up Frankestein, Bride of Franky, Dracula, Mummy (woman) and Werewolf and then they all sing various songs. Really cool! And they're good singers too! Dracula even tried to tackle Bride of F by singing Wo Ai nie, which was appreciated by the Singaporeans (er the ones who speak Mandarin lah)

We went to Hollywood, and saw StevenSpielberg's Light Camera Action show, which is UNMISSABLE, people. Basically you are ushered into a room where SS says hi, im going to let you see a situation where we are going to pretend there is a hurricane class 4 or something. then we all went to another room, obviously a set, and there in front of you was this NEW YORK coastline, on the other side of the Lady of Liberty. The funny thing was it's life sized and as if I was actually there (I was in 2005) . You stand in a line, and you watch as the scene unfolds before you, which is of a barn- oh heck let's just link you guys:


(thanks to Bigbearsg)) We really really enjoyed that. It was too short, though.

Dahlah! Penat lah! So we took the shuttle bus back to the hotel, and got reunited with daddy.....

Overall- GO NOW. It's just as good as the OBESI one (overseas) ..he he he...it did not feel like in Asia at all.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Universal Studiooooooooooo Prequel

Got up reallly early today. Like at 3. Woke up kids at 6.30 , took them to breakfast buffet downstairs. Kids slightly better, now that they are older they know how to choose. Dulu when they were younger they just wanted a bowl of cereal and that was it. Nowadays they can go and get their muesli, then, their nasi lemak, and then their pancake with whipped cream and blueberries etc. As for halal we had made the chief guy take us around to see what we can eat. Anything that says chicken beef and pork were basically out. Dory fish was nice though.

Hubby was really sweet, he stayed back and missed the bus that would have taken the doctors to the NUHospital, just to have breakfast with us, I think this is because last night he went out for dinner with the doctors and came back when we were all snoring away so we didn't really get to see him. Also I think he wanted to make sure we packed everything properly, we had to pack and check out early, as we were going off to US and would not be back for check out. Yeah despite my assurances that I got everything he found Dahlia's watch under the bed (or somewhere obscure) and also some socks.

Then we boarded the bus to UStudioooo....I was on the phone at this time as something had exploded at work. Kids were in charge of the Nikon can you believe how distracted I was????

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

In Singapura

Hey there guys

So here I am in Singapore. Took kids to follow dad. ever since got here saw husband for grand total of 26 minutes I think he he. He went off to some workshop and we had the entire day to ourselves yesterday.

So what did we do. I had to work in the morning so am at the PC doing something that actually can wait except my client did n't think so. And the kids played in the room. About 2 we went out, shopping. However, after a few minutes of going into Robinsons, Girlz, Principals, M&S, the kids dah boring, dah taknak shopping. Semua dah ngantuk lah, nak gi toilet lah etc. What did catch their attention was the toy exhibition . Sophia sempat lagi gi toilet.

Plus I suppose the shopping mall attached to this hotel ni not so happening. It's called Raffles City something. Tengok tu I nak carik nama dia pun dah malas. But it feels like Pavi to me- full of barang mahal and nothing I can actually buy.Tak macam kalau pi Parkson- melambak nak beli. Kids really need jeans shirts etc. Johan dah takda baju.

Tapi that mall takda banyak choice, even in RObinsons. Yah, everything sale btw. If I was alone probably I can shop but today macam semua orang penat. Yelah, we arrived pun at 5 am. Left the house earlier but stopped so many times as dad was sleepy and would not let me drive Seriously I did want to.

So today is Universal studio. Plan nya nak pi pagi and take the shuttle. I got some cash but then I spent a LOT on the food ! We went to eat at this place called Out of the Pan and satu satu crepe/wafle etc was abt SGD22 etc . Anak I order tak hingat dunia so the bill came up to about SGD172 . Dapat je bill terus suruh dia tapau apa yang tak habis he he. Kalau tak macam sombong kan, tinggalje. Ye lah jugak the crepe/waffle BESAR so manalah nak habis but because so mahal PACK makan kat bilik ok. Waffle pun mahal mak oi.

Dad came back at about 6 pm and was surprised that we did not get on the MRT to Orchard Road etc. Dah semua orang nak malas malas...last last kita pergi swimming je. Pool was fantastic actually. Sara nyesal sbb tak bawak suit. I told her too she tak nak , she said she didn't know the pool was going to be that cool! Ada ke. Sophia lak tak leh swim for er- womanly reason. Nadine segan nak pakai her swimming suit walhal muslimah. So the 3 of the girls watched je lah adek dia orang ni swim. Dah lah Dahlia and Johan enjoy sakan. Buat jeles je. When I told them JOM kita pi makan dinner, kakak depa ni pun seronok dapat panggil adek dia naik.

Dinner was just at McD. I geram lah kat Singapore ni. Macam susah sangat ke dapat ayam daging halal. Kalau semua halal kenapa. pengsan ke? Ini orang ISlam macam pariah pulak, catu catu mana yang boleh makan. All fine dining is NOT halal. Concierge tu recommend lah itu ini. The minute I said Halal, dia blank. Last last dia kata BurgerK-PizzaHu- etc tu je yang halal. OI!!!! Kalau halal pun you allz yang tak Islam can makan gak kan. Ni dah 2010 orang melayu kat Sings tak bising ke?? Last last I makan McD je. Ada new menu tak pernah nampak- McWings. And takda bubur ayam, Nadine's fav. Buat kat rumah taknak, beli kat Mc D baru nak. Aparah anak anak I nih.

Anyway talk to you tomorrow. Dad in the other room (dapat 2 room) - Nadine and sara there too. I'm with my 2 youngest yang buat masa ini masih lagi nak peluk peluk mummy. Yang lain dah takndak dah. Cium mummy pun macam 1 microsecond je. Laga mulut dengan pipi I je nyaris tak terduduk punya lah cepat.

Ok byee

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