Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anything new with you?

Hi are you...its allready thursday would you believe it?

NO idea what's happening to the world, have this feeling of running running v hard to just stay in one place, I am tempted to just move to somewhere remote and quiet...say Kundasang , having looked at the gorgeous pics put up by Kitchen Guardian! Let's all move there.

Have signed SPA to buy a property in Puchong. I know I know, I am forever getting lost in Puchong...apa hal lak I nak pindah puchong right? Plus everything I know is in Ampang. But the property is a single storey house in a big plot of land gak, and behind it is a bukit got hutan , so somemore land. Apa I nak buat with lots of land I pun tak tau. Buat kandang kambing? Fish pond? It's not that far (sobs!) - batu 9...belum masuk puchong betul lagi, kat luar taman kinara je...Nak duduk ampang but so mahal lar

The thing about signing SPA though, is you need the DEPOSIT to pass to the other side... tu susah sikit lah. Now lah the time to call orang yang beruutang dengan you ..he he..liat tol lak nak bayar...camana? when the one who shd pay is a friend, it becomes verrrrrrrrry sensitive. Takpa lah, if tak bayar after 2 times mintak tu kira give away lar....kalau tak fikir macam tu sendiri tension oit. Doa je lah that orang tu murah rezeki and sedar hutang dia...Or do I have any one I hutang to?? I tak ingat langsung!!

Ok lah got to go now have a good morning!


Anonymous said...


Best laman luas2 ni, we went to Adenuar's house (Jab 's friend) in Kuantan and so big is his laman! Sian boleh buat football pitch and swimming pool and still ada space lagi.

I was once advised by 3 lawyers, never be a borrower nor a lender (unless it's a matter of life and death or from a bank la I suppose).


Royalshoppingarcade said...

nope kak shila.hutang dah langsai.heheh..unless if you like those telekungs..then ada hutang la lagi.hehehe..
bestkan beli rumah ada tanah.mmg ampang bestttttttttttttttt sgt and setiawangsa but they are sooo expensive!!!doa je kak shila, insyaAllah lembut hati org tu na bayar balik.i pun dok doa gak ni,adikberadik lagi la susah nak dpt balik.hehe..yela.diaorg pun takde duit gak kot.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah..wise advise indeed...

Adienuar duduk Kuantan ke?? Im planning to go this sunday - maybe can go and say hi!

Memanglah best space..tapi mana ada , kat KL ni kan?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Puteri- the telekungs are great but the small one is too small , so I will pass it to my friend's daughter..nanti i tt the account ok

apa nak buat abt the money..doa je lar..

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