Friday, June 25, 2010

New Readers beware.

I am an extroverted introvert. When it comes to the blog I want people to read yet I malu. EEE malu tapi mauuuu you!

This morning I just told someone about this blog, in answer to his question- do you have a blog? But the minute I mentioned it my mind instantly flashed to all my inane comments and airhead ramblings he he ..I'm sure my credibility as a hard hitting lawyer will flyyyyyy out of the window eh?

But, if you want to know me, this IS me. I am like this. I hate taking things too seriously, and will try to look at the sunny side of things, even if there are none. hey I'm that woman who went through labour while forcing myself to remember how it felt to be in the warm warm waters of Redang what....At the same time I am very emotional....and will cry at the Biggest Loser's testimony of how losing all that weight made them feel (I do you know)...I will always have a shoulder to offer you, no matter how boring or small you think the problem is because I am such a kepochi he he- at the same time I am I think a capable lawyer, however ditsy I sound here.

But the one thing I am not, people....and the one thing I am forcing myself to be every MICRO. Micro drives me insane....!! Which is why I need to work with micro experts.. he he

Ok then...just rambling again..if you are new- Welcome!

1 comment:

the principal said...


i tak kisah sgt bila org lain baca my blog but malu sgt bila my customers bg tau they know my school from my blog...same mcm u rasa. At the same time rasa happy coz rasa tak sia2 menulis

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