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Yesterday we went to SIL and BIL's house- He has a fantastic multimedia product that he and a few friends have developed and we were discussing taking it out onto the international platform . Sweet souls that they are they have not thought about what will happen when their product is ready. All that is, except the one woman in their team, who later told me she had been telling them from DAY 1 to think about what to do when everything's done. Men , eh. Anyway I really hope that their project takes off - as Malaysians we would be v proud of them nanti. Come to think of it, all those awards that our UKM graduates win internationally- what ever happened to their products ya? Nanti jadi macam mangosteen juice...tau tau dah ada product and it comes from blardie AMERICA.

Later on we had to rush for dinner- Sh*an and V*inodh from Singapore were in town and Prema organised a dinner at this place called R*u*m*ahku. Right in front of the UH. All the way there I was dozing off. Entah kenapa husband and I were both so flat....but sampai je terus jadi MOTORMOUTH. Ish ish ish...Met up with g*r*ace and sat*ish her husband , elee*n and her husband who I think said about 2 words throughout the dinner. These were my seniors at Uni and husband's batch mate. One of them, Thu&sh was my classmate and flatmate. Looking around, it was a melayu cina and india bunch- Very 1Malaysia - actually this has never been a big deal , sebelum the concept of 1 Malaysia came up, weren't you 1Malaysian-ing here there everywhere? It's just now you become conscious of it kan.

Food was southern Indian and sssssss very the pedassss!! I picked at it je..I kan mat sallehhhhhh he he he..nak kata I cina minah cina sebelah I wallap sedap je??

It was actually a fun night..haven't seen V and S for 20 years...they look the same. So unfair kan. We talked about kids mainly, where they basically appeared to be very good moms and discipline their kids and definitely not the mom who let the kids sleep in the same bed like us!

We went back to BIL's house about midnight,t o get our kids ..but was so tired, we ended up crashing there- thanks Zu and Epa!

Today we're off to clients for signing ..but at the same time I have booked a room at the Hyatt so we can lepak at the beach and look out to the sea and basically CHILLLLL....

Just got to wait for hubby to come back from OT...


1na said…
Salam sis,

out of topic...

Saya tunjuk profil imej akak kat
kawan sebelah meja saya nie. dia cakap pernah berurusan dgn akak awal tahun nie dan akak dtg opis kitaorg...

A'aarghh maknanya saya ada selisih dgn akak hari tu tapi tak perasan akak?!!

huaaaa Terlepas peluang jumpa akak... :P. Bila la boleh nak jumpa akak blogger sorang nie hehehehe

Back to the topic :

"Saya jumpa kawan yg 8 tahun tak jumpa dan soal siasat saya kenapa saya gemuk sangat :P"
ohhh sapa tu ye?? alamak kat mana i jumpa dia nihhh ..nak gak tau

datang je ke ampwalk ler dulu or gmail me!
LifeBloom said…
Have a happy jaunt at Kwantan nice...
dah balik dahhhhhh..huhu

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