Universal Studiooooooooooo Prequel

Got up reallly early today. Like at 3. Woke up kids at 6.30 , took them to breakfast buffet downstairs. Kids slightly better, now that they are older they know how to choose. Dulu when they were younger they just wanted a bowl of cereal and that was it. Nowadays they can go and get their muesli, then, their nasi lemak, and then their pancake with whipped cream and blueberries etc. As for halal we had made the chief guy take us around to see what we can eat. Anything that says chicken beef and pork were basically out. Dory fish was nice though.

Hubby was really sweet, he stayed back and missed the bus that would have taken the doctors to the NUHospital, just to have breakfast with us, I think this is because last night he went out for dinner with the doctors and came back when we were all snoring away so we didn't really get to see him. Also I think he wanted to make sure we packed everything properly, we had to pack and check out early, as we were going off to US and would not be back for check out. Yeah despite my assurances that I got everything he found Dahlia's watch under the bed (or somewhere obscure) and also some socks.

Then we boarded the bus to UStudioooo....I was on the phone at this time as something had exploded at work. Kids were in charge of the Nikon can you believe how distracted I was????


Anonymous said…
SW - Wow, u have taken your family to Universal Studio! I have not been there and probably will never go there. Because it very costly mah.......

I however, love to go to places like Sunway Lagoon, KLCC, KL Tower, Jalan Masjid India or jalan-jalan cari makan di KL or Malaysia. Will definitely want to go there again!

Anyway, this is what people say - You come to my place and I'll visit yours.

Rafiah for us Malaysians laaagi lah mahal kali 2 plus plus...pejam mata je lah sbb sekali sekala...u must go !
And Rafiah call me when you come lah can take you makan!
Ummie said…
drop me a message or mail me if you need assistance. I have my time in hand.
Nice to be in the U.S.
la..kak rafi kenal kak shila?
oo..now i geddit.u came to my shopping blog thru kak shila's blog ka?la..hehe..does this mean kena pay kak shila commission?hehe...
bestnya universal studio.pictures please!!
Hi Putri..bila laa hang nak collect duit hang nihhh.....

tapi kalau nak tolak comisshen boleh saja,

Kak rafi ni ke yang mengakibat kan sold out tu he he he!

Salam perkenalan...
hi kak shila.
you are one bz person!hehehe...susah nak catch u at the office.can I send my ceti tu collect by the name of leel?tx

yes..kak rafi was the one who bought almost everything.now tadak dah..dah tobat kot.hahaha..jgn marah kak rafi!

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