Sunday, June 13, 2010

Universal Studiooooooooooo review

What's up with the internet round my house lately. Like, since 4 weeks ago. they've got me switching the modem on and off and now they want me to go find the blue cable which I think have hidden itself somewhere. Mana lah I tau woit! And the reason I tak tau is because...I've installed like, a WIFI?? Hello?? and I may have just thrown away whatever wires there were.

Anyway thought I'd share with you some pics from Universal Studio. Doing my best to arrange it with the summary, if tak jadi just tengok je lah ye..Hope you can connect the pics to the summary. That is, IF the internet allows.

I think I mentioned that work kinda exploded early on, so I spent the first few 30 minutes or so talking on the phone until of course my phone blissfully died on me, and then you can see me smiling . Being the only adult there I had to go on the rides, overcoming my natural fear ok.

The first ride was the went on the merry go round and mummy pun lah....

followed by the Far Far away ride, where you go on the dragon.
Mana queue , takda pun. I think the Singaporeans think sure ramai orang ,as it was the start of the school hols, so everyone stayed away how's that?? I must say the price is a bit exhorbitantly "takakata"!! Expensive meh. Tapi worth it lar since they gave us SGD10 voucher which took SGD30 from our food bill (and amazingly it was HALAL yayyyyY!!!!)

It started to rain halfway, first drizzling lah then TROPICAL RAINSTORM!!!

A bit of commentary on the rides:

The Far Far Away- one roller coaster and a carousel and a movie 3D experience (which I missed and sent the kids in by themselves - anyway dah tengok dah kat GoldCoast (wah that sounds so prattish kan) )

The Jurassic Park- that had a rapid water ride, BEST GILER and you are advised to basically wear a raincoat because apparently you will get drenched. ELEHHH takda puuunnnn..But you can totally get lost in the plot. You are in this round raft, and ,as you move,there are announcements being blared to warn you of the danger and of the fact that the dinosaurs had broken loose. You really get the feel of being in this tropical jungle with the big monsters loose and you really are in danger, takut gak. There are overturned trucks etc. There was one part where your boat or raft or whatever it is, suddenly went into a tunnel, everything got dark, and there was this t-rex trying to eat you from the hole on the roof. I know it's all plastic but I have a very good imagination and managed to scare myself.

It also had a canopy ride, which had the longest queue (45 mins).
It's basically a roller coaster ride with your legs dangling below. Tu je . Best gak naik rides ni, boleh jerit kuat kuat lepas tension. Ha ha

Then we went to the Ancient Egypt part. Masuk dalam dalam dalammm weaaaaaayyyyyyyy in, pusing pusing pusing...of course on the way there were exhibits and stuff to see. We followed this one lady in , it was a LONG walk to reach the top of the line. I think they expect a lONG LINE but like there were empty seats on our rides. Halfway there I saw the signs that this ride is superfast, involves going backward and forward, scary and got smoke. Aiyoo suspense lar...Johan dah taknak he was about to turn away except there was no way out but through the rides.

So we did go on..lupa nak amek gambar (tak leh pun) but basically you go through a scene from the er- movie of the same name.

Oh yeah, they give you lockers and half an hour free storage. Otherwise it's SGD2 per hour or something.

The Revenge of the M***my ride was AWESOME! I sat next to my 2 youngest, Daya and Jojo and the other lady whom we had been following sat with my other 3 kids.

After that we came out to TOTAL TROPICAL RAINSTORM. .it was by now, raining cats, dogs, and their girlfriends. We saw people walking with plastics over themselves and asked them where they got such cool rain wear?? Turns out every gift shop sell them. Hah!! Klever...

After spending SGD2 per plastic , we tried looking for food- tak halal tak halal tak halal, though Nadine read where they were halal. On the way there we saw people rushing to go see a show so we joined lah.

Do go to the WATERWORLD show!

It's a live show , involving lots of shootings, adventures, pirates, orang baling bom SAH TAK PAHAM sebab never watched the movie. And my 4 girls didn't enjoy it as much as the 1 boy did. World class show though.

Then we walked to the restaurant and everyone in the park had the same idea. We were one wet bedraggled group and there was NO Seat. Those who were allready seated took their time getting up . All of a sudden this woman we met at the Ancient egypt scare-the-pants- off- you ride, she waved to us and the sweet person that she was,she had seen us and had reserved a WHOLE booth for us. I brought back like 12 kaki ayam drumsticks and shared with her. She came from Cebu, Phillipines, and came alone , believe it or not. She would not take my offer of food but at the same time didn't go and order, claiming the queue was too long. In the end she ate with us jugak.

it's now a blur because we were getting tired...and were wet ...

We walked on and found Sci fi world I think.

Kids went on the ride above, very digital and with a computer voice over but essentially it' s a pening kepala headache inducing teapot ride...

Later we walked on to Holliwood and New York. All the familiar landmarks (so they say)we just went in wherever there was a line. Kiasu he he. So that was how we joined the Monster Rock show...and again it was really good. Matsalleh though , all of the actors. The concept was this normal guitar playing guy, wakes up Frankestein, Bride of Franky, Dracula, Mummy (woman) and Werewolf and then they all sing various songs. Really cool! And they're good singers too! Dracula even tried to tackle Bride of F by singing Wo Ai nie, which was appreciated by the Singaporeans (er the ones who speak Mandarin lah)

We went to Hollywood, and saw StevenSpielberg's Light Camera Action show, which is UNMISSABLE, people. Basically you are ushered into a room where SS says hi, im going to let you see a situation where we are going to pretend there is a hurricane class 4 or something. then we all went to another room, obviously a set, and there in front of you was this NEW YORK coastline, on the other side of the Lady of Liberty. The funny thing was it's life sized and as if I was actually there (I was in 2005) . You stand in a line, and you watch as the scene unfolds before you, which is of a barn- oh heck let's just link you guys:

(thanks to Bigbearsg)) We really really enjoyed that. It was too short, though.

Dahlah! Penat lah! So we took the shuttle bus back to the hotel, and got reunited with daddy.....

Overall- GO NOW. It's just as good as the OBESI one (overseas) ..he he did not feel like in Asia at all.



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BESTNYA!!!Sure my 3ds would love it!ala..bila nka ada ongkos ni...

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SW, satu hari tak cukup! Anyway, the Oasis restaurant kat area Egypt tu halal. Next time pi makan kat situ, ok?

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