Friday, July 30, 2010


Its been so long eh?I've gone to Phuket and come back, gone to Alor Star and back, had my ten minutes presentation of the firm and now im finally breathing a sigh of relief as it is friday and I ...have TONNES OF WORK MORE TO DO!! I must be very inefficient!!

Soo the Phuket holiday..was AWESOMEEE!!!
This to me is what a beach holiday is about! While my husband was nowhere to be seen , snorkelling to his heart's content at Kai Island, I snored the 1 hour 40 mins that we were there for...bliss...(buku jepun tak tinggal tu)
Anywayy.I make very bad AmazingRace contestant. I would not rest until we get on the plane. I checked in luggage that was only slightly heavy, otherwise I would be forever worried about it. I dragged husband to the departure lounge even though we have a full hour to depart. And it was to leave at 7.15 am! I was on the plane FIRST. And THEN i ordered nasi briani and nasi ayam, and then I ZONKED OUT! The night before I finished some work, a 19 page advice (well it FELT like 19!) that took me to 1.20 am..which serves me right because I am such a bad time management person...

Once we got there we turned away so many cab companies, confidently telling everyone we had some one taking us...this lady turned up and she spoke Malay! Fantastic. She whisked us in and then without further ado...took us to...the Pearl factory . Haiyaaa...I was in the TIDOR mood rather than look at pearl mood but then never mind, at least we could use the toilet. Ha ha. Then we went to the GEM FACTORY. Again, we were the first in the shop. Again, we left without buying and I was wondering how to tell her politely that we want to go to the hotel directly please..but she is such an infectiously pleasant person that we went along with her and landed in the elephant ride park, and then SPA, and then lunch...

The elephant ride!! Was one hour long...and the elephant is made to carry us 2 v heavy people in a chair thing around the kampung. I saw the kampung where the families of the staff (?) stayed - some had no walls!! And v v basic..the guy who was "driving" the elephant would also ocassionally scratch the nearby rubber tree, and expect us to gasp to see the milk come if I've never seen rubber milk..(I've never seen actually he he so I was suitably impressed). Finally the one hour v long ride ended, and then to the SPA...which was not cheap at RM280 per hour but was SO SO WORTH IT! I was actually SNORING AWAY while the lady pummelled away with about 10 litres of oil (felt like it) ,before dumping me at the changing room. I managed to sneak into the HOT JACUZZI and the WARM SALT BATH wooooottt so nice..I was soon chased out lar since that involves extra payment!

The tour guide sebok laaa suruh my husband pi massage..mula mula I said ok, subject to them finding a man, or a BLIND or OLD WOMAN MASSEUSE. Ha ha ha the end my other half who in the first place did not want to go massage massage, went to the SHOOTING RANGE by himself! And he had a gala time scoring almost ALL BULLS EYE!

(See , together but not together)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh dear

What do you get when you cross an impulsive shopper and someone who is unable to say no??


And who do you think is going to get into trouble with the joint account partner for buying some damn expensive antiaging treatment??

NOT me, because this time round I am gonna use MY account! Phew! Thank goodness office pays my salary into another account is what me thinks. Joint account is great when you are ok but NOT great when you have to hide that humongous expenditure from the husband!

That WAS the strategy hide from husband..tapi tengok je muka dia petang tadi..the first thing I did was tell him- er honey. Nice tak my face?? I just had a very expensive spa treatment for the face. Its called AGELOC bla bla bla...He said I look better than a lot of people, do I know that??

Just wish he had said that before this lady came to see me..She's so nice,. and she showed me her hands, one she used the thing on, the other no, so the one she has been using the cream etc on, looks baby-like believe me. and the other one- looked like mine i said ok lah! so lembik

And now comes the justification part- i dont buy expensive handbags , i dont buy new clothes too often....bla I deserve this right...again- ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH

this is not so bad, except I have also bought tickets for 2 to Phuket this weekend...MAS punya hal lah, hantar lagi email bodoh flights lah apa lah. My justification is that the husband has not had a holiday where he would not be thinking about patients etc , for the very long why not take my poor tired distracted busy other half you see, it's not about me at ALL! he he he!

After this. I gotta surrender my card (baru 1!) . I am not a shopaholic. But when I click "ACCEPT" - my husband shudders! he he he

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manners![this is a rant]

Last Tuesday I got an sms from the Teacher asking me if I mind hosting 2 kids from bandung, on an exchange programme here in Malaysia. Ok lah.. I said I am more than happy to!

So they came back home with my children. I imagine 2 kids who will , for this one short week, be part of my family, maybe we can take them out to dinner or what. They would be about 12 - just nice for my kids.

When I came home they were in the room. That was about maghrib. They had their dinner allready and had "retired" to their room. I knocked and met them officially and asked about them..etc etc. Seems nice, very sweet girls who speak so so softly.

So I know that one of them is the daughter of a lawyer, the other one's dad is an architect. They go to this private islamic international school in bandung. Apparently they have paid `16 million rupiah to come over on this programme, and so far they have been to Melaka, KLCC, etc.

Ok lah so far. I thought it was a bit odd that they always are in the room. I never get to see them at ALL and they don't watch TV or try to talk to my kids at ALL. I thought maybe we are too western for them or what. Daya said maybe they are reading the Quran in their room. And here we are watching Spongebob squarepants.

Yesterday they had a programme to Janda Baik. They called us to say they were coming home at 10.30 pm. Then, the teacher said it'll be at 11.30 malam . Do you know what time they finally turned up? 12.20 am. Adake patut! Come on lah, you are staying at someone's house, you should show them some courtesy kan

And this morning, I found out from Nadine that they had a free day so we thought maybe we can take them to see a movie or something. At 10 they were still in the room. Kat luar ni dah kecoh cause daddy bought the Wii and the kids dah excited trying it out. Come out lah kan, to see what is the commotion,at least say good morning auntie and uncle. Husband asked me 3 times to call them to have breakfast. Daya tried knocking the door to get her clothes (They're in Daya and Sophia's room) . They had locked the door. I called them and they opened the door a teeny bit and I said go down for breakfast.

Ini, pukul 10.30 they came out. All dressed and asking me if I can call them a cab. Eh For what lah?? They have to go to pasar seni they said. EH ?? NO blinking way lah kan am I going to put you in a cab. You are 12, my dear! So anyway I said where do I send you? And they said MONORAIL Station. Which one? They don't know. I mean, they may be rich but they don't have much common sense do they?? I asked for their teacher's number and called one of them and asked where the heck are these girls supposed to go today. Apparently they were supposed to go to Jelatek LRT. I said when? 10.30 am. What the hey lah kan. Are you in a hotel? IS this a hotel for you? Why can't either the teacher OR the girls tell me or my husband (esp last night when my husband got them at 12.20 am) that today ada programme, uncle, would you mind v much to send me to so and so place?

Sorry I am turning this into a rant but I feel offended that there is no courtesy shown to the host family , you know? Takyah lah bother hosting these children then, buat dosa je mengumpat. Its called hosting not lodging. I think the girls pun should know better, this is not your school, where you can sit in the room, come out when hungry or thirsty, and go i n or out as you please. I told the teacher, I am a parent of five children I will NOT leave them at the LRT just like that. I will wait until their teacher is here. We take this hosting responsibility SERIOUSLY damn it. Diam sekejap the teacher (Indon btw) Ada ke dia kata theywill call me when they have finished at Pasar Seni

And you know this morning I asked them why did you come back so late yesterday? Janda Baik best tak? They said they did not go to Janda Baik! I asked them where did you go? They didnt know the name of the place. I dont mind that as long as they have their teacher. But at least ACKNOWLEDGE lah the host family kan kan kan???

Heeeeeeeeeeee....kering darah!

Friday, July 16, 2010


My subconscious is telling me I need to spend more time with the kids. Otherwise why would i be having a dream where my Daya got shot lah, my Sara went missing in the jungle lah, my Johan ran away lah?? I think its God telling me that they are growing up and growing up fast...and I better not miss it

And Nadine..I know you are growing and remember you dont want to be a bratty teen? The type that sulks etc etc?? The one that throws tantrums etc? Well...u better hang on to that ! Cause mummy can see some stormy seas ahead..!

Ok byee mwah macam emosional sikit sikit nak nangis. apahal ntah

Monday, July 12, 2010

CLOSURE!! (this is a looooong one)

This post has been ahem..removed.. kalau nak baca kena request. Its all about how I met my old friend whom I first got to know when I was 15 and around the age of 20 the relationship turned romantic - unfortunately it was all on his side but I gave it my best shot considering that i didnt have any other option and other ppl were getting valentine cards so i pun nak...but when my husband tackle I said babai and I told him babai and there was no communication UNTIL !!! I bumped into him at the hospital ! What a shocker! I asked him bla bla bla how are you bla bla bla hows your kids bla bla and by the way how come we stopped communicating? Weren't we close?? He gaped at me he he But later on in his slightly superior way via fb later he said that we were "young" bla bla. Anyway yah the original post is a LOT LOT longer than this but there is a verrrryy good chance that this would reach him so im removing it from the web! (its on harddrive though ha ha ha)

The weekend

World cup fever is over! I stayed up as well...because i had a lot of "homework" to do. 2 down, 14 more to go...

Anyway apparently the match was so - so. Hubby is going to be a zombie today because he had basically not gone to sleep. He loves to download stuff as do I, but unlike me, he would actually read them (what a rebel eh!) he he so he was up all night basically.

Kids are now trying their very best to get up and get ready. I've allready got a request from 2 of them to cut class. Boy I know how you feel babe! Monday blues...

So it was a very eventful weekend for Nadine. My first born is suddenly a member of the debating team of Adni. Apparently this team was hastily assembled one week before the International Interschool debating competition. Held at Hotel Putra it saw the participation of schools like AlamShah, MCKK, SriAishah etc and my little Nadine omellion....! The school sponsored the kids' 4 days 3 nights stay there. Why so many nights, I asked my never before separated daughter. Apparently ada workshop lah, trial lah etc,. Well she was so excited to be able to go somewhere without us that she would have gone no matter what. Lepas kan lah kan..(NO!)

Anwayyyy her first day was the same day I got that backache and her dad sent her straight to the hotel. She called me once to find out how I was and that was it. The next I heard from her was on Day 3 when the teacher told me to come NOW since she was about to go on against MCKK. Gee thanks for the short notice teacher! I tried gaklah and about 3 managed to go sans daddy and with the whole brood (fresh from movie) - Nadine's Team 2 didn't make it but the teacher waxed lyrical lah about her ..apparently pandai debate best speaker lah...he he so proud of her.

I watched the Adni (Team 1)-SriAishah competition for a place in the finals- motion was Should vegetarianism be subsidised. Neither teams touched on vegetarianism and neither displayed understanding on the topic, so they concentrated on effects of subsidising . Anyway i thought that both teams needed polish but I was more impressed with Adni because this was their very first debate, and secondly, they were up against last year's champion.

I was telling the teacher that everyone needs debating skills and you need to train the kids to (a) think analytically, (b) make points out of nothing at all (c) read a LOT and (d) cut out the fillers and appear confident!

That (b) point is how politicians do it , after all..hehehehe

So convincing was I that they now want me on their committee to train ha ha !

So the results came out and Adni lost 3 : 2. So the teachers did not feel the result was fair and lodged an official complaint. I tengok judges pun..alahai are they qualified?? The other teams said vegetable is fattening. Come on that cant be right. Aaanyway I told Nadine, the other rule is to learn to lose graciously...although DO put up a fight lah.

It was a good exposure lah. Siblings missed her and said if she was away at boarding school this must be how it would feel. All throughout the movie they kept telling each other to tell Nadine it was a boring movie and they were counting how many movies they have seen without nadine. This is what I want actually, that they dont feel right without one in their group ha ha ha. But at the same time must be independent lah kan..

So nadine came home semalam with daddy..mommy was housebound after one whole day out kan, from movielah, to hotel putra lah..back terus seize up and I jadi the waddling ducky again ha ha. Today hubby insisted nak hangkut pi doctor..buat apa...he is just going to find out that the ubat he gave me last time I dah campak mana dah...macam mana nak temberang....

Ok better go wake dad up...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


do not take your back for granted~!

I have just spent 2 days incapacitated.. 2 days ago, i got up from bed and tried to sit up and tried to stand up and NGAPPP!!! i pulled something in my back and I fell back onto the bed. This was at around 6 plus a.m

And then, horrors upon horrors- I COULD NOT MOVE.

Seriously, I was in bed, lying in an awkward angle. Calling for the hubby and Nadine , to move me. They did try , but every move they made would cause me to cry out in pain. The pain was concentrated on the middle lower back..where the spine meets the hips I guess. Did you know that when you lift your legs that you use that muscle?? I never knew that.. Could not even roll!! They finally moved me to a comfy position- This, was at 8 am. So imagine about 1 and a half hour lah trying to move me ..nyaris bapak dia belakang tak jam. Macam moving a stranded whale! Nadine was giggling all the way cause it was so funny to watch! It was, rather.

Anyway suddenly I needed the toilet...! Aiyooo another problem.... nak tarik I bangun, when I try to sit up and reach the angle where the back is straight, wooiiitttt sakit. So how. Last last take pain killer which eased it a bit and I hung on the dad's neck and was dragged to the toilet and had the humiliating experience of having someone help me pee. I totally refused to be cleaned though and shut the door to attend to that myself!!! Nasib baiklah husband I doktor...he's seen much worse. (although now I have to glam myself up 2000 percent to remove the image of me so like a ikan paus beached! ha ha!)

Why did I set it all out in full detail for you?? Just to give you an idea of what HELL it was not to be able to move!

While the painkiller worked a bit I managed to move to the couch, and had my pc and my bb near so can at least do work (or FB ha ha) . I was quite comfortable until I accidentally move. Then it was hot branding pain all over again.

Mom and Dad came and they were sooo sweet...brought me FOOD and also took me to the toilet. I crawled on all fours , discovering that if I do that i take the pressure off my back and it doesn't hurt so much . Mom helped me the rest of theway. Kinda ironic that my 60 plus year old parents are tending to their 40 plus daughter. I thought it would be the other way round.

Malam merangkak to the bedroom again. Pain was not as bad as the morning in the sense that I can now roll. The next morning I found I could move! Fantastic!! I could actually walk!! But the minute I put my foot down the wrong way- aiyooo pain shot up all the way to the bum..So I had to walk with my hips pushed forward and waddle left to right much like a penguin. Have to walk gingerly lah.

Must say that my maid's been really great pulak..she kept sending up drinks lah, biscuit lah so I may be the only invalid that actually gained weight. She tried to massage me but her fingers were so bony it actually caused me MORE pain although she insisted she was being gentle.

So today, Day 3 I am PAINFREE !!! I no longer waddle although that left side of my hips still terasa sengal and I still walk slowly! PHeeeeeewwww!!!

Im wondering why did I get this...I did fall rather badly on my buttocks when I was pregnant with Sara - I was 8 months pregnant I think and I was in wales and at a car boot sales, and I slipped on the pebbled surface and BONK , landed on the bum. I never gave it much thought but then when I was being massaged by the makcik urut after delivering Johan suddenly I could not move...and she asked me did I ever fall. Everyone asks me that .

Whatever it is, face it , we are getting older..and parts are wearing down....dont postpone things you want to do, the first thing I thought when I couldn't move was -alamak what if this was permanent? I haven't done this that and the other yet!! grateful for our ability to move and our painfree existence!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quick update on Kids

The girls finally had their proper attire for the horseback riding. After dragging our feet for oh about 6 months, dad finally went and bought the things. Cikgu was so keen to start this sport up since our esteemed prophet practised it, that she waived the hefty fees that went along with it for as long as she could. So now she can't because the kids have gotten to the second stage. The "actually riding a horse" stage. The first stage , from their reports, was the "clean the horse up for free" stage. They really really love it and if they had their way both their parents would be there to applaud their everymove.

Alahai kenit nye gambar.....

I was looking for a pic of a football pitch..not the stadium type, but rather the backyard type . Johan wanted to play football and the dad said let's hire you a futsal hall . He made up a face and said he wanted to play on the field. Which got me searching for one- where in Melawati?? The beautiful field that used to be the feeding ground for a horse is now a beautiful masjid. But how come they didn't replace it with another ye? So now Im still searching.

On the topic of sports, how does Archery sound? Kids loved it when we tried it in Frasers Hill. Sapa nak join??

I dont know, are we doing too much ? The only thing they are in are the horseriding thing, the swimming (for johan only now), the takwondo, and the IT and media club. They got this cool karam singh wal*ia style jacket so everyone wants to join now. It says MEDIA at the back (or does it, can't remember exact word DAMN YOU MEMORY!!)

Nadine is in her PMR year, and I really hope she does well. She seems to think she is ok. I think she is being lulled into a false sense of security cause she is not comparing self with national standards. However, I have to remind self not to be too pressured or pressure her about the As as we want her to be a holistic person and on that note will send her to join the tahfiz programme. If she can carry it lar. Memorising the quran can't be a bad idea right?

Ok ok bye bye !

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

networking gala

I met so many people last week. Remember the networking thing I told you I joined? There was an international conference BNI KL 10 they call it. They had it in MandarinOriental. ehhh- so so je lah if you ask me about the hotel. The conference was great! Everyone was so into everything! People from Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc all came. And most networked like mad!

If you have a product or service you want a lot of people to know about, come join this! you cannot afford not to. My god I have never seen a group that is so dedicated to HELPING Others! They'd smile at total strangers , totally believing them to be trustworthy because if you are in BNI you must surely have been vetted by your "chapter" (what they call group) right?

And then you start a conversation with the same total stranger and then you actually find out what they DO and then this is the beautiful part- you actually get to tell them who you are looking for to give you the business! And if they know the person you are looking for, they WILL GIVE YOU THAT REFERRAL! and you do the same for them! I mean, how many social groups do you belong to- from primary school, secondary school, uni, work etc...I'm sure a lot of them can help you by eg giving you the contract, or the connection..yet some of them DON'T- for various reasons- they don't want to be seen to help their relatives, for one. In case of accusation of kickbacks, I think. Or they don't want you to know them professionally- or simply they don't trust your work. So lots of reasons. But here these people are actually going into this with the mindset of - how can I give you more bizness?

Which is great! And you're not talking about "cikai" or small potatoes- there was this lawyer from HongKong. And also owners of multi million dollar industries who came because really, BNI gave them 75% of their business..

I am NOT promoting BNI ...but I just think its nice when people help each other. Givers gain , is their motto. I have had people referring work or people who may be interested to get our work , to us.

Your friend here, went, planning to give this very cool lawyer image and ended up chatting with anyone who gave her time. I really enjoyed meeting people from India lah, Vietnam lah, Australia lah...and the speakers all were v inspirational- all giving one message - DONT BE LAZY! and you know...the Malays form about oh...10% je of the attendees..come on guys! Dont be afraid we can also compete! I want to see an equal representation in business world...takkan Indian and Chinese je know what the worth know its not easy...every Friday morning have to leave the house to reach the place of meeting by 6.30. AM. And then must go "dance" ie get to know their business. And then must do a 60secs sales presentation of yr bzness, ie what you are looking for, and then must help each other find To me, that is the most pressure of find business for to recommend? But the one thing is..if you want to order something order from someone in BNI because purely, they have been vetted and there is an avenue of complaint for you. Ie, you can complain to the president. And then they can be warned, or given a letter .

For example, I recommended someone and he did a bad job. I am going to have a talk to him about it...and basically tell him of my friend's disatisfaction ...I am sure he knows that I know by now...

So yeah, I was at this conference, and I met lots of people, and collected cards...however the most important thing is I met friends..and if there is that multimilion dollar deal out there for the Firm- why not eh!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Precious Moments

So how are you and how was your weekend?

The girls had a "Precious Moments with Mother" concert tadi. The concept was daughter bonding with their moms. I bought seats for me and the girls and Johan was left with daddy (they went off to someone's bday party).

It was ok lah! GOod concept although not so mummy and daughter like in parts it felt more like a concert by the girls- they need an avenue where they can dance etc. Some of them took off their headscarf as this was a girls only event and there were supposed to be no men. Even the staff of Depalma were all women that day.

It started with a "guess the cost of the hamper" competition, and my kids all entered lah. The hamper had a box of Julie's bizcuit, twisties packet , milo packets, and generally small items like that. Sophia said it was RM115.90 - Dahlia bagi chan la..she put RM17. I put it at RM79.. in the end it was RM65- oklaaa kan..

After the doa recitation in English and Arabic (which I think EVERY FUNCTION with non malays attending should have) the performances started. With one girl playing the guitar, first one girl had a solo, then a couple of duets act came on---the girls were so shy!! Their voices were sooo low and they looked down and they were so giggly and embarrassed. I think this is due to lack of practice. My daugthers sang too- Nadine and sara. And boy were they NOT shy. No problem there! Nadine siap suruh sing along lagi hah - the song was Que Sera Sera..Pagi tu I dah marah dah sebab one hour before baru nak mintak i DOWNLOAD the song! Which in the end they can't play at the concert.

Sophia and I entered the mom and daughter look alike competition but in the end pulled out because you have to do a "move/presentation" and everytime i suggested a "move" that we could do, she pulled a face macam malu so in the end I said I m not pushing her so we sat down. There were a couple that were really identical clones.

And then there was a fitness challenge where about 30 girls started aerobics with the instructor, a 57 year old grandmother who was also the main organiser of the event. I pun joined and the winner would be the ones still standing after 30 mins. Amazingly Sara and Nadine lasted for a while,although now sara dah takda suara and complain sakit tekak. Then there was a break for Zohor and a demo about beauty products. Sophia volunteered herself for a demo and I excused myself for Solat... and got talking to Ustazah Zaiton about tahfiz - now im sending 3 kids for tahfiz starting tomorrow. While I was talking to Ustazah Zaiton the girls kept coming out..apparently the lady (Mandy) was looking for the mother of Sophia to promote the thing.Its called Purital or something I never heard of it and nooo way was I going to buy skin care for 11 years old. BUT! She had fun, Sophia did.

It went on to about 5 pm ..ada treasure hunt --which of course Dahlia menang part of it (ada series of 6 items to be found) - All in all--- a good day!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...