Saturday, July 10, 2010


do not take your back for granted~!

I have just spent 2 days incapacitated.. 2 days ago, i got up from bed and tried to sit up and tried to stand up and NGAPPP!!! i pulled something in my back and I fell back onto the bed. This was at around 6 plus a.m

And then, horrors upon horrors- I COULD NOT MOVE.

Seriously, I was in bed, lying in an awkward angle. Calling for the hubby and Nadine , to move me. They did try , but every move they made would cause me to cry out in pain. The pain was concentrated on the middle lower back..where the spine meets the hips I guess. Did you know that when you lift your legs that you use that muscle?? I never knew that.. Could not even roll!! They finally moved me to a comfy position- This, was at 8 am. So imagine about 1 and a half hour lah trying to move me ..nyaris bapak dia belakang tak jam. Macam moving a stranded whale! Nadine was giggling all the way cause it was so funny to watch! It was, rather.

Anyway suddenly I needed the toilet...! Aiyooo another problem.... nak tarik I bangun, when I try to sit up and reach the angle where the back is straight, wooiiitttt sakit. So how. Last last take pain killer which eased it a bit and I hung on the dad's neck and was dragged to the toilet and had the humiliating experience of having someone help me pee. I totally refused to be cleaned though and shut the door to attend to that myself!!! Nasib baiklah husband I doktor...he's seen much worse. (although now I have to glam myself up 2000 percent to remove the image of me so like a ikan paus beached! ha ha!)

Why did I set it all out in full detail for you?? Just to give you an idea of what HELL it was not to be able to move!

While the painkiller worked a bit I managed to move to the couch, and had my pc and my bb near so can at least do work (or FB ha ha) . I was quite comfortable until I accidentally move. Then it was hot branding pain all over again.

Mom and Dad came and they were sooo sweet...brought me FOOD and also took me to the toilet. I crawled on all fours , discovering that if I do that i take the pressure off my back and it doesn't hurt so much . Mom helped me the rest of theway. Kinda ironic that my 60 plus year old parents are tending to their 40 plus daughter. I thought it would be the other way round.

Malam merangkak to the bedroom again. Pain was not as bad as the morning in the sense that I can now roll. The next morning I found I could move! Fantastic!! I could actually walk!! But the minute I put my foot down the wrong way- aiyooo pain shot up all the way to the bum..So I had to walk with my hips pushed forward and waddle left to right much like a penguin. Have to walk gingerly lah.

Must say that my maid's been really great pulak..she kept sending up drinks lah, biscuit lah so I may be the only invalid that actually gained weight. She tried to massage me but her fingers were so bony it actually caused me MORE pain although she insisted she was being gentle.

So today, Day 3 I am PAINFREE !!! I no longer waddle although that left side of my hips still terasa sengal and I still walk slowly! PHeeeeeewwww!!!

Im wondering why did I get this...I did fall rather badly on my buttocks when I was pregnant with Sara - I was 8 months pregnant I think and I was in wales and at a car boot sales, and I slipped on the pebbled surface and BONK , landed on the bum. I never gave it much thought but then when I was being massaged by the makcik urut after delivering Johan suddenly I could not move...and she asked me did I ever fall. Everyone asks me that .

Whatever it is, face it , we are getting older..and parts are wearing down....dont postpone things you want to do, the first thing I thought when I couldn't move was -alamak what if this was permanent? I haven't done this that and the other yet!! grateful for our ability to move and our painfree existence!


kay_leeda said...

Oh dear...can't imagine how you must have felt. Sakitnya tu!!!!

Hai...dah 40++ ni, macam-macam sakit yg dapat rasa. Tell me about it...

Glad you are feeling better. Slowly get back into the action yah :)

Lan0stZz said...

Oh my kak long, get well soon!!!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Take care ... I have mild slipped disc so I know how painful it could get....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kay, thanks for your concern yah, it really helped me a lot! Ya..trying to take it slowly i think the body is telling you you aint as young as before !

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lana.. thanks !! take care of your back now, and dont bend!

Superwomanwannabe said... kena slipped disc?? can baik tak???

LifeBloom said...

Alhamdullilah dear...glad to hear that you're mobile..and it may have had to do with the fall kot...dah age ni...mcm2x. I had a similar trauma experience caused by a kidney stone - af first thot was slipped disc and cannot MOVE - it was SO painful ..I shouted at the top of my lungs just to "legakan" myself whilst the stone "grates" along my urinary tract..thanks for reminding me not to take my mobility for granted!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,
i was hospitalised in 2007 when I got that jolt of pain when I tried to walk.
quickly went to the clinic and was referred to the sakit tulang docktor at ampang puteri.very nice doc, had to to physiotheraphy.doc said the causes of back pain is one we have had a fall when we were younger and it is now aggravated by the fact that we don't walk straigh and sit up straight.basically we are damaging our posture and that adds pressure to our backs.malas nak buat back exercises too add to our back pain. I now have a weak back and will always remember the god!takleh bangun!scary and sakit.glad that u're feeling better.
take care!

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