CLOSURE!! (this is a looooong one)

This post has been ahem..removed.. kalau nak baca kena request. Its all about how I met my old friend whom I first got to know when I was 15 and around the age of 20 the relationship turned romantic - unfortunately it was all on his side but I gave it my best shot considering that i didnt have any other option and other ppl were getting valentine cards so i pun nak...but when my husband tackle I said babai and I told him babai and there was no communication UNTIL !!! I bumped into him at the hospital ! What a shocker! I asked him bla bla bla how are you bla bla bla hows your kids bla bla and by the way how come we stopped communicating? Weren't we close?? He gaped at me he he But later on in his slightly superior way via fb later he said that we were "young" bla bla. Anyway yah the original post is a LOT LOT longer than this but there is a verrrryy good chance that this would reach him so im removing it from the web! (its on harddrive though ha ha ha)


1na said…
Wow kak,

panjangnya entry... tapi tak tahan kat Rob Pattinson tu....

Go Edward team!!!


Thanks lah membaca, ni post shok sendiri nih...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LifeBloom said…
Tak bernapeh (bernafas) den baco first para usual I gelak sakan at your comparisons and little anecdotes...keh2x.
wow zura i cannot believe you read it!! yah panjang and no breath sbb macam excited actually confront a person you had hurt before (i think lah) (tengok tengok his recollection is he had hurt me- you know, with his perasannness, I would not be surprised)- he he
Anonymous said…
I saw Great Hotels on 707 last nite and I thot the presenter sounded like how you write, you know very energetic..

Wow! That is so brave of you. I saw my ex recently after 25 years and I just pretended not to see him..

Lan0stZz said…
oh my god kak shila serious drama swasta especially the part when u actually ASKED him whyyyyy. gahhh. terkezut den. plus am amazed that u wrote one long paragraphs with no fullstop that led me to read it non stop tanpa bernafas like that har har har rock on kak shila!!
He he ye ke Jah.. that Samantha Brown by any chance??

Wow you must have had a proper break up then...definitely not a
"hi how are you" situation.
Hi Lana!! Yah tu lah I had to ask kan...but it was so weird cause he was really intensely looking at me (me perasan again most probably) he he
MrsNordin said…
Closure... closure... hmmm.... we need to meet!

p/s is this the same guy which sent you "the leaf"?
Anonymous said…
Wah shila bed time story ni! - vinnie
aida yuirani said…
Kaklong : I probably do the same, kekekekekeke. I still takde closure, hahahaha. I think Robbert Pattison nor Edward Cullen can replace Epi :)
aida - kes you tu. tak payah closure. dah tutup forever and ever, dont ever visit it. EVAH u make me wonder sape la mamat tu?entah2 uncle I ke?sedara mara I ke?the way the world is nowdays u can't help to wonder entah2 relative of ours ke kan.kecik tul kan dunia ni.hhahaha..must korek from u later la..nama dia ke..jeng jeng jeng.funny la u.esp first paragraph.u really used all the suffix, prefix and u surely fixed it.hahaha..
he sent me a message 2 days ago to tell me he's going to have an operation next wednesday! I told him goodluck and asked him with whom . he said the name of the doc and I said my husband said hes ok! then his mesage was ok thank you good day!

I told my mom and she said dont lah nanti he will like me back and I said no lah he's a father of 3 now and some more haji ..takkan kot but no i will not be sending him any message etc (eh he sent first) and i told this to my partner who is his friend and he said even HE doesnt know about the surgery and he's supposed to be HIS friend. You know we do go a long way back but better not contact each other. My sis in law told me her husband asked her if he can add an ex gf on fb and i told my husband this and you know what my normally quiet husband said?? At least he asked!

What do you think that means?? Am i being over sensitive?? he he he
nolah,you're not being oversensitive.i think you should heed your mum's advice, for putting exgf on FB,takyahla kot.I had a friend who started reminiscing the old times when he was with his exgf and they wanted to revisit the 'moments'.nasib baik the wife found out before the exgf ajak kawin and to think that my friend(the guy) ni takde pun intention nak take on another wife but he felt guilty for playing along and leading the exgf to their nostalgic moments.Bahaya ni FB and other form of social media if you're not careful and know your boundaries..just my 2cents.

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