Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manners![this is a rant]

Last Tuesday I got an sms from the Teacher asking me if I mind hosting 2 kids from bandung, on an exchange programme here in Malaysia. Ok lah.. I said I am more than happy to!

So they came back home with my children. I imagine 2 kids who will , for this one short week, be part of my family, maybe we can take them out to dinner or what. They would be about 12 - just nice for my kids.

When I came home they were in the room. That was about maghrib. They had their dinner allready and had "retired" to their room. I knocked and met them officially and asked about them..etc etc. Seems nice, very sweet girls who speak so so softly.

So I know that one of them is the daughter of a lawyer, the other one's dad is an architect. They go to this private islamic international school in bandung. Apparently they have paid `16 million rupiah to come over on this programme, and so far they have been to Melaka, KLCC, etc.

Ok lah so far. I thought it was a bit odd that they always are in the room. I never get to see them at ALL and they don't watch TV or try to talk to my kids at ALL. I thought maybe we are too western for them or what. Daya said maybe they are reading the Quran in their room. And here we are watching Spongebob squarepants.

Yesterday they had a programme to Janda Baik. They called us to say they were coming home at 10.30 pm. Then, the teacher said it'll be at 11.30 malam . Do you know what time they finally turned up? 12.20 am. Adake patut! Come on lah, you are staying at someone's house, you should show them some courtesy kan

And this morning, I found out from Nadine that they had a free day so we thought maybe we can take them to see a movie or something. At 10 they were still in the room. Kat luar ni dah kecoh cause daddy bought the Wii and the kids dah excited trying it out. Come out lah kan, to see what is the commotion,at least say good morning auntie and uncle. Husband asked me 3 times to call them to have breakfast. Daya tried knocking the door to get her clothes (They're in Daya and Sophia's room) . They had locked the door. I called them and they opened the door a teeny bit and I said go down for breakfast.

Ini, pukul 10.30 they came out. All dressed and asking me if I can call them a cab. Eh For what lah?? They have to go to pasar seni they said. EH ?? NO blinking way lah kan am I going to put you in a cab. You are 12, my dear! So anyway I said where do I send you? And they said MONORAIL Station. Which one? They don't know. I mean, they may be rich but they don't have much common sense do they?? I asked for their teacher's number and called one of them and asked where the heck are these girls supposed to go today. Apparently they were supposed to go to Jelatek LRT. I said when? 10.30 am. What the hey lah kan. Are you in a hotel? IS this a hotel for you? Why can't either the teacher OR the girls tell me or my husband (esp last night when my husband got them at 12.20 am) that today ada programme, uncle, would you mind v much to send me to so and so place?

Sorry I am turning this into a rant but I feel offended that there is no courtesy shown to the host family , you know? Takyah lah bother hosting these children then, buat dosa je mengumpat. Its called hosting not lodging. I think the girls pun should know better, this is not your school, where you can sit in the room, come out when hungry or thirsty, and go i n or out as you please. I told the teacher, I am a parent of five children I will NOT leave them at the LRT just like that. I will wait until their teacher is here. We take this hosting responsibility SERIOUSLY damn it. Diam sekejap the teacher (Indon btw) Ada ke dia kata theywill call me when they have finished at Pasar Seni

And you know this morning I asked them why did you come back so late yesterday? Janda Baik best tak? They said they did not go to Janda Baik! I asked them where did you go? They didnt know the name of the place. I dont mind that as long as they have their teacher. But at least ACKNOWLEDGE lah the host family kan kan kan???

Heeeeeeeeeeee....kering darah!


Royalshoppingarcade said...

what kind of hosting la ni mmg mcm free supir lodging je I think.using peoplekan.takkan tak kasi schedule?pelik betul?i think you have the right to rant.and rant.and rant.
if i were you, i'd ask them really what is going on.takkan semua tak tahu.diaorg pun tak paham kot what's going on...entahla..

Superwomanwannabe said...

ada schedule. tapi tukar tukar. ikut schedule macam harini free. yang berbulu is no one actually have a "handover" process so we dont know wht to expect. Even my laidback other half pun tension

Puteri's territory said...

I know this is a generalization 'tp orang seberang sana memang tak sedar diuntung betul!' there I said it.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ya...i think some of that is true. Could it also be language barrier ke? today I took them to dinner and they were as quiet as a mouse! Tanya satu, jawab satu. Maybe its their nature. So better lah not force it. But there is an improvement lar. In the sense that they tell me what they are doing tomorrow. (Ghighlands)

Anonymous said...

tetamu mcm ni kan kak..halau kluar jer...tak de adab langsung. kecik2 lg dah tunjuk perangai mcm tu..parent diorang tu tak pesan2 ke jaga adab wonder la yg tua2 dtg keje kat sini tu mcm kaduk naik junjung jer..haih..

Superwomanwannabe said...

eeeehh kita nak lepaskan anak kita ..macam macam pesanan penaja kita bagi kan?? jangan rude, jalan kena tunduk , salam , tegur, jangan bukak fridge dan macam macam lagi lah! Takkan mak bapak depa or at least the teachers, tak bagi pep talk to them? Heran..

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