Tuesday, July 06, 2010

networking gala

I met so many people last week. Remember the networking thing I told you I joined? There was an international conference BNI KL 10 they call it. They had it in MandarinOriental. ehhh- so so je lah if you ask me about the hotel. The conference was great! Everyone was so into everything! People from Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc all came. And most networked like mad!

If you have a product or service you want a lot of people to know about, come join this! you cannot afford not to. My god I have never seen a group that is so dedicated to HELPING Others! They'd smile at total strangers , totally believing them to be trustworthy because if you are in BNI you must surely have been vetted by your "chapter" (what they call group) right?

And then you start a conversation with the same total stranger and then you actually find out what they DO and then this is the beautiful part- you actually get to tell them who you are looking for to give you the business! And if they know the person you are looking for, they WILL GIVE YOU THAT REFERRAL! and you do the same for them! I mean, how many social groups do you belong to- from primary school, secondary school, uni, work etc...I'm sure a lot of them can help you by eg giving you the contract, or the connection..yet some of them DON'T- for various reasons- they don't want to be seen to help their relatives, for one. In case of accusation of kickbacks, I think. Or they don't want you to know them professionally- or simply they don't trust your work. So lots of reasons. But here these people are actually going into this with the mindset of - how can I give you more bizness?

Which is great! And you're not talking about "cikai" or small potatoes- there was this lawyer from HongKong. And also owners of multi million dollar industries who came because really, BNI gave them 75% of their business..

I am NOT promoting BNI ...but I just think its nice when people help each other. Givers gain , is their motto. I have had people referring work or people who may be interested to get our work , to us.

Your friend here, went, planning to give this very cool lawyer image and ended up chatting with anyone who gave her time. I really enjoyed meeting people from India lah, Vietnam lah, Australia lah...and the speakers all were v inspirational- all giving one message - DONT BE LAZY! and you know...the Malays form about oh...10% je of the attendees..come on guys! Dont be afraid we can also compete! I want to see an equal representation in business world...takkan Indian and Chinese je know what the worth is...you know its not easy...every Friday morning have to leave the house to reach the place of meeting by 6.30. AM. And then must go "dance" ie get to know their business. And then must do a 60secs sales presentation of yr bzness, ie what you are looking for, and then must help each other find business....how? To me, that is the most pressure of all...to find business for others....how to recommend? But the one thing is..if you want to order something order from someone in BNI because purely, they have been vetted and there is an avenue of complaint for you. Ie, you can complain to the president. And then they can be warned, or given a letter .

For example, I recommended someone and he did a bad job. I am going to have a talk to him about it...and basically tell him of my friend's disatisfaction ...I am sure he knows that I know by now...

So yeah, I was at this conference, and I met lots of people, and collected cards...however the most important thing is I met friends..and if there is that multimilion dollar deal out there for the Firm- why not eh!!

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tqs for networking for me :)

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