Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh dear

What do you get when you cross an impulsive shopper and someone who is unable to say no??


And who do you think is going to get into trouble with the joint account partner for buying some damn expensive antiaging treatment??

NOT me, because this time round I am gonna use MY account! Phew! Thank goodness office pays my salary into another account is what me thinks. Joint account is great when you are ok but NOT great when you have to hide that humongous expenditure from the husband!

That WAS the strategy hide from husband..tapi tengok je muka dia petang tadi..the first thing I did was tell him- er honey. Nice tak my face?? I just had a very expensive spa treatment for the face. Its called AGELOC bla bla bla...He said I look better than a lot of people, do I know that??

Just wish he had said that before this lady came to see me..She's so nice,. and she showed me her hands, one she used the thing on, the other no, so the one she has been using the cream etc on, looks baby-like believe me. and the other one- looked like mine i said ok lah! so lembik

And now comes the justification part- i dont buy expensive handbags , i dont buy new clothes too often....bla I deserve this right...again- ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH

this is not so bad, except I have also bought tickets for 2 to Phuket this weekend...MAS punya hal lah, hantar lagi email bodoh flights lah apa lah. My justification is that the husband has not had a holiday where he would not be thinking about patients etc , for the very long why not take my poor tired distracted busy other half you see, it's not about me at ALL! he he he!

After this. I gotta surrender my card (baru 1!) . I am not a shopaholic. But when I click "ACCEPT" - my husband shudders! he he he


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Ok apa to pamper yourself with beauty products. Apa salahnya...we women always like to look good, what.

Have fun in Phuket for yet another honeymooon trip! ;-)

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks gina!! u have a safe flight back home ok..

Royalshoppingarcade said...

wahhhhhhh.phuket!so nice!!ur face soooooooo pretty already like I said the other day, mcm baby's bum!!lepas ni cantik lagi la nampaknya..adoi..hehehe

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