Sunday, July 04, 2010

Precious Moments

So how are you and how was your weekend?

The girls had a "Precious Moments with Mother" concert tadi. The concept was daughter bonding with their moms. I bought seats for me and the girls and Johan was left with daddy (they went off to someone's bday party).

It was ok lah! GOod concept although not so mummy and daughter like in parts it felt more like a concert by the girls- they need an avenue where they can dance etc. Some of them took off their headscarf as this was a girls only event and there were supposed to be no men. Even the staff of Depalma were all women that day.

It started with a "guess the cost of the hamper" competition, and my kids all entered lah. The hamper had a box of Julie's bizcuit, twisties packet , milo packets, and generally small items like that. Sophia said it was RM115.90 - Dahlia bagi chan la..she put RM17. I put it at RM79.. in the end it was RM65- oklaaa kan..

After the doa recitation in English and Arabic (which I think EVERY FUNCTION with non malays attending should have) the performances started. With one girl playing the guitar, first one girl had a solo, then a couple of duets act came on---the girls were so shy!! Their voices were sooo low and they looked down and they were so giggly and embarrassed. I think this is due to lack of practice. My daugthers sang too- Nadine and sara. And boy were they NOT shy. No problem there! Nadine siap suruh sing along lagi hah - the song was Que Sera Sera..Pagi tu I dah marah dah sebab one hour before baru nak mintak i DOWNLOAD the song! Which in the end they can't play at the concert.

Sophia and I entered the mom and daughter look alike competition but in the end pulled out because you have to do a "move/presentation" and everytime i suggested a "move" that we could do, she pulled a face macam malu so in the end I said I m not pushing her so we sat down. There were a couple that were really identical clones.

And then there was a fitness challenge where about 30 girls started aerobics with the instructor, a 57 year old grandmother who was also the main organiser of the event. I pun joined and the winner would be the ones still standing after 30 mins. Amazingly Sara and Nadine lasted for a while,although now sara dah takda suara and complain sakit tekak. Then there was a break for Zohor and a demo about beauty products. Sophia volunteered herself for a demo and I excused myself for Solat... and got talking to Ustazah Zaiton about tahfiz - now im sending 3 kids for tahfiz starting tomorrow. While I was talking to Ustazah Zaiton the girls kept coming out..apparently the lady (Mandy) was looking for the mother of Sophia to promote the thing.Its called Purital or something I never heard of it and nooo way was I going to buy skin care for 11 years old. BUT! She had fun, Sophia did.

It went on to about 5 pm ..ada treasure hunt --which of course Dahlia menang part of it (ada series of 6 items to be found) - All in all--- a good day!

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