Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quick update on Kids

The girls finally had their proper attire for the horseback riding. After dragging our feet for oh about 6 months, dad finally went and bought the things. Cikgu was so keen to start this sport up since our esteemed prophet practised it, that she waived the hefty fees that went along with it for as long as she could. So now she can't because the kids have gotten to the second stage. The "actually riding a horse" stage. The first stage , from their reports, was the "clean the horse up for free" stage. They really really love it and if they had their way both their parents would be there to applaud their everymove.

Alahai kenit nye gambar.....

I was looking for a pic of a football pitch..not the stadium type, but rather the backyard type . Johan wanted to play football and the dad said let's hire you a futsal hall . He made up a face and said he wanted to play on the field. Which got me searching for one- where in Melawati?? The beautiful field that used to be the feeding ground for a horse is now a beautiful masjid. But how come they didn't replace it with another ye? So now Im still searching.

On the topic of sports, how does Archery sound? Kids loved it when we tried it in Frasers Hill. Sapa nak join??

I dont know, are we doing too much ? The only thing they are in are the horseriding thing, the swimming (for johan only now), the takwondo, and the IT and media club. They got this cool karam singh wal*ia style jacket so everyone wants to join now. It says MEDIA at the back (or does it, can't remember exact word DAMN YOU MEMORY!!)

Nadine is in her PMR year, and I really hope she does well. She seems to think she is ok. I think she is being lulled into a false sense of security cause she is not comparing self with national standards. However, I have to remind self not to be too pressured or pressure her about the As as we want her to be a holistic person and on that note will send her to join the tahfiz programme. If she can carry it lar. Memorising the quran can't be a bad idea right?

Ok ok bye bye !


MrsNordin said...

Talk to Dada about the tahfiz. Her daughter is a Hafizah already.

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks bj will do...whats her blog ye

Dena said...

I think at Jalan H there's a field. Not a football field but a field big enough to play football. It's next to what used to be tennis courts. Haven't been around that area for a while, so it may not be there anymore though..hehe.

Archery? Nasar's interested!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey ? Bila Nasar free? sunday pagi boleh tak

archery ok i will arrange and call you!

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