The weekend

World cup fever is over! I stayed up as well...because i had a lot of "homework" to do. 2 down, 14 more to go...

Anyway apparently the match was so - so. Hubby is going to be a zombie today because he had basically not gone to sleep. He loves to download stuff as do I, but unlike me, he would actually read them (what a rebel eh!) he he so he was up all night basically.

Kids are now trying their very best to get up and get ready. I've allready got a request from 2 of them to cut class. Boy I know how you feel babe! Monday blues...

So it was a very eventful weekend for Nadine. My first born is suddenly a member of the debating team of Adni. Apparently this team was hastily assembled one week before the International Interschool debating competition. Held at Hotel Putra it saw the participation of schools like AlamShah, MCKK, SriAishah etc and my little Nadine omellion....! The school sponsored the kids' 4 days 3 nights stay there. Why so many nights, I asked my never before separated daughter. Apparently ada workshop lah, trial lah etc,. Well she was so excited to be able to go somewhere without us that she would have gone no matter what. Lepas kan lah kan..(NO!)

Anwayyyy her first day was the same day I got that backache and her dad sent her straight to the hotel. She called me once to find out how I was and that was it. The next I heard from her was on Day 3 when the teacher told me to come NOW since she was about to go on against MCKK. Gee thanks for the short notice teacher! I tried gaklah and about 3 managed to go sans daddy and with the whole brood (fresh from movie) - Nadine's Team 2 didn't make it but the teacher waxed lyrical lah about her ..apparently pandai debate best speaker lah...he he so proud of her.

I watched the Adni (Team 1)-SriAishah competition for a place in the finals- motion was Should vegetarianism be subsidised. Neither teams touched on vegetarianism and neither displayed understanding on the topic, so they concentrated on effects of subsidising . Anyway i thought that both teams needed polish but I was more impressed with Adni because this was their very first debate, and secondly, they were up against last year's champion.

I was telling the teacher that everyone needs debating skills and you need to train the kids to (a) think analytically, (b) make points out of nothing at all (c) read a LOT and (d) cut out the fillers and appear confident!

That (b) point is how politicians do it , after all..hehehehe

So convincing was I that they now want me on their committee to train ha ha !

So the results came out and Adni lost 3 : 2. So the teachers did not feel the result was fair and lodged an official complaint. I tengok judges pun..alahai are they qualified?? The other teams said vegetable is fattening. Come on that cant be right. Aaanyway I told Nadine, the other rule is to learn to lose graciously...although DO put up a fight lah.

It was a good exposure lah. Siblings missed her and said if she was away at boarding school this must be how it would feel. All throughout the movie they kept telling each other to tell Nadine it was a boring movie and they were counting how many movies they have seen without nadine. This is what I want actually, that they dont feel right without one in their group ha ha ha. But at the same time must be independent lah kan..

So nadine came home semalam with daddy..mommy was housebound after one whole day out kan, from movielah, to hotel putra lah..back terus seize up and I jadi the waddling ducky again ha ha. Today hubby insisted nak hangkut pi doctor..buat apa...he is just going to find out that the ubat he gave me last time I dah campak mana dah...macam mana nak temberang....

Ok better go wake dad up...


MrsNordin said…
Great to know that Nadine has that debating talent in her. And the teacher was right to pick you as a trainer! You'll train them well, that's for sure! You go girl!
Anonymous said…
thanks j. i really dont mind..telling ppl wht to do!

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