Its been so long eh?I've gone to Phuket and come back, gone to Alor Star and back, had my ten minutes presentation of the firm and now im finally breathing a sigh of relief as it is friday and I ...have TONNES OF WORK MORE TO DO!! I must be very inefficient!!

Soo the Phuket holiday..was AWESOMEEE!!!
This to me is what a beach holiday is about! While my husband was nowhere to be seen , snorkelling to his heart's content at Kai Island, I snored the 1 hour 40 mins that we were there for...bliss...(buku jepun tak tinggal tu)
Anywayy.I make very bad AmazingRace contestant. I would not rest until we get on the plane. I checked in luggage that was only slightly heavy, otherwise I would be forever worried about it. I dragged husband to the departure lounge even though we have a full hour to depart. And it was to leave at 7.15 am! I was on the plane FIRST. And THEN i ordered nasi briani and nasi ayam, and then I ZONKED OUT! The night before I finished some work, a 19 page advice (well it FELT like 19!) that took me to 1.20 am..which serves me right because I am such a bad time management person...

Once we got there we turned away so many cab companies, confidently telling everyone we had some one taking us...this lady turned up and she spoke Malay! Fantastic. She whisked us in and then without further ado...took us to...the Pearl factory . Haiyaaa...I was in the TIDOR mood rather than look at pearl mood but then never mind, at least we could use the toilet. Ha ha. Then we went to the GEM FACTORY. Again, we were the first in the shop. Again, we left without buying and I was wondering how to tell her politely that we want to go to the hotel directly please..but she is such an infectiously pleasant person that we went along with her and landed in the elephant ride park, and then SPA, and then lunch...

The elephant ride!! Was one hour long...and the elephant is made to carry us 2 v heavy people in a chair thing around the kampung. I saw the kampung where the families of the staff (?) stayed - some had no walls!! And v v basic..the guy who was "driving" the elephant would also ocassionally scratch the nearby rubber tree, and expect us to gasp to see the milk come out...as if I've never seen rubber milk..(I've never seen actually he he so I was suitably impressed). Finally the one hour v long ride ended, and then to the SPA...which was not cheap at RM280 per hour but was SO SO WORTH IT! I was actually SNORING AWAY while the lady pummelled away with about 10 litres of oil (felt like it) ,before dumping me at the changing room. I managed to sneak into the HOT JACUZZI and the WARM SALT BATH wooooottt so nice..I was soon chased out lar since that involves extra payment!

The tour guide sebok laaa suruh my husband pi massage..mula mula I said ok, subject to them finding a man, or a BLIND or OLD WOMAN MASSEUSE. Ha ha ha ..in the end my other half who in the first place did not want to go massage massage, went to the SHOOTING RANGE by himself! And he had a gala time scoring almost ALL BULLS EYE!

(See , together but not together)


Anonymous said…
Hi was checking for yr updates! So yay another entry. Glad u had a good time
Lan0stZz said…
wah kaklong honeymoon nampak. syoknye.
hey,at least you had a break.:)

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