Tuesday, August 31, 2010

selamat merdeka!

Tanggal tiga puluh satu.... bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh!!

Ahhh I miss you Sudirman...

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!

We are 53 years old today!!

Common with many other fifty year olds, we are feeling the aches and pains in the body..cracks are beginning to appear..eyesight maybe not so good...all of a sudden that great idea of having chinese school indian school bla bla was maybe not such a great idea he he he....

however as a fifty three year old lady Malaysia is calm, certain in her abilities and powers, confident in herself and her capacities, after 2 decades of Tun Mahathir drumming it into us how we are indeed a great country.

Ok ok we have corruption at every level of society, and for every industry (We're fair that way) but then guysss who doesnt? Where do you want to go instead? If you go abroad, there is STILL corruption and on top of that, that is not your country! And the sad thing is , take it from someone who has been there, nothing beats the feeling of belonging....and we belong. YOU belong. This is YOUR nation.

I once put on the FB that I could have been an englishman..hahahaha..if there was no independence that's who I would have been....This is a truefact...

BYEE Im going to go to the independent shop to get my independent kids some independent baju raya ,hahahhaha

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Weekend

So we had quite a nice weekend- packed, but then what else is new.

On Saturday we waited for dad to come back (again what else is new he he) and he found me snoring away when he did come back. We left for Ampang Point where I stopped by Gulatis thinking I could find some nice baju kurung for the girls. Takda..they don't do teenagers although actually Sophia can wear adult clothes (S) and so can Nadine.

Dad DID follow me but then got stuck in the shop just before Gula*tis- CASH CONVER*TER!! It was so difficult to get him to come over that I abandoned MY trip in the fabric store and decided to join h im and the girls there. Where I found he had bought the kids a HARMONICA each, plus some tambourines..So you can imagine the NOISE the kids made in the car for the rest of the day. Never mind. Gulatis didn't have that many nice stuff anyway. A lot of beading but the actual design of the fabrics- mehhh.

Anyways after that we went off to a prebirthday dinner for Nadine..she didn't mind anything she said but her sisters were clamouring for Deli- cious. Off we went, only to discover that there were NO TABLE and we did not book . There was a table for 8 actually but it was reserved and the guy told us if the people who reserved it didn't turn up by 7.15. it was ours. We hung around and lo and behold they DIDN'T turn up ! Kids ordered like MAD and I , even more crazily, gave in to their every whim. Which is how we ended up with loads of food and bloated stomach at the end of it. I was so restless because WHERE DO YOU GO FOR SOLAT!! We rushed out and went over to Mom's.

Which was agood thing because I have not seen my brother in months. If you know my family this is the equivalent of decades. I take pride in being the mother hen where my brothers are concerned , I told mom I will look after them he he. And they better listen to their kaklong or else I will pull their ears ok.

Anyway ...then we stayed overnight at moms and had a nice sahur together where mom cooked like about 8 dishes and made such a fuss that next time I will definitely BRING A MAID.

The next day we set out to go to Karyaneka. Happy birthday Nadine by the way! Dah 15 years old?? So anyway badabing badabang ..by the time we went out of the house it was FOUR PM and we headed straight to Karyaneka the craft centre. Last year I picked up real bargains there...

THIS YEAR I DID NOT!! IN FACT CEKIK DARAH I WAS SLAUGHTERED! The prices were over the moon but on the other hand I do believe that in the shops outside (ie KLCC) it would be four times the price. Which was a line repeated many times by the retailers and got me thinking- which is WHY i am here, and not at KLCC duh!!

Kids picked out their batik crepe/chiffon/silk handpainted designs and against my better judgement (I am a really weak parent) I paid..and now to buy for Sara and Daya , who are not big enough for the clothes. As if Sara needs another reason to feel inferior to her sister. I got a caftan..apparently the latest craze. If I get ONE remark about baju tidur/nightee I am going back to the shop and returning it.

So then we went to Mak Mas's place. She has graciously forceinvited Ha ha ! us to breakfast- we have been meaning to go over for months and she graciously cooked for us . Lovely meehoon goreng, rojak kacang, bubur lambuk, dodol, lemang and rendang daging minang (that was from us from Karyaneka) and there was also DUrian Durian cake from Secret&Recipe to celebrate Nadine's birthday.

After burping away Mak Mas suggested that we have our terawih right there in her house with my husband being the imam...now my husband is no slouch in the imam department but I have been trying to get him to lead us in terawih prayers at home (come on, there's 7 of us what...) and he's always shied away cause the recitations are different ha ha. So this time Mr Hubs was trapped ha ha . Anyway must say he did the job admirably well and I am again wondering what I did right in this world that I get to be married to him. (come on now- AWWWWWW (or yucks, depending))

After that we blew the candles and everyone forced themselves to eat the durian cake (except me, nadine and dad) because apparently they don't like durian that much! Even Uncle Idwan!

Ok that was our weekend.

Roundup news of relatives- Idwan's wedding plan- this 14th Mak Mas is having a doa selamat peeps, before going over to the other side's place . Mak long is by the way in IJN and need a bypass she has 3 blockages.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

malay xtians- serious thots

I have been sent some emails about one Mas*tah Zai*ni who has converted out of Islam into Xtianity and I have also seen Singaporean malays who have publicly renounced Islam

Some of the reasons by the kids who left Islam is- "Allah is like a headmaster! so many rules! Pray 5 times a day, fast etc"

Aik?? I have news for that kid..its not a religion thing, rules. It's a life thing. I think the kids do not know enough about the religion to want to be in it. Islam has never been potrayed as lovey dovey easy peasy kind of religion has it. It's not after popularity, it doesn't bend its rules to suit the current trend. alcohol is haram yesterday, today and tomorrow and why are you picking fights with God about that. And if you think about the effects on society, so many diseases associated with it, you'd ban it too!

And that woman Mas*tah she kept going on about how the Lord loves her and she feels so loved and he forgives her and how much she loves him! And I thought..yeah and where is AllahSWT lacking in this. He is the all forgiving all merciful - ar rahman nirrahim..isn't he? And yes you should love Jesus he IS the prophet of Allah swt. But she does not know THAT Islam. she doesn't know how much peace that one can get just reading the quran - just reading , mind you. who has been educating her??

I believe Islam seriously NEED A MAKEOVER!! NOW!! It is a beautiful religion full of fairness and justice (come on, no interests on loans itself is supposed to prevent people making money out of money) . Whatever you need is here. And there is no application form or expensive calls or elaborate procedures. When we pray its just us and God and when we read the quran we know the Allah SWT is speaking to us, he spoke to us thousands of years ago, he speaks to you now. Why are we not BLOWN AWAY by that? Why aren't we freaking out about the many scientific facts that Allah SWT tells us? How, when electricity wasn't even invented, would we know that night follows day and day follows night and that God created people of all colours etc etc and the many many many facts there in??

Why don't we take a second to realise that this quran that we treat so cavalierly is a miracle and why are we not making movies about how LOVELY and PEACEFUL and SPIRITUAL Islam is ?

When are we going to correct the image nih??

We are living in the times where people want solutions fast. Its a permissive society, Everyone wants what they want NOW. Islam needs to reach those whose soul are hungry. Who turns to movies/technology/blogs / games/mtvs and yes other religions.

Sorry about this rant. We need to rebrand. We are not a regressive religion. We are not against technology advancement. Hudud will not cripple society. We just need education, and the right advertisment.

Who is up to that challenge.

PS- I am FAR AWAY from being a good muslim. I am also looking for that connection, when I feel Allah SWT's love and when we are humbled by it. I am always too too busy, Too ready to surrender to the demands of work/rubbish stuff he he instead of spiritual things. Sometimes He is very close to me , Usually when I need help ha ha!

Friday, August 27, 2010



HI there.

How was your day then. Are you like me, still stuck in the office? I hear outside traffic is so bad, the despatch boy with the bike is complaining of being stuck in jam!

Phew! What a day! It's been one of those days when you rush to get something done...when you know its not possible, cause the guy at the stamp office said what you want can only be done on Monday , yet your client doesn't understand and think you are the one causing the delay, and you get "nice" smses asking you to explain to x, y and z about the "status" and the delay and everyone is asking you to "expedite" as if YOU are the one causing the delay HALLO client, we are trying to save you money, and if you didn't want to have any delay then you should have paid the stamp duty as requested instead of having me go run here and there appealing for you and you are not even THAT appealing (haha!) - (and mind you these people who are so demanding have requested for a MASSIVE HUGE discount and still expect you to work like a dog ) - and I was tempted to say SC%%%%W IT I'm not going to be bothered with you BUT THEN you think about it and you think you have to do the best for all your client and maybe this is God's will for you and so off you go to the Stamp Office again, hat in hand , and do a bit of begging and a lot of praying - sometimes silently sometimes loud enough to make the guys next to you turn and wonder if this woman in her suit who LOOKS sane, is actually INsane?? And the office is in a rush and everyone's panicking because the stamp office is making it SOOO difficult for you and then----

YOU GET WHAT YOU ASKED FOR~!! Yayyyy!! and you are so elated but you are so fed up with the client, with the bank, with law in general that you are tempted to go audition to be an actress ha ha...and you STILL get smses asking you in a lordly fashion as to what the status is.

Sigh you get one of those days...and who has the mood to blog? heehhee

But anyway these are the challenges of practice...a thousand and one mundane things that you do NOT need to have MENSA Level IQ to settle , only the ability to think outside the box and the ability to grovel.

AND in the background your only boy is sick and has been sick for three days running and you are constantly worried and ALSO you worry about all the stuff you need to pay or buy this month including the school fees which are outstanding and perhaps you should have paid THAT first BEFORE you went off to save the poor anak yatim ha ha ha and all this is in your mind ..

Oh well this is life I guess...How was your week?

Monday, August 23, 2010


you know

semalam i went to see my cousin who just had a baby

and my kids were all sooooooo excited over the baby

and they were taking care of the baby and everything

and they were so good with the baby

so much so that

i am getting broody again ...

reasons to have a baby:

1. cause i can
2. cause i am crazy
3. cause for once when people mistake me for being pregnant i would actually BE pregnant
4. to get another boy
5 cause my stretch marks are fading and its time to get new ones
6. cause they're cute

reasons not to have a baby:

1. cause im 41
2 cause im tired
3. and im lazy
4 cause i really am lazy
5 cause i have to pay attention to my growing kids
6 cause i want to travel and how to travel with small baby?

Anyway husband was slowly but firmly , shaking his head. So i guess no lah.

This morning

We made the kids cry today

They weren't exactly ready when the van came so dad said - I'll send you ! So the kids were ecstatic lah. Unfortunately the dad was still in his tshirt and sarong at that time and facing the computer and way way not ready.

Finally ready around 8. and left the house at 8.07. and reached the school at 8.15. Only to find that there was a general assembly. The kind where the students were sitting on the ground. The MAJOR DOMO type.

Johan was by this time sobbing and Dahlia had also teared up and refused to go to school. Nadine had to cajole Johan to come out of the car. Daddy had to chuckle lak tu... he kept saying "just tell them your daddy was late!"

God is great though there were so many kids who had JUST arrived so my children's arrival was not too noticeable....


Saturday, August 21, 2010

My kids are a riot.

My children have a new hobby. Looking for mom and dad's white hair.

The dad always love to ask his kids to look for his white hair. Usually when they're asking for this and that. It's just a ruse I know because (a) it occupies their time and (b) he can doze off when they do it. ha ha. Pandai kan. Ala ala my games when they were smaller of " pretend Im a big sleepy crocodile and try to cross me" - oh that was a great game involving a mommy who is sleepy and kids who are hyperactive - mom can continue to sleep and kids will be trampling over her happily!

Yes I digress. Anyway last night I was face down in bed reading, then one of my daughters came and said mom can i check your white hair? She came with a tweezer , hah kau! I put my book away and "surrendered" . The smaller daughter then came over to join the sister in this new and exciting search for mom's hair.

Boy did they have a field day! I nak gelak dengar their conversation- it was so funny!

Daughter no 1: OOOOH!! Look ! there's a LOT over here!
Daughter no 2: Where? Where? OH OH I see it!! Hold it still daya!! don't let it go!
Daughter no 1: You better be careful! Don't pull out the black hair!
Daughter no 2: I'm trying! (PLUCK!!) Yah! Success!
Daughter no 1: Ooog that's a long one!
Daughter no 2: Ok ok that's one done..there's more over here!
Daughter no 1: [humming jojo circus tune then suddenly-] hmm i dont know why I like that song!
Daughter no 2: [not finding this sudden change of topic weird at all]- yeah i like the song but not the story.
Daughter no 1: yah..
Daughter no 2: what put it in your head?
Daughter no 1: I heard it this morning (this was at 11 at night)..hmm try to get this hair! (Back we go to mom's poor head)
Daughter no 2: Yeah !!

hee hee they break me up. All the time!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daddy duties

Sms from my daughter to my husband using MY phone. By the way the dad has not come home yet because he is operating , earlier he was setting exam papers for the students..habis lah korang...haha

Anyway this is the sms:

"daddy please buy wrapping paper for XXX, one that doesn't have words on it Also when you get home you have to help XXX print a document called Interesting Panda Facts in her folder. Please give it to her in the morning or when you get home. I have to send it tomorrow! Thank you Daddy. Love XXX"

Which just goes to show, whatever daddy does during the day, it's when he comes home that his REAL job starts....

he he he~!

PS - lain kali beli lah printer daddy oiii I dah berbuih dah cakap..they WON't waste paper lah...kan dah susah nak kena pergi carik internet cafe malam malam buta nih....

Quick one

So yesterday kids woke US up for sahur. Mom and dad makan kurma je lah tak sempat kan. To be honest we didn't really feel like eating rice . It's been one week and we are now able to control our appetite woohoot!! And we don't feel like buying loads of kueh cakes and pastries either. Unless we actually go to the shop and THEN we will let loose..ingat nak beli ONE type of kueh, but in the end we always buy 4 types like the other day ..berenti kejaaap je. But ended up with:

1. roti jala
2. laksam
3 laksa asam
4 kueh sago lembik (the red one YUMMY)
5. kueh ketayap (no 4 and 5 are the only 2 kueh I know how to make)

(and I wasn't even with the husband that time!) He came home later with 3 moretypes of cakes!

So we have decided to NOT stop anymore...!! Tapi kadang kadang apa salahnye kannnnn if you can make sure you will be finishing them (in my case half went to the bin...kesian kan)

Yesterday I got what I wanted for a long time- NASI MENDI! Thanks Hubby who stopped by the roadside to go buy from Saba. Sabar tol lah dia nih..

Apa apa pun hope you are enjoying the Ramadhan month!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celoteh Today

I was talking to my mom about how some public praying places ("surau") have very sad looking praying clothes -- dotted with mould , or incomplete- only the top and no bottom, or with ties missing, but mostly that I cannot tahan or stand is the mouldy ones. Anyway I told my mom that I want to distribute new praying clothes ("telekungs") around.

You know what my mom said? She said actually some of them allready have very nice , very clean telekungs, but then (a) no one cleans them ie no maintenance and (b) we misuse them.
She said many times she would see ladies take the telekung, use them with their wet hair etc, and then when done, not even bother to fold them but just chuck them to one side. Macam ni macam manaaa tak rosak...tol tak..

Which got me thinking. How about if we

1. make disposable telekungs. Maybe we can invent this material that is at once thick enough and cheap enough to just use and throw away. We can put them in a vending machine and people pay RM1.00 and use them. Its human nature to appreciate what you have to pay for more than what you get for free anyway.

2. Have a cleaning service- outsource the laundering of the clothings- maybe approach the surau and ask them about maintenance and cleaning and offer to do it - for free! Hmm how do I do that?

3. set up a rental booth outside each surau- you rent them out for a minimal sum and then people return to you and you can give back the money or not, up to you, but the main thing is they have to physically hand them to someone , a person, so the likelihood of them just chucking the clothing to one side is less..

heheheheh - crazy ideas??.

Anyway my local school wants to take stuff for 50 orang asli families..so if anyone has praying clothes, praying mats, qurans etc ...call me!

Selamat Berpuasa...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just arrived

Hey there...

How are you?

We just arrived home - spent the weekend in Kluang, with the inlaws. Bro in law no2 and bro in law no 5 and cousin (who is really a bro) in law were also there so it was nice and noisy. We arrived very late though, we thought we could make it for break fast but due to - er leaving late, we ended up breaking our fast on the way with KF*C . I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm fast losing my taste for KF*C...it used to be my favourite but now I find it's too salty and oily! I loved the buns though!

Anyway the trip was well worth it to taste my MIL's cooking! Her fish curry is awesome and today we had mee bandung..although I would make mine more tomato-ey and with egg. Mak is more chilly. But then I was raised in tomato sauce kan. Makan nasi puteh lembik and telor goreng with tomato sauce pun cukup..

Kecoh nye rumah mak mertua I....semua orang tidor lambak..actually it was a bit funny because everyone was offered rooms and refused - main musical rooms- eh kaklong lah ambik bilik eh mak lah ambik bilik , and mak going no, i like to sleep outside! In the end bro in law no 2 had a room, bro in law no 5 had a room and the rest all bongkang outside in front of tv and under the fan! Time to build another room perhaps?? But it was fun!

So many kids this weekend- Bro in law no 5 has 2 small kids and the wife is expecting their third daughter..their first daughter is 4 and their second 1 and a half years old..so life for them is about milk and pampers and crying babies and wanting daddy to carry...hee hee! They remind me so much of us...when the kids were small!

One thing differentiates us though, as we were discussing methods of disciplining kids, I realise that unlike them, I have never caned them, or hit them with any other thing other than the palm of my hands (and that pun I don't do a lot because it hurts my hand)..or put them in a corner, or locked them in a room....where as I hear that sometimes belts, hangers and rotans are used...I mean, no comment for other people's way of bringing kids up kan..because I am far far FAR from being a perfect parent..but I can't bring myself to hurt the very children that I wanted to conceive, wanted to deliver, went through hell to deliver (ok not so much lah) ..I can't do it. I can't pinch them even. But you should hear me SHOUT. :)- maybe in a few years time this will all bite me back and I will regret spoiling them or not caning them but I have so little time with the children before they metamorphosise into adults...itu pun they are big now...

Ok Ok its late and I better go and sleep...sat lagi nak bangun sahur.. the other day went to terawih at surau. Don't you hate people who chat at normal voice level ? and dont you hate people who step on you? But happy that I did go, although the knees went a bit wonky after 20 rakaats!! kids dah give up dah..by 8 rakaat everyone went back except for Sara.... ! Lets see if we can keep it up.

Have to start thinking of baju raya and kueh raya- tailor in Kluang pun taknak ambik lagi dah!!! So ended up buying ready made kebaya from Zu sister in law. Nice, with embroideries. 4 girls, 4 kebaya..and the sad thing is , they are big enough to carry a kebaya off ! Sigh...my babies dah besar...

Eh ok lah catch you later ok! Sorry lah rambling on and on!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

selamat berpuasa everyone ...

this is a month where muslims dont eat and drink during the day. And no picking noses. and no unholy thoughts. no wasting time at malls. defitely not a time to be thinking of karaoke!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Husband should be on the plane by now, heading to Taiwan with his pals

Bye babes! Have a good 3 days of cutting up people from different angles, and have fun shaking their insides whichever way he he! Gonna miss you ! especially the going to work together part!

Naa I don't really want to come with you, I allready have at least 3 things to do on Monday, one lunch date , one power meeting and one japanese class...so it's ok. And kids are also quite tied up= later at 2 I have to go get the no 3 and 4 from their school after their camp. And maybe take them to a book store ! Or we can go shopping! and go to that Korean BBQ we talked about last weekend! Or how about karaoke? (or is that unislamic??)

Although I am still upset with you, for not letting me go to the airport ! I want to say buhbye as per movie lar..not at the gate of my house. Ish. Just cause you are practical does not mean I have to be. Inconvenience is all in the mind...it is not inconvenient if you want to do it right?? So like this I dont have to go get you from airport also lah since that would be inconvenient to me right? Betul ke tu?

Ok then I have to wake the kids up!

You know...this is why I am amazed at this friend of mine whose husband lives like 4 hours (?) away from her most of the year...I dont know how you do it,G! sure I nak ikut-

On the other hand....there's something liberating about being "alone" ! - For a while only I mean! He he!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kota Baru [yesterday's post]

I'm in Kota Bharuuu peopleeee!!!

Why am I so happy? I don't know, its just soooooo ...1980s!

Anyway...I have some signing to attend to today...last nite I went to the office to collect the docs, then realised I didn't bring the keys, then I went back home (this was at 1 am) and then I tried to sweet talk the husband into coming with me again, he said FORGEDDIT IM TIRED and he said PEGI TIDOR SEKARANG ie go to sleep now and wake up at 4 am and THEN go to the office and get the docs. Actually he said "Why dont you call your partner and ask him to get you that much earlier and then on the way to the airport, drop by the office and collect the document?" . I said..er no lah ..husband telling me off for being a birdbrain is enough, no need to get my partner doing it as well. I can hear him allready going "kan i dah kata???...." He has an issue with my time management and how close to the edge I sometimes go. Hey, I'm remaining current what

ANYWAY!!! I went to bed, and set the alarm about 2 hours later at 4. Promptly got up at 4, went to the office , with poor husband in tow (seriously I bully the darling) and woke up the security guard to let me in, got the document, rushed back home, I drove both ways, btw me husband was for a change, just there for company.

Worried worried like anything cause the documents were NOT Checked in, but this time got friend to worry with me and since he wasn't worried, I pun lepak lah!

Then arrived at KB..first order of the day was....makan! Order AKOK first and the murtabak. And then we went to the WHITEHOUSE for coffee and half boiled egg (to perfection) and also NASI TUMPANG. which was good! I bought 2 kaya (sad to say they broke on the way home) we managed to also eat CHICKEN CHOP. The guy who brought us around , FARIS was very good (if you ever need to go to KB and need a driver)

oklahh!! I'm actually v sleepy because we landed in KL at 12pm.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Husband was not too happy with me this morning

That's because I insisted on him sending me to work and car pooling. There is a perfectly good (if a little bit noisy and rattly) car that I can use instead, he said. He was late he was late he was late.

Eh! (imagine me shrugging my shoulders). I didn't say anything but I haaayyyyettee driving. Don't have any idea why ..I get very competitive and want to overtake every car, that's why. I turn into Ms Lady Driver. Sometimes I even turn into Ms Chinese Lady Driver. I prefer to sit as a passenger instead. Hey, I can't hold your hand if I'm driving solo!

So to distract him in his "bebelan" (which by the way only occured when he saw the unusual jam this morning) I started to discuss the shooting...you know which one right....(ok ok the 2 politicians who were found dead in a car yesterday with shot wounds in their head)

What do you think of THAT eh??? Poor girl, shot by the man. Must be lah kan, she had 2 shots in her head while he had one, she can't have shot him once and then shot herself twice right? I was going to make a guess that she probably read the map wrong except that that kind of joke would be in bad taste. A lot of forums or blogs which put this news up went on to request that people do not speculate...which then makes you immediately do so lah kan?? But what to speculate lar...it was 11 am in the morning, and they were in the car together. next time I go to any meeting with my male, very married, very much a daddy partner, I better make sure I don't say anything to make him want to shoot me ha ha- otherwise people might "speculate" ahaks! (probably I would wanna shoot him - but then who's going to drive me back? darn!)

Ok ok better go and start work. Just felt like rambling...

Tomorrow Im going to Kota Bharu for work... btw.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Phuket- the end.

well-- maybe not all bulls eye eh?? hehe


Phuket day 1 saw us going round Phuket like mad people, after the spa Anee took us to book our tickets for the next day whole speedboat ride to Phi Phi Island and Maya Island and Kai Island etc etc and basically then we were shepherded to the tailor shop to make suits.

I have heard so many people recommend making suits in Thailand so hey what the heck right? At RM700 per suit they saw us coming man, but I thought if it meant getting suits that fit you properly..then it might be worth getting! Hubby got one too and our credit card had a field day!

THEN we went to the hotel- FLABBERGASTED we were at the luxury that was HIlton Acardia and they even sent us to our room via a shuttle . No direct sea view lah..Kuantan Hyatt better for that..but ok lah, got 2 chocs on bed when we came in..hubby ingat those 2 tiny square wrapped things were er- something else, but we had a good laugh when we found out they were after all, chocs!

Phuket Day 2- mak kau that started at 7 am..basically after dawn prayers we shot down to the lobby in case we got left behind (we meaning me, cause hubby would really rather relax) and once in the van I met this American couple and we got chatting and she lives in KL (of all places) and work like BEHIND MY OFFICE of all places so we really clicked. They were older than us but they have been everywhere so that's great! We were soon joined by this French Senegalian couple and we made friends with them too (We meaning me lah since husband would rather rest!)

We went to the island naik this SCARY SPEEDBOAT and the waves were SO HUGE and we had to endure ONE HOUR Of BUMPY RIDE to the first stop which is Maya Island where we just ahhhed and oohed at the beautiful scenery and we didnt go down , and they took us to the next island (actually its a rock but with a little beach) and there we went down for about 40 minutes . The tour guide of the boat was very efficient, making us follow the time.. then we went to another island where the men gets to snorkle and I get to worry about my husband floating dangerously away from the boat, as the skies get darker and darker..

I was having fun though cause I was meeting a lot of people! There's Passan and her husband Ahmad from Egypt , newliweds, then there's Ibrahim and Kumba from France, and then there are a bunch of Indian guys who thought it was funny the way I was sliding all over the boat. and then there were this funny old Aussie couple (funny weird) and then there was of Course, Ron and Sy*dney the couple from the US .

We did stop for lunch at an island- spaghetti bolognaise halal and halal ayam and veg.
Then off to Kai Island...ahh we can relax at LAST as we were given about one and a half hour to rest there. Husband headed straigth to the seas while I headed straight to the deck chairs. Kat sini kentut pun kena bayar (hehehe sorry)...the deck chair was about 11 bucks, the corn on the cob about RM5, the coffee was RM5...but I had a lovely lovely time resting by the beach on my beachchair eating my corn on the cob...

We arrived back at the hotel about 6...rested, and then met up with Syd and Ron at our hotel Thai restaurant for dinner..eh not bad lah food dia...ada satu sayur ni, sounds v exotic..morning glory..sampai sampai...KANGKUNG RUPANYE!! Anyway after dah makan..apa lagiiii TIDOR LAH!!!

Day 3 of Phuket

Yay! Can get up late!!! Can eat breakfast in bed!! ERks, phone out of order so cannot eat in bed...husband decided to go down lah makan - wanted to go to the beach but it was RAINING MONSOON LIKE RAIN!!

but never mind lah..we all went down to have a bit of a walk, and then I tried to check out, and then while they were figuring out my bill..we went to have lunch which is DAMN LUXURIOUS considering I was only paying half..best woooh Hilton premium card ni.,,makan half price...!

Then..we said babai to the hotel.... Anee the tour guide got us at half past one , and then took us to the cashew place..duit lagi berterbangan,...and then got the suits. and then OFF TO THE AIRPORT !! Oh yeah, forgot ...before airport. I beli PEARL- ERks terkandas jugak ......

All in all it was a good break..next timeI would try to avoid all HUMAN CONTACT because then maybe we can have a nice BEACH HOLIDAY he he he...ni , macam Amazing Race plus social social lagi..siap dinner dengan orang boley tak??? heh heh...keciannn other half I..!

Must do again!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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