you know

semalam i went to see my cousin who just had a baby

and my kids were all sooooooo excited over the baby

and they were taking care of the baby and everything

and they were so good with the baby

so much so that

i am getting broody again ...

reasons to have a baby:

1. cause i can
2. cause i am crazy
3. cause for once when people mistake me for being pregnant i would actually BE pregnant
4. to get another boy
5 cause my stretch marks are fading and its time to get new ones
6. cause they're cute

reasons not to have a baby:

1. cause im 41
2 cause im tired
3. and im lazy
4 cause i really am lazy
5 cause i have to pay attention to my growing kids
6 cause i want to travel and how to travel with small baby?

Anyway husband was slowly but firmly , shaking his head. So i guess no lah.


1st time here...came across ur blog thru madam taitai :)
salam ramadhan to u n family :D
hi!!Welcome to the blog!!Salam Ramadan to u too...
Cik Puan Kamil said…
I so want a baby !! I want ! I want ! I want ! But my hubby tak nak.. And I only have 2 ... Need more...
Helena said…
OMG... i feel exactly the same way these last few days.....

Your reasons to have and reasons NOT tohave pun 100% sama...

Just now in the car, i asked my 3rd girl who is 11.... I wonder when I will get my 1st grandchild.... huhu... hati tengah menggelitik to have a baby right now....

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