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I was talking to my mom about how some public praying places ("surau") have very sad looking praying clothes -- dotted with mould , or incomplete- only the top and no bottom, or with ties missing, but mostly that I cannot tahan or stand is the mouldy ones. Anyway I told my mom that I want to distribute new praying clothes ("telekungs") around.

You know what my mom said? She said actually some of them allready have very nice , very clean telekungs, but then (a) no one cleans them ie no maintenance and (b) we misuse them.
She said many times she would see ladies take the telekung, use them with their wet hair etc, and then when done, not even bother to fold them but just chuck them to one side. Macam ni macam manaaa tak rosak...tol tak..

Which got me thinking. How about if we

1. make disposable telekungs. Maybe we can invent this material that is at once thick enough and cheap enough to just use and throw away. We can put them in a vending machine and people pay RM1.00 and use them. Its human nature to appreciate what you have to pay for more than what you get for free anyway.

2. Have a cleaning service- outsource the laundering of the clothings- maybe approach the surau and ask them about maintenance and cleaning and offer to do it - for free! Hmm how do I do that?

3. set up a rental booth outside each surau- you rent them out for a minimal sum and then people return to you and you can give back the money or not, up to you, but the main thing is they have to physically hand them to someone , a person, so the likelihood of them just chucking the clothing to one side is less..

heheheheh - crazy ideas??.

Anyway my local school wants to take stuff for 50 orang asli families..so if anyone has praying clothes, praying mats, qurans etc ...call me!

Selamat Berpuasa...


Cik Puan Kamil said…
What I do for surau at my office is I bawak balik cuci.... Walaupun I tak guna but I tak sanggup tengok telekung yang begitu... Islam itu bersih...
Kak Shila,
You know you are also doing your part, if everyone of us do a little bit of that, insyaAllah bersih but then comes the problem of maintaining it later.
A funny(NOT!) story I encountered last week when I broke fast at Strudels GE MAll, I was already late for solat Asar, went to the surau and tadaaaaaaaa not one telekung in sight!Only Sajadah. I was already covered from head but not toe, so I just covered my feet by folding the sejadah around them.Crazy kan?what to do?dah terpaksa, dari I tinggal solat, baiklah buat camtu and doa Allah terima amalan I.Anyway, a staff that works there came in for maghrib prayers and I said, mana pegi semua telekung?she said the cleaner took them back for washing!Talk about extremeness kan?Can't she bring back half and wash and later take back the other half.Kes terlebih rajin ke?nasib baik dia tak bawak balik sejadah for cuci.
hi cpk-baik lah you...
putri- tu dah kes extreme kot sampai takda satu pun tinggal.....tapi at least you solat gak...
DancingQueen said…
Oh u should go to Mid Valley's surau at the GF i think. Makcik nie in charge kut jaga surau. She'll scream to you if you do not fold ur telekung nicely, if you do not put back the sejadah to where it should be and even raise her voice if the ladies are talking...very der extreme but she did the right thing, rite?

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