Monday, August 16, 2010

Just arrived

Hey there...

How are you?

We just arrived home - spent the weekend in Kluang, with the inlaws. Bro in law no2 and bro in law no 5 and cousin (who is really a bro) in law were also there so it was nice and noisy. We arrived very late though, we thought we could make it for break fast but due to - er leaving late, we ended up breaking our fast on the way with KF*C . I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm fast losing my taste for KF* used to be my favourite but now I find it's too salty and oily! I loved the buns though!

Anyway the trip was well worth it to taste my MIL's cooking! Her fish curry is awesome and today we had mee bandung..although I would make mine more tomato-ey and with egg. Mak is more chilly. But then I was raised in tomato sauce kan. Makan nasi puteh lembik and telor goreng with tomato sauce pun cukup..

Kecoh nye rumah mak mertua I....semua orang tidor lambak..actually it was a bit funny because everyone was offered rooms and refused - main musical rooms- eh kaklong lah ambik bilik eh mak lah ambik bilik , and mak going no, i like to sleep outside! In the end bro in law no 2 had a room, bro in law no 5 had a room and the rest all bongkang outside in front of tv and under the fan! Time to build another room perhaps?? But it was fun!

So many kids this weekend- Bro in law no 5 has 2 small kids and the wife is expecting their third daughter..their first daughter is 4 and their second 1 and a half years life for them is about milk and pampers and crying babies and wanting daddy to carry...hee hee! They remind me so much of us...when the kids were small!

One thing differentiates us though, as we were discussing methods of disciplining kids, I realise that unlike them, I have never caned them, or hit them with any other thing other than the palm of my hands (and that pun I don't do a lot because it hurts my hand)..or put them in a corner, or locked them in a room....where as I hear that sometimes belts, hangers and rotans are used...I mean, no comment for other people's way of bringing kids up kan..because I am far far FAR from being a perfect parent..but I can't bring myself to hurt the very children that I wanted to conceive, wanted to deliver, went through hell to deliver (ok not so much lah) ..I can't do it. I can't pinch them even. But you should hear me SHOUT. :)- maybe in a few years time this will all bite me back and I will regret spoiling them or not caning them but I have so little time with the children before they metamorphosise into adults...itu pun they are big now...

Ok Ok its late and I better go and sleep...sat lagi nak bangun sahur.. the other day went to terawih at surau. Don't you hate people who chat at normal voice level ? and dont you hate people who step on you? But happy that I did go, although the knees went a bit wonky after 20 rakaats!! kids dah give up 8 rakaat everyone went back except for Sara.... ! Lets see if we can keep it up.

Have to start thinking of baju raya and kueh raya- tailor in Kluang pun taknak ambik lagi dah!!! So ended up buying ready made kebaya from Zu sister in law. Nice, with embroideries. 4 girls, 4 kebaya..and the sad thing is , they are big enough to carry a kebaya off ! babies dah besar...

Eh ok lah catch you later ok! Sorry lah rambling on and on!

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Lan0stZz said...

wah faiz lah ye yg preggie with no3? bila due? i miss kluang too. the only kg we have that can tido lambak in the lounge mcm kat muor :)

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