Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kota Baru [yesterday's post]

I'm in Kota Bharuuu peopleeee!!!

Why am I so happy? I don't know, its just soooooo ...1980s!

Anyway...I have some signing to attend to today...last nite I went to the office to collect the docs, then realised I didn't bring the keys, then I went back home (this was at 1 am) and then I tried to sweet talk the husband into coming with me again, he said FORGEDDIT IM TIRED and he said PEGI TIDOR SEKARANG ie go to sleep now and wake up at 4 am and THEN go to the office and get the docs. Actually he said "Why dont you call your partner and ask him to get you that much earlier and then on the way to the airport, drop by the office and collect the document?" . I no lah ..husband telling me off for being a birdbrain is enough, no need to get my partner doing it as well. I can hear him allready going "kan i dah kata???...." He has an issue with my time management and how close to the edge I sometimes go. Hey, I'm remaining current what

ANYWAY!!! I went to bed, and set the alarm about 2 hours later at 4. Promptly got up at 4, went to the office , with poor husband in tow (seriously I bully the darling) and woke up the security guard to let me in, got the document, rushed back home, I drove both ways, btw me husband was for a change, just there for company.

Worried worried like anything cause the documents were NOT Checked in, but this time got friend to worry with me and since he wasn't worried, I pun lepak lah!

Then arrived at KB..first order of the day was....makan! Order AKOK first and the murtabak. And then we went to the WHITEHOUSE for coffee and half boiled egg (to perfection) and also NASI TUMPANG. which was good! I bought 2 kaya (sad to say they broke on the way home) we managed to also eat CHICKEN CHOP. The guy who brought us around , FARIS was very good (if you ever need to go to KB and need a driver)

oklahh!! I'm actually v sleepy because we landed in KL at 12pm.

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Royalshoppingarcade said...

mmm...kejap je pegi KB..if lagi lama, mcm2 u can grandma is there the food there.

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