malay xtians- serious thots

I have been sent some emails about one Mas*tah Zai*ni who has converted out of Islam into Xtianity and I have also seen Singaporean malays who have publicly renounced Islam

Some of the reasons by the kids who left Islam is- "Allah is like a headmaster! so many rules! Pray 5 times a day, fast etc"

Aik?? I have news for that kid..its not a religion thing, rules. It's a life thing. I think the kids do not know enough about the religion to want to be in it. Islam has never been potrayed as lovey dovey easy peasy kind of religion has it. It's not after popularity, it doesn't bend its rules to suit the current trend. alcohol is haram yesterday, today and tomorrow and why are you picking fights with God about that. And if you think about the effects on society, so many diseases associated with it, you'd ban it too!

And that woman Mas*tah she kept going on about how the Lord loves her and she feels so loved and he forgives her and how much she loves him! And I thought..yeah and where is AllahSWT lacking in this. He is the all forgiving all merciful - ar rahman nirrahim..isn't he? And yes you should love Jesus he IS the prophet of Allah swt. But she does not know THAT Islam. she doesn't know how much peace that one can get just reading the quran - just reading , mind you. who has been educating her??

I believe Islam seriously NEED A MAKEOVER!! NOW!! It is a beautiful religion full of fairness and justice (come on, no interests on loans itself is supposed to prevent people making money out of money) . Whatever you need is here. And there is no application form or expensive calls or elaborate procedures. When we pray its just us and God and when we read the quran we know the Allah SWT is speaking to us, he spoke to us thousands of years ago, he speaks to you now. Why are we not BLOWN AWAY by that? Why aren't we freaking out about the many scientific facts that Allah SWT tells us? How, when electricity wasn't even invented, would we know that night follows day and day follows night and that God created people of all colours etc etc and the many many many facts there in??

Why don't we take a second to realise that this quran that we treat so cavalierly is a miracle and why are we not making movies about how LOVELY and PEACEFUL and SPIRITUAL Islam is ?

When are we going to correct the image nih??

We are living in the times where people want solutions fast. Its a permissive society, Everyone wants what they want NOW. Islam needs to reach those whose soul are hungry. Who turns to movies/technology/blogs / games/mtvs and yes other religions.

Sorry about this rant. We need to rebrand. We are not a regressive religion. We are not against technology advancement. Hudud will not cripple society. We just need education, and the right advertisment.

Who is up to that challenge.

PS- I am FAR AWAY from being a good muslim. I am also looking for that connection, when I feel Allah SWT's love and when we are humbled by it. I am always too too busy, Too ready to surrender to the demands of work/rubbish stuff he he instead of spiritual things. Sometimes He is very close to me , Usually when I need help ha ha!


we say Quran is evergreen Islam is evergreen but the preachers are not.Most ustaz and ustazah in school still take the GARANG and I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK route.camna tu?so Islam doesn't look cool.tapi kalau nak pk takutkan Allah, mana ada yg not cool if we masuk neraka kan?hey, maybe that's the tagline.Not 'cool' to be in Hell.hahahahha
its an important part, retribution...but i think if you can persuade kids to LOVE the religion, AllahSWT etc, they wont do things just out of fear/rote/habit..kita pun buat out of habit sometimes..
Cik Puan Kamil said…
I agree... dari dulu lagi I despaired dengan orang yang warak but so megah dengan ilmu dia... Kita bawak anak pi surau marah... kita buat silap sikit (yang bukan dosa pun kenkadang) and they bring down hellfire and brimstone...

Tak ada tolak ansur langsung.... My bro pernah pergi surau and admittedly he is not orang surau.. So while waiting for maghrib, org regular surau chased him to sit kat belakang sebab kat depan untuk org surau yang datang hari2... Not welcoming at all, hati tu tak lembut....

I rasa we have all the wrong people that is representing Islam.. yang cengei... What lah...
Hi Cik lah my memories pun full of form rather than substance...there wasn't the love instilled..kena carik sendiri...
that is why Adni seems to be so good
LifeBloom said…
Hear!hear! Yes - we need to find new and innovative ways to spread the beauty of Islam. A resurgent da'wah movement targeted at the youths. Open, honest and FRIENDLY communication sorely needed. A Hindu guy once said to me - Islam is the "hippest" religion.."your God is everywhere, you can pray anywhere and you can talk to your God anytime" eh?
Anonymous said…
correction for a part of your post- you mentioned 'Islam seriously NEED A MAKEOVER!! NOW!!' but Islam is already perfect, it's US that needs a makeover.

Zura- hippest religion woohoo!!! yeah he's right..! And religion for all, not just for the rich.

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