Husband was not too happy with me this morning

That's because I insisted on him sending me to work and car pooling. There is a perfectly good (if a little bit noisy and rattly) car that I can use instead, he said. He was late he was late he was late.

Eh! (imagine me shrugging my shoulders). I didn't say anything but I haaayyyyettee driving. Don't have any idea why ..I get very competitive and want to overtake every car, that's why. I turn into Ms Lady Driver. Sometimes I even turn into Ms Chinese Lady Driver. I prefer to sit as a passenger instead. Hey, I can't hold your hand if I'm driving solo!

So to distract him in his "bebelan" (which by the way only occured when he saw the unusual jam this morning) I started to discuss the know which one right....(ok ok the 2 politicians who were found dead in a car yesterday with shot wounds in their head)

What do you think of THAT eh??? Poor girl, shot by the man. Must be lah kan, she had 2 shots in her head while he had one, she can't have shot him once and then shot herself twice right? I was going to make a guess that she probably read the map wrong except that that kind of joke would be in bad taste. A lot of forums or blogs which put this news up went on to request that people do not speculate...which then makes you immediately do so lah kan?? But what to speculate was 11 am in the morning, and they were in the car together. next time I go to any meeting with my male, very married, very much a daddy partner, I better make sure I don't say anything to make him want to shoot me ha ha- otherwise people might "speculate" ahaks! (probably I would wanna shoot him - but then who's going to drive me back? darn!)

Ok ok better go and start work. Just felt like rambling...

Tomorrow Im going to Kota Bharu for work... btw.


i read the news too after reading about it here.both muslims, sayang, the way the passed away.a gun carry for your own protection ends up being the weapon used for his own death and another.and the thing is, the car was found on the fast lane of the highway..whoa!wish this was a scene from fictional CSI and not real news..sedihnya dgr this kind of death...
as for you and your driving(or lack of it)org nak cepat suruh hantar lagi dlm jam jam.hahaha..sabar betul ur hubby hahhaah..jgn marah, gurau je..
have a safe trip to Kota Bharu.minum air kelapa fresh kat sana and also apa lagi, keropok leko....
its very sad kan...i wonder apa lah belakang nya...macam tak plan dan dalam heat of the moment lah kalau ye pun takkan masa driving kat fast lane kan-- may Allah swt forgive their sins and place them with the faatihah

PUTRI ! I Need 20 telekungs can or not??
20 telekungs?I only have 1 really special one like yours that day..the rest I have to ask my when you want?and tell me the budget k!
PUTRI, i nak bagi bagi orang i rasa abt 50 per telekung special price boley? dapat 40 ok gak..
RM50 per telekung?hehe..ok..akan diusahakan..will let you know k!tx!
but of course for RM50 per telekung, cannot la get those kerawangs and lace and type of material like that day k..i will to get the best value for money..insyaAllah..
Anonymous said…
Shila, you baik2 baca map bila kena travel dgn yr business partner tu nanti..that must be the reason why he shot her, coz the family denied that the 2 had special relationship..

Isy, seram gak coz I sometimes use that highway to work.

THAT IS THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT! Jalan tu ada haantu ke yang tiba tiba dia kena possessed?? Maybe lar kan

Maybe lah no special relationship..but why shoot her???
some questions are best left unanswered kan or the truth will somehow turn up one day...:)
kak shila, check your inbox k..
i think I've got a good price for the telekung..i ada tunjuk some samples...
Anonymous said…
Shila, can I have a lookee on the telekungs too, pls. Or how do I see the telekungs from your friend?

salam anonymous FTM,
email me at and I can email you the sample of the pictures and the nice cute bag that comes with the telekungs.I have just passed them to Kak Shila.
Sorry kak shila, i tolong answerkan.hehe..tx!

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