Saturday, August 21, 2010

My kids are a riot.

My children have a new hobby. Looking for mom and dad's white hair.

The dad always love to ask his kids to look for his white hair. Usually when they're asking for this and that. It's just a ruse I know because (a) it occupies their time and (b) he can doze off when they do it. ha ha. Pandai kan. Ala ala my games when they were smaller of " pretend Im a big sleepy crocodile and try to cross me" - oh that was a great game involving a mommy who is sleepy and kids who are hyperactive - mom can continue to sleep and kids will be trampling over her happily!

Yes I digress. Anyway last night I was face down in bed reading, then one of my daughters came and said mom can i check your white hair? She came with a tweezer , hah kau! I put my book away and "surrendered" . The smaller daughter then came over to join the sister in this new and exciting search for mom's hair.

Boy did they have a field day! I nak gelak dengar their conversation- it was so funny!

Daughter no 1: OOOOH!! Look ! there's a LOT over here!
Daughter no 2: Where? Where? OH OH I see it!! Hold it still daya!! don't let it go!
Daughter no 1: You better be careful! Don't pull out the black hair!
Daughter no 2: I'm trying! (PLUCK!!) Yah! Success!
Daughter no 1: Ooog that's a long one!
Daughter no 2: Ok ok that's one done..there's more over here!
Daughter no 1: [humming jojo circus tune then suddenly-] hmm i dont know why I like that song!
Daughter no 2: [not finding this sudden change of topic weird at all]- yeah i like the song but not the story.
Daughter no 1: yah..
Daughter no 2: what put it in your head?
Daughter no 1: I heard it this morning (this was at 11 at night)..hmm try to get this hair! (Back we go to mom's poor head)
Daughter no 2: Yeah !!

hee hee they break me up. All the time!


Cik Puan Kamil said...

Awww..... cute....

Royalshoppingarcade said...

and they speak english all the time?wonderful!
my children would be on our back and be talking nonsense in malay and would be singing 'ikan kekek mak iloi iloi, ikan gergasi mak ilai ilai' and i would say bukan gergasi la gelama.hehe..funny kan kids and their conversations.rasa nak record je.kan kan kan

IBU said...

Alamak Shila.... best nyer! I'll surrender my head, i mean your kids anytime! Mine? Kena upah u!!! 1 uban 10sen. AIyooo....

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheh putri...kelakar tol anak anak you..yeah lah anak anak i speaking semacam,w alhal kulit coklat ha ha

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ibu..HIIIII! How is your puasa woman.. boleh of charge infact you have to charge THEM he he

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