Monday, August 30, 2010

My Weekend

So we had quite a nice weekend- packed, but then what else is new.

On Saturday we waited for dad to come back (again what else is new he he) and he found me snoring away when he did come back. We left for Ampang Point where I stopped by Gulatis thinking I could find some nice baju kurung for the girls. Takda..they don't do teenagers although actually Sophia can wear adult clothes (S) and so can Nadine.

Dad DID follow me but then got stuck in the shop just before Gula*tis- CASH CONVER*TER!! It was so difficult to get him to come over that I abandoned MY trip in the fabric store and decided to join h im and the girls there. Where I found he had bought the kids a HARMONICA each, plus some tambourines..So you can imagine the NOISE the kids made in the car for the rest of the day. Never mind. Gulatis didn't have that many nice stuff anyway. A lot of beading but the actual design of the fabrics- mehhh.

Anyways after that we went off to a prebirthday dinner for Nadine..she didn't mind anything she said but her sisters were clamouring for Deli- cious. Off we went, only to discover that there were NO TABLE and we did not book . There was a table for 8 actually but it was reserved and the guy told us if the people who reserved it didn't turn up by 7.15. it was ours. We hung around and lo and behold they DIDN'T turn up ! Kids ordered like MAD and I , even more crazily, gave in to their every whim. Which is how we ended up with loads of food and bloated stomach at the end of it. I was so restless because WHERE DO YOU GO FOR SOLAT!! We rushed out and went over to Mom's.

Which was agood thing because I have not seen my brother in months. If you know my family this is the equivalent of decades. I take pride in being the mother hen where my brothers are concerned , I told mom I will look after them he he. And they better listen to their kaklong or else I will pull their ears ok.

Anyway ...then we stayed overnight at moms and had a nice sahur together where mom cooked like about 8 dishes and made such a fuss that next time I will definitely BRING A MAID.

The next day we set out to go to Karyaneka. Happy birthday Nadine by the way! Dah 15 years old?? So anyway badabing badabang the time we went out of the house it was FOUR PM and we headed straight to Karyaneka the craft centre. Last year I picked up real bargains there...

THIS YEAR I DID NOT!! IN FACT CEKIK DARAH I WAS SLAUGHTERED! The prices were over the moon but on the other hand I do believe that in the shops outside (ie KLCC) it would be four times the price. Which was a line repeated many times by the retailers and got me thinking- which is WHY i am here, and not at KLCC duh!!

Kids picked out their batik crepe/chiffon/silk handpainted designs and against my better judgement (I am a really weak parent) I paid..and now to buy for Sara and Daya , who are not big enough for the clothes. As if Sara needs another reason to feel inferior to her sister. I got a caftan..apparently the latest craze. If I get ONE remark about baju tidur/nightee I am going back to the shop and returning it.

So then we went to Mak Mas's place. She has graciously forceinvited Ha ha ! us to breakfast- we have been meaning to go over for months and she graciously cooked for us . Lovely meehoon goreng, rojak kacang, bubur lambuk, dodol, lemang and rendang daging minang (that was from us from Karyaneka) and there was also DUrian Durian cake from Secret&Recipe to celebrate Nadine's birthday.

After burping away Mak Mas suggested that we have our terawih right there in her house with my husband being the my husband is no slouch in the imam department but I have been trying to get him to lead us in terawih prayers at home (come on, there's 7 of us what...) and he's always shied away cause the recitations are different ha ha. So this time Mr Hubs was trapped ha ha . Anyway must say he did the job admirably well and I am again wondering what I did right in this world that I get to be married to him. (come on now- AWWWWWW (or yucks, depending))

After that we blew the candles and everyone forced themselves to eat the durian cake (except me, nadine and dad) because apparently they don't like durian that much! Even Uncle Idwan!

Ok that was our weekend.

Roundup news of relatives- Idwan's wedding plan- this 14th Mak Mas is having a doa selamat peeps, before going over to the other side's place . Mak long is by the way in IJN and need a bypass she has 3 blockages.



LifeBloom said...

Fuhhh...marathon weekend...same here..! yes caftan raya is in now...but not baju kelawar yang kita dok pakai kat rumah kan..hehe

Cik Puan Kamil said...


Happy birthday, Nadine... Unfortunately I don't remember what I did when I was 15... Not cramming for my SRP I am sure !

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...