Friday, August 27, 2010



HI there.

How was your day then. Are you like me, still stuck in the office? I hear outside traffic is so bad, the despatch boy with the bike is complaining of being stuck in jam!

Phew! What a day! It's been one of those days when you rush to get something done...when you know its not possible, cause the guy at the stamp office said what you want can only be done on Monday , yet your client doesn't understand and think you are the one causing the delay, and you get "nice" smses asking you to explain to x, y and z about the "status" and the delay and everyone is asking you to "expedite" as if YOU are the one causing the delay HALLO client, we are trying to save you money, and if you didn't want to have any delay then you should have paid the stamp duty as requested instead of having me go run here and there appealing for you and you are not even THAT appealing (haha!) - (and mind you these people who are so demanding have requested for a MASSIVE HUGE discount and still expect you to work like a dog ) - and I was tempted to say SC%%%%W IT I'm not going to be bothered with you BUT THEN you think about it and you think you have to do the best for all your client and maybe this is God's will for you and so off you go to the Stamp Office again, hat in hand , and do a bit of begging and a lot of praying - sometimes silently sometimes loud enough to make the guys next to you turn and wonder if this woman in her suit who LOOKS sane, is actually INsane?? And the office is in a rush and everyone's panicking because the stamp office is making it SOOO difficult for you and then----

YOU GET WHAT YOU ASKED FOR~!! Yayyyy!! and you are so elated but you are so fed up with the client, with the bank, with law in general that you are tempted to go audition to be an actress ha ha...and you STILL get smses asking you in a lordly fashion as to what the status is.

Sigh you get one of those days...and who has the mood to blog? heehhee

But anyway these are the challenges of practice...a thousand and one mundane things that you do NOT need to have MENSA Level IQ to settle , only the ability to think outside the box and the ability to grovel.

AND in the background your only boy is sick and has been sick for three days running and you are constantly worried and ALSO you worry about all the stuff you need to pay or buy this month including the school fees which are outstanding and perhaps you should have paid THAT first BEFORE you went off to save the poor anak yatim ha ha ha and all this is in your mind ..

Oh well this is life I guess...How was your week?


Royalshoppingarcade said...

and yet you always always manage to overcome all this.In ALLAH we trust.FAITH is a strong thing.It MOVE things!InsyaAllah.semua akan ok.

Superwomanwannabe said...

YAH! Never lose the faith, and the smile! Even if you have to GRIT your TEETH for it he he he

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