Sunday, August 01, 2010

Phuket- the end.

well-- maybe not all bulls eye eh?? hehe


Phuket day 1 saw us going round Phuket like mad people, after the spa Anee took us to book our tickets for the next day whole speedboat ride to Phi Phi Island and Maya Island and Kai Island etc etc and basically then we were shepherded to the tailor shop to make suits.

I have heard so many people recommend making suits in Thailand so hey what the heck right? At RM700 per suit they saw us coming man, but I thought if it meant getting suits that fit you properly..then it might be worth getting! Hubby got one too and our credit card had a field day!

THEN we went to the hotel- FLABBERGASTED we were at the luxury that was HIlton Acardia and they even sent us to our room via a shuttle . No direct sea view lah..Kuantan Hyatt better for that..but ok lah, got 2 chocs on bed when we came in..hubby ingat those 2 tiny square wrapped things were er- something else, but we had a good laugh when we found out they were after all, chocs!

Phuket Day 2- mak kau that started at 7 am..basically after dawn prayers we shot down to the lobby in case we got left behind (we meaning me, cause hubby would really rather relax) and once in the van I met this American couple and we got chatting and she lives in KL (of all places) and work like BEHIND MY OFFICE of all places so we really clicked. They were older than us but they have been everywhere so that's great! We were soon joined by this French Senegalian couple and we made friends with them too (We meaning me lah since husband would rather rest!)

We went to the island naik this SCARY SPEEDBOAT and the waves were SO HUGE and we had to endure ONE HOUR Of BUMPY RIDE to the first stop which is Maya Island where we just ahhhed and oohed at the beautiful scenery and we didnt go down , and they took us to the next island (actually its a rock but with a little beach) and there we went down for about 40 minutes . The tour guide of the boat was very efficient, making us follow the time.. then we went to another island where the men gets to snorkle and I get to worry about my husband floating dangerously away from the boat, as the skies get darker and darker..

I was having fun though cause I was meeting a lot of people! There's Passan and her husband Ahmad from Egypt , newliweds, then there's Ibrahim and Kumba from France, and then there are a bunch of Indian guys who thought it was funny the way I was sliding all over the boat. and then there were this funny old Aussie couple (funny weird) and then there was of Course, Ron and Sy*dney the couple from the US .

We did stop for lunch at an island- spaghetti bolognaise halal and halal ayam and veg.
Then off to Kai Island...ahh we can relax at LAST as we were given about one and a half hour to rest there. Husband headed straigth to the seas while I headed straight to the deck chairs. Kat sini kentut pun kena bayar (hehehe sorry)...the deck chair was about 11 bucks, the corn on the cob about RM5, the coffee was RM5...but I had a lovely lovely time resting by the beach on my beachchair eating my corn on the cob...

We arrived back at the hotel about 6...rested, and then met up with Syd and Ron at our hotel Thai restaurant for not bad lah food dia...ada satu sayur ni, sounds v exotic..morning glory..sampai sampai...KANGKUNG RUPANYE!! Anyway after dah makan..apa lagiiii TIDOR LAH!!!

Day 3 of Phuket

Yay! Can get up late!!! Can eat breakfast in bed!! ERks, phone out of order so cannot eat in bed...husband decided to go down lah makan - wanted to go to the beach but it was RAINING MONSOON LIKE RAIN!!

but never mind lah..we all went down to have a bit of a walk, and then I tried to check out, and then while they were figuring out my bill..we went to have lunch which is DAMN LUXURIOUS considering I was only paying woooh Hilton premium card ni.,,makan half price...!

Then..we said babai to the hotel.... Anee the tour guide got us at half past one , and then took us to the cashew place..duit lagi berterbangan,...and then got the suits. and then OFF TO THE AIRPORT !! Oh yeah, forgot ...before airport. I beli PEARL- ERks terkandas jugak ......

All in all it was a good timeI would try to avoid all HUMAN CONTACT because then maybe we can have a nice BEACH HOLIDAY he he , macam Amazing Race plus social social lagi..siap dinner dengan orang boley tak??? heh heh...keciannn other half I..!

Must do again!


LifeBloom said...

Nice pic of you tengah bergaya dengan mutiara :D..Nice to get away from the hectic pace of life ya...Am going away this Friday meself...Uncle Ho's city..!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi zura- enjoy yourself adn be safe !!! memang nice...

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