This morning

We made the kids cry today

They weren't exactly ready when the van came so dad said - I'll send you ! So the kids were ecstatic lah. Unfortunately the dad was still in his tshirt and sarong at that time and facing the computer and way way not ready.

Finally ready around 8. and left the house at 8.07. and reached the school at 8.15. Only to find that there was a general assembly. The kind where the students were sitting on the ground. The MAJOR DOMO type.

Johan was by this time sobbing and Dahlia had also teared up and refused to go to school. Nadine had to cajole Johan to come out of the car. Daddy had to chuckle lak tu... he kept saying "just tell them your daddy was late!"

God is great though there were so many kids who had JUST arrived so my children's arrival was not too noticeable....



LifeBloom said…
Laaa..ciann...years later they can guffaw heartily over this...ahhh to be at primary again...

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