Thursday, September 30, 2010

In a strange Mood

Ok today I have a LOT Of work

And yet I can't seem to be making any INROAD into it at all

I have been fretting and fretting over the work without actually DOING ANYTHING EFFECTIVE AT ALL

the more work I have the more worried I get and the less I want to do to tackle it. I just want to curl up in a corner with my hands over my head ha ha ha. Or bury my head in the sand. Eh if i am YOUR Lawyer no worries ok , im so on top of things. (maintain macho tu)

So I am TAKING CONTROL of this sense of WARGHHH helplessness and I AM JUST GOING TO BLARDIE DO IT!!

The victim to my state of emotions right now (which could be related to the monthly cycle who is visiting extra long this month) is of course my POOR HUSBAND. I am complaining that we don't spend enough time together. Poor guy . This is after our daily ride together and our recent trip to Phuket. If I were him I'd really smack me. (Please? heheheh) anyway - yes what I meant was, can we have a nice, decent together dinner time without that blasted phone going off - in a "ting ting" environment? (as in the ting ting sound knives and forks make he he) I think couples should be having some together time tak ke.A couple I know is FINALLY having that trip abroad...well done!!! ( I want to go to Krabi too! waaaaahhH! )

Of course those with no maid and 6 children reading this and tengah bersilat with housework and kids and this is all an indulgence (yeah you boss) will of course PUKE at my mengada-ngadaness -maybe I need another baby to get me off this absolutely ungrateful mood. I am blessed I am blessed I am blessed.

And I will go off now, to do that no 1 in my TO DO List , and hope I can get through the 104 matters I need to look at.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Weekend

Hi Hi Hi

ate so much over the raya...oh my gawd. SO MUCH that husband's blood test shows increased sugar and cholesterol. Ini semua for insurance purposes...have to check it out as I need the husband's income protected. Granted, I am the biggest threat to the income (he he he) but Im thinking of what will happen when there is no income coming in- who will pay for the kids' mc donald etc?? (the important stuff huh)

Not that this is going to be a problem, since the kids are boycotting anything McDonald. Oh I miss my FIllet of Fish, walaupun in McD drive thru they seem to think its standard to serve the fillet of fish with half the fish OUT OF THE BUN- kenapa ye??? Tak reti baca manual ke?? I won't be surprised if next time they hand me the fish, the lettuce, the tomato, the BUN- hah kau, assemble lah sendiri. banyak na songel. hi hi hi!

back to the insurance thingy- yes hubs kena buat stress test as well...he was v proud to have passed it with flying colours...too bad abt the cholesterol thingy.

Im just glad that he agrees to get this insurance thingy- its for our protection right..I kept pujukking (any english translation?) him this whenever he gets annoyed with the insurance lady from BNI who kept calling him to fix an appointment with the doctor. The husband said LOOK YOU! I KNOWWWW The bloody doctor, can I go and call him myself or NOT??? The lady said, ok ok, and then went and fix an appointment with ANOTHER doctor . I pun rasa irritated although I have to salute her persistence and doggedness. I love you L if you are reading this!Mwah mwah! Anyway the other doctor that she went and harrassed to see my husband is Shana's husband so I feel doubly guilty cause I know how bz Haiz*L was, doing the real job of fathering-! he he!

God last Sunday was MAD..after the stresstest etc etc... we rushed home to fetch the kiddoes - to go to Khatam quran of the 3 Adomian sisters (jadi 4 sisters because my mom in law datang) - datang mengejut pukul 1 pagi hehe he which put us in a dilemma cause she wanted to go to the khatam quran early and we had a thousand houses to go to which I didn't feel so nice to go to if I know mak is waiting right?? FOrtunately Mak B (Mwah mwah!!) came to fetch her early..suka mak! And we managed to drop in to our friend/excolleague/neighbour's house for half an hour before we went home. Pergi beraya rupanye birthday anak dia as well..Dah bagi 2 years notice takkan tak pergi kan. Met all the former Z*ain and co colleagues !

Arrived home, fetched the kids, and rushed out. Glanced next door, neighbour dah jemput open house and TUNANG and it was in full swing but we can't go lah, so we ignored for a while and rushed to the Khatam....wahh it went VERY THE WELL and the food was fantastic (I still have a headache from the THREE TYPES OF LAMB that were served ) YUMMIE terimakasih Uncle and Mak Z and Lana and H ! Ramainye datang...and I had a nice time bonding with Siti Putri Gunung Ledang the new bride...

MIL and FIL wanted to go back home to Kluang cepat cepat (mostly MIL) despite our pujukking - so we left Mak Z's house, but then as Mak Long, Mak's eldest sister had been admitted to IJN for her Bypass, Mak wanted to visit before going home. Reaching home, I and Nadine rushed over next door sekejap to the neighbour's house..."tunjuk muka" one was left ha ha the catering company was packing up everything and only a few neighbours were there. So I dengan tak malunya tolong angkat pinggan etc etc macam lah rumah I and macam lah I ni selalu jumpa diorang...walhal the last time I was in their house was LAST RAYA but I guess they didnt mind. I am OBVIOUSLY not the datin type that were waiting outside daintily ha ha ha!

Anyway after a while I realised mak and abah probably were waiting for me and I rushed back - yup they were sleeping on the couch, all dressed - waiting for their menantu lah nih... ! Husband had an operation to do so can't come.It was nearly half past 7 and IJN's visiting hours ends at 8 right so I drove their ALZA macam orang gila and by some miracle, they got in at IJN even though we arrived at five past 8 and no one asked them to leave so we had a nice long visit with Mak Long! Miracle indeed!

Phew then we went home....and mak and abah jadik gak balik malam tu...and mak long is being operated today so good luck Mak long!!

Still didn't make another 3 open houses and 1 birthday..sorry lah geng....but it was a good day with family, at least.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's resolution

Who needs new years to make resolutions right. So these are mine today:

1. I will eat more healthily. Bye bye tart nenas,...even though you sit so temptingly on my coffee table

2. I will read more- time to dust those cobwebs off the law tomes

3. I will spend more time with the children- yes I will try to come home at 4 as husband wishes.

5 I will talk less . And not give advice when its not asked for. (Ha ha this is a good one)

6. I WILL be happy! And positive! And cheerful!! (And manic probably)


Friday, September 24, 2010


Just want to vent

I read that the suspects of the most gruesome murders ever in the history of Malaysia (or at least Banting) have cried ABUSE!

My uncle , the ex senior police officer was just last week telling me that cops don't do that (at least, not any more or at least, not him) . Im sure in this, being a high profile case, the cops would take all precaution NOT to hit the stupid idiots .

Oh im so mad, let me at them, I'll SHOW them what being abused is. Yang made me more mad is the statement, the abuse aggravated an old spinal injury for which no medical treatment was sought.

So habis, yang kena burnt to tak dapat medical treatment takpa?

I was expecting this. Trial by media is no trial at all. No wonder those 2 lawyers were cool..They knew that this was going to be their plea. Habih-yang tulang tulang tu apa- conjured??

Waaaaahhhh please please let justice prevail and let no money change hands to get them their freedom. For I believe that they have to be made responsible for BEING SO BLOODY GUILTY.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

History channel

Quick one

Semalam I was watching the History channel Al Maunah - malaysian arms heist. Did you catch it? What did you think? I caught it halfway and they were interviewing the general and then the cops and then the actual prisoner.

What got me was that the komando 69, the police force, were sent halfway in when it became clear that the army was getting no where , basically. Then this guy, Razak (who was kind of cute) managed to approach the Al Maunah people in a friendly way and then got them to kind of surrender. And just as he was in the middle of getting them to completely surrender their weapons (which they were anyway doing) the army , without ANY consultation with the police whatsoever, came charging on with their huge tanks and then scared everyone . Then the general Zaini, charged on and in a hostile fashion started to put everyone on the defensive. I mean the leader of Al maunah got so mad he pointed his gun to the general . the entire family at this point was shouting to the TV- SHOOT HIM ! SHOOT HIM ALLREADY! we were that fed up with how the army was stealing the thunder from the cops. I think the police komando 69 ni sponsor show ni kot cause they certainly looked good!

Anyway I think, there are worse people than them who should be put away for GOOD and executed without trial. I think better lah sikit (SIKIT) to be Al maunah who fought for their principles (in a totally misguided way) rather than total psycho who kill neighbour and daughter or who slaughter, burn and torture 4 human beings at one go!

Tol tak??

And in the first place-- how on earth did you manage to "lose" that many weapons, Malaysian Army??

Sigh..we are such a happy, carefree nation kan??

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A wedding in Kedah!

We just got back from Kedah !!

Going to Kedah is so good for the soul, kan? Hubs and I agree that after the hustle and bustle of citylife and surrounded by mercedeses etc..its so good to be surrounded by vast paddy fields...and mercedeses ha ha ha (there was one yesterday trying to over take our very slow nazaria)

We were there for the WEDDING OF THE YEAR~! he he the long single Idwan has now found a bride and we wanted to be there to see him tie the knot!

We decided to fly there and I must say it was great to be able to arrive early without feeling like tearing my hair out and being surrounded by lots of plastic wrappers for the "JAJAN" that we would have bought on the way ~! plus great to not always have to ask husband "are you ok? do you want me to drive? are you sleepy?" when he starts rubbing his forearm vigorously like he always does when he's sleepy and getting the "tipu" (lie) answer of "No, im ok" and then having me being worried for the rest of the journey that we would crash or something ha ha ha. DON'T FORGET the arguing quarelling and the peacemaking efforts that I would have had to take on during the long so glad i didn't have to endure all that this time around.

Anyway we arrived, we got our rented car and we were taken to our homestay in alor star - mak kau! Besarnye! a HUGE single storey terrace house with three ok sized rooms but strangely, 2 tiny toilets! Tiny considering the room lah. There was a kitchen with kettle and fridge- The groom was there and showed us in - and then he suggested we go have lunch at SOUQ BUK* to a very impressive looking masjid Bukhari - we had MERRYBROWN yum!! all that fatty crispy fried chicken! I could feel it clogging my arteries but who cares..he he

Anyway then one by one...the rest of the ADOMians started to arrive -we were joined by the aunties and uncles and cousins at the Souk...we met again for dinner at the SuHA's thai place - which, I think, had we not been a party of so many, would probably have been better. As it was we found the service slow, they came out with one dish at a time macam chinese course. peritnye sbb lapar... Tapi it was fun lah sbb ramai kan.although the table was split neatly into 2-- one side kids and the other adults. Thanks Uncle Yaya for the belanja!


Of course we got up late lah kan and of course our kids got dressed leisurely as if we had all the time in the world (I mean YOU Nadine) and of course we found ourselves left by sister and brother in law's family who bunked in with us- leaving us to navigate ourselves to NAKA...mak was not near..but it was a nice drive ...because you were really going down a winding narrow road that gradually got narrower and narrower..and we almost missed the turning to the particular kampung bendang..there were three types of kampung bendang- hulu, baru and something else. We arrived to find that the solemnisation had been done and Idwan, that tall big boy who always had things to ask me or his cousin my husband about one thing or another, with such an intense and serious expression, is someone's husband now...there were tears from the parents who had waited for so long and there were tears from others too!

After resting for a while at the neighbour's house (thank you!) we were then invited to the wedding proper (as in , bersanding)- the couple looked very nice in their peach baju and the bride was very pretty. SIL Zu and I were wondering how she had the patience, with her beauty, to wait for Idwan for all those 5 years. Must be love (and infinite patience).

Because it was such a hot day, we all rushed home to mandi and rest. My dear friend KitchenGuardian lent me her house which was 5 mins away from the homestay so that we could rest in comfort and have a bath without fighting for the bathroom- thanks for that KG!

Malam tu we all went for nasi khandaq @ Hj Ramli...nice to eat together ramai ramai although the groom and bride arrived at 10 pm- OIT!! AWAT LAMBAT SANGAT? he hehehehe

I had to leave early as had promised my auntie Mak Ngah we'd off to Sungei Petani we went! Mak Ngah dah TIDOQ ! Her house was SPOTLESS!! I was amazed!! We crashed onto the bantal and bantal peluk in the aircond room


Pagi turun macam princess kan...pukul 9 kot. I found my auntie sleeping on the sofa and the table beautifully laid with her best correlle- my aunt kan, my mom's sister- so nothing "cincai" for her! we followed her to visit her "ustazah" and tumpang beraya with her...And then husband contacted his old friend Ga*jus who he saw last when they were 17! The man like husband, has 5 kids too (must be the water at Kolek ahaks) and they were gracious enough to welcome our brood to their home. The kids didn't eat the ketupat or lemang even though we cajoled them ..but When we returned, the kids mintak NASI daripada makngah...cheh!

Anyway we are very very glad to be home...although the flight got delayed by an hour , and I made the kids stop their dinner just so that we can go and check in promptly at 8 pm (we continued our meal after that) and I was so glad that I was that kiasu because the plane was FULL and if I had checked in late, the kids probably would have gotten separate seats. Lagi kiasu because husband had to return the rented car to a different location - I made him stop us first and I checked him in without him being there! I could only rest on the plane...he he he..And I am so FAT NOW that I had to undo buttons of pants!

Sigh..seronok nyeee pergi keluar KL kan..I love the town life...rather than city life..maybe one day we can relocate somewhere with the beach in front and the paddy field behind..haa mana tu ye?

Thanks for reading this long long report~!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Banting murders- the questions

The Banting Murders- i have been trawling the net looking for answers to a few questions:

1. how do you find bodies which have been burnt? Are there STILL bodies? what the heck did the cops FIND? Takkan find ashes and immediately say- aHAH!! That's so and so who have been missing for 10 days! Although....I WAS impressed with the way the cops managed to identify the bones in Altantuya case AS altantuya...I would have said it was a chicken bone for sure but OUR guys took one look and KNEW it was a woman , who was shot through the head. He he!

2. Who on earth confessed? I mean, you have these 8 people who got caught, and suddenly we have the murder victims, the location, the method, the location of the ashes! How did they get picked up anyway? Were they found? Were they loitering around with blood on their hands? Were they bragging to someone?

Next question- WHY confess? I wouldn't ! I mean, you allready cannot find the bodies right and if you deny deny deny...then it may take at least a year (or longer) to piece together the evidences and pin point the location and the rest! So..who among the estate workers, and the lawyers , confessed? And why?? Kena torture? kena pukul?

Im watching BONES now by the's about a bones specialist (duh!) who solves murders and boy we can use her now eh-

It struck me though that maybe the cops found the bodies fast because it was Ramadhan and all four who were murdered would have been fasting...and maybe with the power of the almighty...the truth came out. Maybe murderers should take note - never mess with a fasting moslem who is fasting for Allah Swt! He he he. In fact Im sure of this- that in this holy month, the usually cool, slick,serial murderer, finally slipped and got caught.

Which brings me to another question- WHY, with so much happening in Malaysia, do we still have crap Malay movies? I mean we have that model who was bombed in the jungle, we have the royal family dispute, we have the banting murders, we have the witch and the disciple who got cut 18 ways.. and what kind of movies do we get? Do we get CSI? Do we get a bio of the Witch perhaps?

Noooo- we get Mami Jarum. Sifu & Tongga....hehehehe

ok ok i gotta pack..going off to Alor Setar soon. wedding!


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya to my friends who drop by here...

As a writer of this blog I tend to just write and write and sometimes what I write may offend.... so for that. I do apologise from the bottom of my heart...and hope you will forgive me and if not, I hope you will not talk about it to others, instead come to me and I will take you out for makan to sort it out and we can talk about it and I will bore you to death. I will of course be very contrite and cannot be made to feel better for I am that type of apologist..and I will not apologise for being one (ha ha but Im sure I will one)

Anyway when you travel home be sure to give your parents that extra big hug, which I will do to mine and to all my uncles and aunties too..they are the ones who babysat me when I was COULD i not go and see them more often than this?? Of course now takleh dukung dah lah ahahhaha...And give the aunties yang dah tak keje tu money larh....(talking to myself)

We're going to my mom nuuunn di gombak first...and then go visit my dad's brothers who always gather at the eldest brother no 1 with his wife no 2's house...and eat her famous nasi dagang ..she's kelantanese . (wife no 1 will be visited later later ) And then I will probably go home to Kluang and spend 3 or 4 days there as we do and mom and dad probably secretly grumble about this (but I see you all the time mom!) and then we come back to KL and then next week we are going up to PokokSena for the historical wedding of IDW*AN who is finally!!! FINALLY!! getting married. Phew! The reason we are feeling the pinch this month is we are flying to Alor Staq to save husband from having to drive 8 hours to and 8 hours back....

Hmm thats about it for Raya ..I still have not bought the shoes for the girls..they're wearing sneakers ..which is nice but not nice for baju raya....

happy hari raya and maaf zahir batin!
And whatever you safe...andcome back and check this site sometimes....

Post on Ramadhan

Wooohoot- tomorrow is our last day of fasting..

As Dahlia said...I feel at once sad and happy. Happy that we can eat again in the day time, sad that the most blessed month of the year is fast..

you know I was reading some non malays non muslim's blog and some of them contain the message of self reflection, and forgiveness, and universal is Islam, really because we need to self reflect all the time, forgive and also practise self restraint..not only in words, but in thought...always trying to beat ourselves, not the evil outside but the evil within...However, the "coolness" and trendiness of the religion is somehow lost...Pity that this is not the image that you get when you mention Islam, but rather you get an image of a man in turban or robe and long beard ala ala Gandalf aha ha ha

It has become our daily morning ritual to munch our early breakfast while watching Telly so my kids all know the drama "Angin Rindu Sarajevo" and whenever its "Shahaaaaadah" then you better drink FAST because it means its very close to dawn prayers. He he he. Shahadah is a show where they show how muslims abroad practise their religion. And the Japanese yesterday, is amazing! Sugoi. If you know anything about the Japanese you would know that their language and writing system is allready very complicated...for them to master Arabic is FANTASTIC!!!! And this one guy yesterday - he STUDIED the religion for 2 years before he converted to the religion...Now that is an educated investment! I think a lot of us born Muslims also need to revert ha ha ha...we should also study, not to pass exam,,but to know what the heck is this religion about? I am trying to read the quran like a story book- but baru masuk page 2 dah ngantuk or someone calls or I need to do something so I have to actually BE A MORE DISCIPLINED person! Ha ha ha!

Ok lah boring kot you allz ni macam I ni pensyarah je...hah hah...I m not a preacher ! I will post on fluffy things now ok?? he he

Sunday, September 05, 2010

its Sunday allready??

Selamat Hari Raya..!!

My goodness this Ramadhan has flown by hasn't it. It's allready the last week of the fasting month and we have yet to:

1. Send our eid cards out
2. finish sending hampers out (at the office)

Now I'm scrambling for addresses!

On the home are taking fasting in their stride..yesterday Johan fasted again after 10 days of break . he is so well now it's annoying. He annoys everyone of his sisters with his jumping up and down. Alhamdullillah I am happy with this Johan rather than the dazed, tired, flat johan.

Dad has also been very busy...alhamdullillah rezeki although half the busyness was due to his GH commitments rather than the private practice. . He was very upset 2 days ago (and I believe still is) because a patient at the private wing, on whom he spent 9 hours operating on, and who was well for 10 days, suddenly developed bleeding and died. He was soooo upset he is going to waive the bill. I told him that it's two separate thing. He has done a service , he spent 9 hours on the guy, he has not cut anything, nor left anything in the guy, nor negligently do anything that caused his death. Is he going to charge only for those who walk out? I know he very very rarely loses a patient, either at the private wing or the public one...and certainly not one who has been talking about going home and being well and eating and pooing and everything. And he is very very affected by this man's death. Actually so was I..but I was more sad that he was sad.

I am happy he still is capable of being distressed when he loses a patient, cause it shows that he has still got that humanity in him,but Ithink the loss is also Allah SWT's reminder to him (and all doctors) that you may treat, and the operation may have gone brilliantly, but at the end of the day, Allah swt decides. If He decides its your time, its your time, whatever you do, and surgeons/doctors better be aware of that all the time and be humbled by that.
I think I have an inkling of how he must feel. it must be like when you build a fantastic, intricate, lovely sand castle, and then you are admiring your handiwork and just when you are about to show your friends (in his case, just when the guy was about to go to normal ward), the waves (ie God) come crashing and telling you the force of nature (ie God) is so much greater than what you can ever do...just be humble and accept lah as qada and qadar.... I have no comment about his waiving his fee totally to make himself feel better.. I just hope that this is not taken as a sign of guilt/responsibility by the family. I did ask whether there was anything you would have done differently, he said no. So was this death directly your fault? He said no. then Why are you waiving your fees? But of course I feel like such a heel for even thinking of this, since its his noble intention as a way to say sorry for your dad passing away to the family..but on the other hand, to me, if you are not guilty why are you saying sorry? Or am I too mercenary.

Oh well...I won't interfere with his job (yeah right) - he has to do what he feels he should do. And I will just have to support him.

On the baju raya front..still tak dapat Sara's baju. Thought about going to PKNS today but the kids were not ready in time and I have it on good authority that if you go beyond 10 am to PKNS Shah Alam it will be sardine sandwich! Maybe I will get ingredients for cookies since I have 4 restless girls and its school holidays.

Anyway....have a happy hectic week ahead guys!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I felt violated after doctor took pictures of me, says writer

I felt violated after doctor took pictures of me, says writer

What's this?? As a patient, I am on her side. How can you possibly take my picture?? I'm unconscious. and I'm butt naked and I have all that cellulite and gore and you TAKE My picture?

As a human being, I would probably realise that that's my ego vanity...and that this picture is not going to be ogled at, but is going to go towards medical science (or so I think, unless the said surgeon has a sick fetish we don't know about) and if my face is not going to be shown, if i am going to be totally anonymous...i would not mind or rather, I should NOT mind.

But perhaps the whole issue is consent- the fact that the surgeon never did ask her can I take pictures of your surgery? Maybe that gave the writer the feeling that she has lost control over her body. Surgeon should ask. its the polite thing to do. But to say you feel violated when there is a good chance you yourself can't identify the parts taken as your own, is quite harsh...

But then again, that surgeon has saved her. or helped her. And to sue him for the pictures...entah lah...

Whatever it is, this surgeon's wife is showing this article to the hubs.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...