Banting murders- the questions

The Banting Murders- i have been trawling the net looking for answers to a few questions:

1. how do you find bodies which have been burnt? Are there STILL bodies? what the heck did the cops FIND? Takkan find ashes and immediately say- aHAH!! That's so and so who have been missing for 10 days! Although....I WAS impressed with the way the cops managed to identify the bones in Altantuya case AS altantuya...I would have said it was a chicken bone for sure but OUR guys took one look and KNEW it was a woman , who was shot through the head. He he!

2. Who on earth confessed? I mean, you have these 8 people who got caught, and suddenly we have the murder victims, the location, the method, the location of the ashes! How did they get picked up anyway? Were they found? Were they loitering around with blood on their hands? Were they bragging to someone?

Next question- WHY confess? I wouldn't ! I mean, you allready cannot find the bodies right and if you deny deny deny...then it may take at least a year (or longer) to piece together the evidences and pin point the location and the rest! So..who among the estate workers, and the lawyers , confessed? And why?? Kena torture? kena pukul?

Im watching BONES now by the's about a bones specialist (duh!) who solves murders and boy we can use her now eh-

It struck me though that maybe the cops found the bodies fast because it was Ramadhan and all four who were murdered would have been fasting...and maybe with the power of the almighty...the truth came out. Maybe murderers should take note - never mess with a fasting moslem who is fasting for Allah Swt! He he he. In fact Im sure of this- that in this holy month, the usually cool, slick,serial murderer, finally slipped and got caught.

Which brings me to another question- WHY, with so much happening in Malaysia, do we still have crap Malay movies? I mean we have that model who was bombed in the jungle, we have the royal family dispute, we have the banting murders, we have the witch and the disciple who got cut 18 ways.. and what kind of movies do we get? Do we get CSI? Do we get a bio of the Witch perhaps?

Noooo- we get Mami Jarum. Sifu & Tongga....hehehehe

ok ok i gotta pack..going off to Alor Setar soon. wedding!



No kidding kan? I must say our police did a wonderful job what more working during raya.
I agree for one about the miracle of ramadhan.and I had the same questions you have too ie, camna they identify ashes, i guess from the DNA test kot.Also, maybe fr dental records hubby said tapi bila kena burn, ur teeth sure turn to ash jugak kan.
anyway, maybe there are things that the police did not disclose for fear of copycats or some other reasons kot.
Scarynya ada human beings like this and I guess when Millions of Ringgit is involved,killing is the only way to go for these ruthless animals.
Moga kita dijauhkan from these kind of animals.Moga kita dimurahkan rezeki and hanya bertemu dgn org org yg baik2.InsyaAllah.I know its wishful thinking but we can always berdoa.
LifeBloom said…
Yes...with the likes of Banting murders and chooped up would think there would be enough fodder for a really interesting flick to come out from our filmdom...even Congkak and Jangan Pandang Belakang was funny and did not make much sense...and dont let me start on a certain Professor madya's "creative" body of work...aiyo...truly brain-cell popping la...scary to think of that slogan "Filem Kita, Wajah Kita" ...NOT!!!
hahha..and wajah kita is ...jeng jeng jeng..HANTU!since byk sgt cerita hantu.
Hi sorry lambat comment- ya the cops were fast tapi..why not investigate the others thoroughly ....kenapa sekarang baru nak reopen?? questions questions..
rsa- aminn...jauhkan lah dari orang tak betul macam nih....

zura- professor tu nama nye professor..gunalah kepakaran membuat filem kan??
IBU said…
I so the very agree with you; sifu &tongga for raya?!! Apa rahhhh...

Salam aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin
Hi Ibu! Frustrating he he ...selamat hari raya to you too...
Anonymous said…
Our police terra wooh..they are buddy2 with soem of the they only need to ask one of the gengster about what happened. Then they remand one of the culprits and put him almost naked sitting on an ice block or stg and surely the guy will spill the beans.


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