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Semalam I was watching the History channel Al Maunah - malaysian arms heist. Did you catch it? What did you think? I caught it halfway and they were interviewing the general and then the cops and then the actual prisoner.

What got me was that the komando 69, the police force, were sent halfway in when it became clear that the army was getting no where , basically. Then this guy, Razak (who was kind of cute) managed to approach the Al Maunah people in a friendly way and then got them to kind of surrender. And just as he was in the middle of getting them to completely surrender their weapons (which they were anyway doing) the army , without ANY consultation with the police whatsoever, came charging on with their huge tanks and then scared everyone . Then the general Zaini, charged on and in a hostile fashion started to put everyone on the defensive. I mean the leader of Al maunah got so mad he pointed his gun to the general . the entire family at this point was shouting to the TV- SHOOT HIM ! SHOOT HIM ALLREADY! we were that fed up with how the army was stealing the thunder from the cops. I think the police komando 69 ni sponsor show ni kot cause they certainly looked good!

Anyway I think, there are worse people than them who should be put away for GOOD and executed without trial. I think better lah sikit (SIKIT) to be Al maunah who fought for their principles (in a totally misguided way) rather than total psycho who kill neighbour and daughter or who slaughter, burn and torture 4 human beings at one go!

Tol tak??

And in the first place-- how on earth did you manage to "lose" that many weapons, Malaysian Army??

Sigh..we are such a happy, carefree nation kan??


Lan0stZz said…
I watched it. and yes that razak mcm cute jugak ler plus hebat and lucky to have met those almaunah guys in a calm way. like no blood no nothin siap salam borak pasal magazine ape kes? mesra sungguh org mesia ni terrorist or not hehehhe. and do u notice spekong sungguh 1 of those general who decided to just serang with all the tanks. i think diorg nak cari chance pakai kerete kebal besaq masuk hutan kalo x bila lagi kan? buat sawang je keta beso juta2.
anom said…
betol la k. shila. we saw the show masa 31 august ari tu.. Apparently general zaini tu nak cover line la -- kononnya army yang hero dalam kes Al-Maunah tu (also he wants to menebus malu la tu -- punya banyak senjata boleh hilang).. padahal it's the Police -- particularly Razak tu yang sebenarnya hero..

But I wonder why this show tak pernah nak appear on the national tvs (free tv) -- biar la semua rakyat ada privilege tengok baru la timbul sikit sikap patriotism dikalangan generasi muda.. Yg RTM and the rest asyik tunjuk is talk show cakap abt how the younger generation don't know how to appreciate kemerdekaan.. memang la, tak dapat tengok sejarah dengan lebih dekat lagi..

During the merdeka day, back-to-back History Channel tunjuk show about Malaysia -- ada satu tu about time darurat dengan komunis, diaorang siap interview the people from the communists party yang masih hidup lagi..kan real.. me and my husband terpempan kat depan TV.. tak pernah tau pun to that detail about masa darurat..

Anyway, sorry panjang plak memberi komen.. BTW -- Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you and family..
LifeBloom said…
hmmm...banyak persoalan perlu di kupas like bawang...heh heh...we are so like a bawang nation arent we...many2x layers...haha
Anonymous said…
Gen Zaini is a good friend's dad. He had his reasons....

Cik Puan Kamil said…
I did see the documentary and I agree with u... that guy is kinda cute...hahahahahaha
hahahaha lana- epi and i were marvelling at how nice our first real terrorists post communnists are! memang boleh gurau gurau tu yang i admire tu maybe dia niat tak nak tembak masa org semayang kot
Anom..proud nya tengok malaysia di mata dunia kan..
life bloom- kupas jangan tak dikupas...but maybe some no need kot...terlalu pedih karang mata..!
CPK- comey kan..hehhehehe
FTM- my dad too! Army kan. Im sure he had! Under pressure to resolve it and following orders as my dad would say! At the end of the day he was the guy facing the end of the gun! But, I dont know whether, had he known what was happening in the jungle , he would have done the same.

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