I felt violated after doctor took pictures of me, says writer

I felt violated after doctor took pictures of me, says writer

What's this?? As a patient, I am on her side. How can you possibly take my picture?? I'm unconscious. and I'm butt naked and I have all that cellulite and gore and you TAKE My picture?

As a human being, I would probably realise that that's my ego talking..my vanity...and that this picture is not going to be ogled at, but is going to go towards medical science (or so I think, unless the said surgeon has a sick fetish we don't know about) and if my face is not going to be shown, if i am going to be totally anonymous...i would not mind or rather, I should NOT mind.

But perhaps the whole issue is consent- the fact that the surgeon never did ask her can I take pictures of your surgery? Maybe that gave the writer the feeling that she has lost control over her body. Surgeon should ask. its the polite thing to do. But to say you feel violated when there is a good chance you yourself can't identify the parts taken as your own, is quite harsh...

But then again, that surgeon has saved her. or helped her. And to sue him for the pictures...entah lah...

Whatever it is, this surgeon's wife is showing this article to the hubs.


common decency calls for asking the patient's permission or maybe it was already written in the small writings in the form that she signed earlier something in the lines of 'I hereby allow my doctor or surgeon to use pictures of my overgrown leg hair,orange peel skin aka cellulite and other parts that my surgeon feels beneficial to the world of medicine without fear of being taken to court and hereforth...'.
I'm making all of this up.Bottom line is seriously, just mintak izin la..kan?
i think the consent form should be amended. I told hubby that!
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