Thursday, September 30, 2010

In a strange Mood

Ok today I have a LOT Of work

And yet I can't seem to be making any INROAD into it at all

I have been fretting and fretting over the work without actually DOING ANYTHING EFFECTIVE AT ALL

the more work I have the more worried I get and the less I want to do to tackle it. I just want to curl up in a corner with my hands over my head ha ha ha. Or bury my head in the sand. Eh if i am YOUR Lawyer no worries ok , im so on top of things. (maintain macho tu)

So I am TAKING CONTROL of this sense of WARGHHH helplessness and I AM JUST GOING TO BLARDIE DO IT!!

The victim to my state of emotions right now (which could be related to the monthly cycle who is visiting extra long this month) is of course my POOR HUSBAND. I am complaining that we don't spend enough time together. Poor guy . This is after our daily ride together and our recent trip to Phuket. If I were him I'd really smack me. (Please? heheheh) anyway - yes what I meant was, can we have a nice, decent together dinner time without that blasted phone going off - in a "ting ting" environment? (as in the ting ting sound knives and forks make he he) I think couples should be having some together time tak ke.A couple I know is FINALLY having that trip abroad...well done!!! ( I want to go to Krabi too! waaaaahhH! )

Of course those with no maid and 6 children reading this and tengah bersilat with housework and kids and this is all an indulgence (yeah you boss) will of course PUKE at my mengada-ngadaness -maybe I need another baby to get me off this absolutely ungrateful mood. I am blessed I am blessed I am blessed.

And I will go off now, to do that no 1 in my TO DO List , and hope I can get through the 104 matters I need to look at.


LifeBloom said...

Shils...if its any consolation..I also feel that way at least you ada la jugak reason...but once we make the decision to tackle the inertia...sapa kacau - i can bersilat...haha...

Superwomanwannabe said...

sigh..marikita bersilat meh!!!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

when its that time of the month.I get so easily angry and annoyed.Setan dah merasuk!hahahhahaha

Superwomanwannabe said...

RSA- kena version is angry is lethargy. ha ha ha

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