Sunday, September 05, 2010

its Sunday allready??

Selamat Hari Raya..!!

My goodness this Ramadhan has flown by hasn't it. It's allready the last week of the fasting month and we have yet to:

1. Send our eid cards out
2. finish sending hampers out (at the office)

Now I'm scrambling for addresses!

On the home are taking fasting in their stride..yesterday Johan fasted again after 10 days of break . he is so well now it's annoying. He annoys everyone of his sisters with his jumping up and down. Alhamdullillah I am happy with this Johan rather than the dazed, tired, flat johan.

Dad has also been very busy...alhamdullillah rezeki although half the busyness was due to his GH commitments rather than the private practice. . He was very upset 2 days ago (and I believe still is) because a patient at the private wing, on whom he spent 9 hours operating on, and who was well for 10 days, suddenly developed bleeding and died. He was soooo upset he is going to waive the bill. I told him that it's two separate thing. He has done a service , he spent 9 hours on the guy, he has not cut anything, nor left anything in the guy, nor negligently do anything that caused his death. Is he going to charge only for those who walk out? I know he very very rarely loses a patient, either at the private wing or the public one...and certainly not one who has been talking about going home and being well and eating and pooing and everything. And he is very very affected by this man's death. Actually so was I..but I was more sad that he was sad.

I am happy he still is capable of being distressed when he loses a patient, cause it shows that he has still got that humanity in him,but Ithink the loss is also Allah SWT's reminder to him (and all doctors) that you may treat, and the operation may have gone brilliantly, but at the end of the day, Allah swt decides. If He decides its your time, its your time, whatever you do, and surgeons/doctors better be aware of that all the time and be humbled by that.
I think I have an inkling of how he must feel. it must be like when you build a fantastic, intricate, lovely sand castle, and then you are admiring your handiwork and just when you are about to show your friends (in his case, just when the guy was about to go to normal ward), the waves (ie God) come crashing and telling you the force of nature (ie God) is so much greater than what you can ever do...just be humble and accept lah as qada and qadar.... I have no comment about his waiving his fee totally to make himself feel better.. I just hope that this is not taken as a sign of guilt/responsibility by the family. I did ask whether there was anything you would have done differently, he said no. So was this death directly your fault? He said no. then Why are you waiving your fees? But of course I feel like such a heel for even thinking of this, since its his noble intention as a way to say sorry for your dad passing away to the family..but on the other hand, to me, if you are not guilty why are you saying sorry? Or am I too mercenary.

Oh well...I won't interfere with his job (yeah right) - he has to do what he feels he should do. And I will just have to support him.

On the baju raya front..still tak dapat Sara's baju. Thought about going to PKNS today but the kids were not ready in time and I have it on good authority that if you go beyond 10 am to PKNS Shah Alam it will be sardine sandwich! Maybe I will get ingredients for cookies since I have 4 restless girls and its school holidays.

Anyway....have a happy hectic week ahead guys!


kay_leeda said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby's patient. Everyone has to go eventually...and life continues.

PKNS Shah Alam on the the last weekend before raya??? And after 11?? Gud luck to you. Yesterday a friend went at 2pm and she said she had to park so, so far. And orang macam semut!!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

if you really want last minute bargains, you shld go to Jln TAR on malam raya.hehe..
Was the patient still in the ward 10 days after the surgery?Is that why the family hadn't paid yet?If they had paid, then the question of waving the fee would not arise?And your hubs could give a money token as a kind gesture kan?
Anyway,moga Allah guide him to do the right thing.InsyaAllah
and yes, cepatnya nak raya..

Anonymous said...

Im sure he did an excellent job.It is his duty to charge the patient as waiving the fee may imply that there was negligence to the pts relatives.
Alberto Vella

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Putri!

Yes he was in ICU still although he kept asking to go to normal ward . they didnt pay as he was not discharged yet. Oh well! Leave it to him lah.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Alberto!

How are you? I am glad you left your comment which Im going to show him as that's exactly how i felt- that it may imply negligence! Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Kay!

I replied your comment from BB but it didnt appear? I said thanks for the comforting words and also yeah I will avoid PKNS!!

the principal said...

Kak Shila

Hari tu me & hubby dlm kereta, terdgr someone from Hitz played a joke on a doctor. One of them pretended to be a schizophrenic. The Dr layan, sabar tahap gaban. When they finally told him the truth, dia relax je, laughed at it. We looked at each other & said "kita mmg takleh jd doctor"

Anonymous said...

Yalah Shila..I saw on House or is it Crossing Jordan that doctors shouldn't say sorry coz that is like admitting guilt?

Unless of course if the patient's family asked for discount, which my husband asked from the hospital when I delivered through C-section once upon a time and my good gynae did give.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Weiii Mrs Principal! Long time no see! Selamat Hari Raya to you and hubby!! And yeah. kesabaran dan keselamba-an rocknya ..itu ada lah kuality doktor tersohor ha hahaha

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